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Blind Rivet Supplier - Custom Pop Rivets for Business

Rivmate is the top blind rivet manufacturers in China, providing one-stop rivet solution services for commercial companies.

Rivmate has been dedicated to providing rivets, rivet nuts, and riveting tools for over 15 years and are able to provide you with the standard and custom fasteners you need.

With the support of our professional technical team and manufacturing plants, we are able to provide you with high quality rivets, rivet nuts and other fasteners quickly and can ensure that you spend less to fulfill your business purpose.


Standard & Structural Blind Rivet Supplier

Rivmate has been committed to producing a higher quality variety of blind rivets since 2010 and are able to offer over 200+ standard and customized blind rivets for different industries.

Our blind rivet product line includes (but is not limited to) the following, which is popular among our customers worldwide.Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries around the world

open type blind rivet
Open Type Blind Rivet
peel rivets
Peel Type Blind Rivet
closed end pop rivet
Sealed Type Blind Rivet
Multi-grip Blind Rivet
Rivmate Bulbtight Trifirm Rivet
Bulbtight Trifirm Rivet
mono bolt rivet
Mono-Lock Blind Rivet
Hem-Firm Blind Rivet
huck bolt
High Strength Lockbolt System
bom rivet
Boom-Lock Blind Rivet
Hucklok Rivets - Rivmate Rivets Supply
Rivlok & Rivbulb Double-locking System

Our Custom Blind Rivet Manufacturing Capabilities

As a supplier of customized blind rivets in China, we can customize the right blind rivets according to your needs. You can specify any size, material, head type for your specific application.

Rivmate offer customized blind rivets including metric, inch, standard blind rivets, structural blind rivets, and specialty blind rivets.

Send us a message and contact our engineers for one-on-one assistance with your project!

  • 2.4 (3/32″) – 6.4 (1/4″)
  • 4.0mm to 50mm blind rivet length

Our Supply of Automotive and Industrial Blind Rivets

We offer a wide range of specialized services and blind rivet solutions for a variety of industrial applications.

Wholesale and Small Volume Supply of Customized Blind Rivets

Want to purchase customized blind rivets in bulk? We offer you.

We have over a decade of experience and in-house expertise in the manufacture of blind rivets. We have a dedicated technical team at your service. We have absolute confidence that we can meet your needs. Our professional manufacturing plant can meet your needs for bulk customized blind rivets.

Our minimum order quantity is very low and we welcome small orders of blind rivets.

thread rolling
raw material inspection
warehouse of finished products

Supply Custom Designed Blind Pop Rivets

Blind rivets can replace screws, welding. Provide high strength connections while unidirectional riveting provides riveting efficiency.

We can process all kinds of blind rivets with different materials and plating according to your drawings.

Blind Rivets can be ordered in standard and metric sizes.

Supply High Quality Rivet Nuts to Fit Your Project

As a top supplier of fasteners in China, Rivmate is well equipped to produce any customized Blind Rivet and Rivet Nut.

We can manufacture custom blind rivets, rivet nuts, and compression rivet nuts for all your fastener needs.

Rivmate have customers all over the world and due to our high quality fasteners, we have won the recognition of our customers all over the world for wholesaling fasteners with us many times.

High Quality Blind Rivets With Competitive Price

You will work directly with the factory! Welcome to visit our production factory in China.

Due to our high quality products, strict inspection and competitive price, we have won many customers all over the world.

Get decent discounts on wholesale fastener orders, including standard and custom blind rivets, rivet nuts, and compression rivet nuts.

Contact one of our engineers today to get an even quote for your project.


multigrip rivet structure
Custom selection of head type
Custom blind rivet material

Frequently Asked Questions About Rivmate

Question:Where is your factory?

A:#1 South of Jiangfang East Road, South Industrial Zone of Jingjiang City, JiangSu Province, China 214500

Question:How do I customize my product

A:You only need to provide product drawings, or tell our technicians your specific needs for the product, to facilitate our technicians to check and quote.

Question:How do we know the production process

A:You can consult a one-on-one service person to show you the fastener manufacturing process. Of course, you can come to China and visit our factory.

Question:Do you offer samples?

A:We do provide samples, you can check the quality and specifications of the samples.

Question:Will you give out my information and product information?

A:We have a strict confidentiality system in-house, you can rest assured that we will strictly protect your product information when you submit it to us.

Questions:What is the minimum order quantity(MOQ)?

A:Our minimum order quantity varies from product to product, but we accept sample orders for you to check quality and specifications.

Questions:How long does it take to deliver?

A:The delivery time is different for different quantity of products, we will guarantee the quality of the products and do the fastest time delivery.


There are many fasteners on the market, we mainly provide customization and production of fasteners such as blind rivets, rivet nuts, compression rivet nuts and so on.

blind rivet supply

Blind Rivet

Rivet Nut

blind rivet gun

Riveting Tool

As a top fastener supplier, our products go through a 10-step production process.

  • Raw Material Inspection
  • Cold Forming
  • Thread Rolling
  • Head Treatment
  • Warehouse of Semi-finished products
  • Laser Selecting
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Warehouse of dinished Products
  • Logistics


Blind rivets have between them replaced welds and screws.

Our Blind Rivets have been widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronic equipment, automobile manufacturing, rail transportation, shipbuilding, aerospace, household appliances, mechanical equipment, truck manufacturing, tractor manufacturing and so on.

We can supply standard blind rivets, structural blind rivets, special blind rivets, customized blind rivets.

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