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Pop Rivets Manufacturer

Pop Rivets Manufacturer & Custom Blind Rivet

Rivmate is a custom pop rivet manufacturer specializing in the production and distribution of wholesale hardware products. We are committed to blind rivet products, with excellent surface finish quality, durable and fast delivery of stock products. And seek partners around the world, laying a solid foundation for the advantages of the product cost, technology, and complete supporting facilities.

We can provide customized blind rivets according to your drawings. We have a wide range of materials to choose from, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, steel, copper, etc. We also have the ability to produce tens of thousands of pieces in large or small batches. All of our fastener products are built to last. We are also committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products!

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Custom Blind Rivet

RIVMATE can also provide blind rivet customization service according to customer’s drawings.

1. Customize the shape and size according to the drawing.

2. Customize different plating specifications for blind rivets: zinc in different colors, black oxide, black anodizing, waxing, passivation, etc.

3. Customize the material of the blind rivet: including carbon steel , stainless steel, steel,  aluminum, copper, etc.

4. Customize the strength of the blind rivet.

5. Different standards can be met according to your needs: IATF, ISO, DIN7337, IFI114, HUCK, AVDEL, etc.

Due to the professionalism and particularity of blind rivets, there are many varieties and specifications, and users have different requirements. It can be customized according to the properties and functions required by the customer. Please contact us for details.

If you have any needs, please contact us, we will provide you with the most professional service

Bulk Blind Rivet Supply

As a top blind rivet supply company in china, the types of blind rivets we can produce include: standard rivet, peel rivets, sealed rivets, open end type rivets, closed end rivets, uni-grip rivet, multi-grip rivet, tri fold exploding rivet, bulbtight rivet, monolock rivet, hem rivet, lockbolt rivet, bom rivet, spr rivet, grooved rivet, etc.

open type rivet
Open Type Blind Rivet
peel rivets
Peel Type Blind Rivet
sealed type blind rivet
Sealed Type Blind Rivet
Uni-grip Blind Rivet
multigrip rivet
Multi-grip Blind Rivet
China Tri Fold Rivet Manufacturer and Supplier - Bulk Tri Fold Rivets Supply
Trifirm Rivet
Rivmate Bulbtight Trifirm Rivet
Bulbtight Trifirm RIvet
now-lock blind rivet
Now-Lock Blind Rivet
Mono-Lock Blind Rivet
Hem-Firm Blind Rivet(A Type)
Hem-Firm Blind Rivet(B Type)
huck bolt
High Strength Lockbolt System
bom rivet
Boom-Lock Blind Rivet
Hucklok Rivets - Rivmate Rivets Supply
Rivlok & Rivbulb Double-locking System
Self Piercing Rivet
Ground Rivet
grooved rivets
Grooved Type Blind Rivet
types of rivets
Custom Your Blind Rivet

Relative Products

The key processes of fastener manufacturing are made independently and intelligently , and each fastenerion process is closely monitored and managed to ensure the quality of each fastener.

Wholesale Pop Rivets From Top Pop Rivet Manufacturer in China

Looking for reliable Blind Pop Rivet manufacturers? There are many benefits of importing blind rivets wholesale from China pop rivet manufacturers. As a world factory, China can provide you with a full range of Blind Rivets, you can get all the products you need at one time from top pop rivet manufacturers in China. Rivmate can provide you with standard blind rivets, structural rivets, and automotive blind rivet solutions in a variety of sizes and materials. Wholesale blind rivets from China at affordable prices to save economic cost for your projects.

Application Industries of Blind Rivets

Rivmate as a blind rivet manufacturer and rivet nut manufacturer.Our rivets are mainly used in automotive industry, construction industry, train tracks, electrical furniture, ships, power equipment, trucks, solar panels, electronics industry, aircraft riveting, etc.


If you are interested in finding out more about our point of sale solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales representatives to discuss further details. You can get pricing information and further details about displaying our products in your store from us upon request. Whether you are looking for a solution for rivets, riveting tools or one of our other products, we will be happy to provide you with some advice and answer any questions you may have.


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