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Top 10 Blind Rivet Manufacturers and Suppliers in China (2024)

In this article, we will list the top 10 Blind Rivet manufacturers and suppliers in china. If you want to import Blind Rivet Fasteners products from China, this article can definitely help you. Let’s find out together.

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Why Import Blind Rivet from China ?

China has many advantages in the production of blind rivets. These include low-cost labor, large-scale production capacity and flexible supply chain management and delivery time control.

In addition to this, China’s Blind Rivet manufacturers are usually able to produce high quality Blind Rivets in a less cost effective manner. This enables them to stay ahead of the curve in terms of product quality and innovation.

As a result, Blind Rivet products made in China are often considered by users to be superior to products from other countries.

Top 10 Blind Rivet Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Are you looking for reliable Top Blind Rivet suppliers in china for your project? Don’t worry! We have handpicked 10 companies that can provide you with quality products. Explore our listings ranked by sales volume, number of employees, reputation and product quality to find your ideal supplier today!

Suzhou Rivmate Import and Export Co., Ltd

Location : Suzhou, Jiangsu

Company type: Manufacturing, Wholesale

Year founded: 2012

The number of employees: >150

Rivmate Rivet Nut
Suzhou Rivmate Import and Export Co., Ltd

Main Products: Open Type Blind Rivet, Peel Type Blind Rivet, Sealed Type Blind Rivet, Multi-grip Blind Rivet, Monobolt Rivet, Tri-Firm Blind Rivet, Hem-Firm Blind Rivet, Bom Rivet, etc.

Choose the best Blind Rivet Manufacturer. A good project starts with the best choice, Rivmate Rivet has been in the Blind Rivet Manufacturing industry for over a decade. They have a total of over 100 employees, 40% of whom are technical experts with over a decade of manufacturing experience. The company is ISO 9001, IATF 16949:2016 certified and has factories and workshops that produce high volume, high quality blind rivets.

Rivmate’s Blind Rivets provide perfect after-sales service, as long as the Blind Rivets purchased from Rivmate found a problem, you can contact them and they solve the problem for you perfectly. (Whether it is three years, five years)。You can contact Rivmate to discuss your breakout rivet needs and offer custom logo and packaging services for your project.

Jiangsu Washen Fastener Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Location : Jingjiang, Jiangsu

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 2012

The number of employees: >100


Washen Fastener is a top fastener manufacturer with decades of experience in the fastener industry, hundreds of production machines and hundreds of employees. Its excellent product quality and close inspection workshops further contribute to the popularity of Washen Fastener’s products.

The comprehensive range of Blind Rivet solutions also includes excellent service and technical support to our customers. As a result, Washen is the reliable choice to fulfill your needs.

Fast Fix

Location : Shanghai

Company type: Manufacturing, Wholesale

Year founded: 2012

The number of employees: >150

Fast Fix is headquartered in Shanghai and it can provide rivets in a variety of materials, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel and more. His product line includes standard rivets, structural rivets, and specialty rivets.

The company is internationally certified for quality, which ensures that the quality of its products is exceptional, and there are rigorous testing procedures in place to tightly control quality at every stage.

By choosing to work with Fast FIx, you can experience the company’s guarantee of quality.


Location : Handan, Hebei

Company type: Manufacturing, Wholesale

Year founded: 1992

The number of employees: >150

Types of pop rivets - Rivmate Blind Rivet Supplier

Wodecy is a leading supplier of blind rivets in the North. The company exports blind rivets to over 20 countries worldwide.

Wodecy values customer and supplier relationships, and the company aims to foster growth and collaboration. Whether the order is large or small, they listen carefully to customer feedback and provide tailored solutions.

Wodecy’s reputation for superior customer service and unmatched reliability has earned the trust of customers worldwide.

Int Metal Products Co., Ltd

Location : Dongguan,Guangdong

Company type: Manufacturing, Wholesale

Year founded: 2011

The number of employees: >60

The company is located in the famous manufacturing city–Guangzhou Dongguan. The company has 12 years of manufacturing experience. The main products are all kinds of hardware fasteners and accessories, and their products are widely used in switches, relays, connectors, protectors, power plugs and other kinds of electrical devices as well as automotive, aerospace, molds, communications and many other fields.

With professional technology, excellent quality, affordable price and fast delivery, they have been supplying quality products to more than one hundred famous companies all over the world. The company’s production process strictly complies with RoHS and REACH regulations, and product quality is guaranteed.

Shanghai Huijian Hardware Co., Ltd.

Location : Shanghai

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 2005

The number of employees: >100

The company is located in the south of Shanghai. For more than ten years, it has been emphasizing on the quality of blind rivets, and through the efforts of all the staff, the company has become a leading blind rivet manufacturer in China.

The factory has a complete set of production facilities, including production, testing and packaging. The company constantly introduces new technology and advanced production equipment, and follows the standards of GB,DIN,IFI,ISO,ANSI and so on.

Wuxi Yuke Environmental Science & Technology Co. Ltd

Location : Wuxi, Jiangsu

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 2007

The number of employees: >100

The company has been producing blind rivets, pull rivet nuts and fasteners for many years. They are constantly updating their management, facilities and technology, insisting on providing high quality, better service and better solutions.

They attend fastener shows and visit their customers every year. Their products are widely used in automotive, furniture, containers, elevators, construction, decoration and industry.

They can offer free samples and competitive prices.


Location : Shenzhen, GuangDong

Company type: Manufacturing, Wholesale

Year founded: 2016

The number of employees: >80

Solid Wanji Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sales of industrial fasteners. With rich product knowledge and experience, they have attracted a large number of customers. They can provide one-stop supply service for customers.

They rely on excellent product quality, rich production experience and perfect after-sales service to provide customers with satisfactory rivet products. They keep innovating to provide competitive fastener solutions.

Jingjiang Hengfeng Rivet Manufacturing

Location : Jingjiang, Jiangsu

Company type: Manufacturing, Wholesale

Year founded: 1994

The number of employees: 132

The company is a manufacturer and exporter specializing in all kinds of Blind Rivets. They strictly follow the ISO/TS16949:2009 automotive quality management system standards to meet the needs of different customers.

They especially focus on the research, development and large-scale production of stainless steel series rivets. The products are widely used in container, high-speed train, automobile, communication electronics, home appliances and other industries.

The company continuously increases investment in product research and development, continuously optimizes product structure, promotes industrial systematization and product diversification, and provides better services for customers.


Location : Suzhou, Jiangsu

Company type: Manufacturing

Year founded: 2015

The number of employees: >80

The company is a company specializing in metal fasteners: design, production, testing and sales. The company is ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified.

The company sells stainless steel and high strength blind rivets. They are widely used in automobile manufacturing industry, railroad manufacturing industry, shipbuilding manufacturing industry, elevator manufacturing industry, container manufacturing industry, household electrical appliances manufacturing industry, new energy manufacturing industry and so on. We have been providing customers with high quality blind rivets products.

The company has a wide range of standard Blind Rivets, which strictly comply with the international standards such as DIN, IFI, etc.

How to Choose the Right Blind Rivet Manufacturers and Supplier ?

Finding and choosing the right Blind Rivet Manufacturer is an important part of any company’s project. In the global Blind Rivet market, there are a very large number of suppliers, and it can be very difficult to determine which one will be able to provide satisfactory products and excellent service for your project.

Fortunately, there are a number of aspects and criteria that can help you more easily identify the right Blind Rivet manufacturers and suppliers.

The most important factor you need to consider is choosing a Chinese manufacturer with extensive experience in manufacturing blind rivets. Get to know their expertise and experience in the field of Blind Rivets, as well as impeccable customer support and after-sales service. A reputable supplier is the best choice.

Apart from that, you need to consider the cost and whether their prices are reasonable. Quality and qualifications are also very important to ensure that the manufacturer of blind rivets has high quality products and reliable manufacturing processes. One of the most effective ways to find a quality blind rivet manufacturer for your next project is to conduct extensive research before making a final decision.


As the factory of the world, China is a world leader in the manufacture of blind rivets. If you are looking for high quality, affordable blind rivets for your project, there is no better place than Rivmate’s factory.

If you need a manufacturer to provide quality products and professional technical support for your project, please feel free to contact Rivmate Rivet.Our technical team has years of experience in manufacturing Blind Rivet.

What are you hesitating for? Contact us now! Let us provide a customized blind rivet solution for your project.

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