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Grooved rivets

Grooved rivets are innovative blind rivets for single-sided riveting situations. It is used in the riveting of plywood, fiberglass materials, plastic materials, wood panels and other materials. The difference between grooved rivets and other blind rivets is that the surface with a groove, in the blind hole expansion, the groove will be expanded in the workpiece, the final formation of riveting effect.

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grooved rivets
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grooved rivets
Aluminium/Steel Grooved Type
blind rivet supply
Other Blind Rivet
Riveting Tool

Rivmate have a large inventory of  blind rivets and offer dome head rivet, countersunk head rivet and large flange rivets. We offer blind rivets in a variety of sizes, materials, and lengths.

You can easily find the Blind Rivets to meet your needs with Rivmate. Please click on the image link above to view the Closed End Rivet that is right for your project. Order rivets today, request a quote or contact us for more product information.

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Notch rivets are different from ordinary rivets in that they were originally designed to be installed in fibrous materials such as wood and plastic. If installed correctly, the annular groove around the body will lock the riveted material and expand. Please make sure that the fiber material is thick enough for the rivet to fit properly.

For all Grooved Rivets

Head Style
  • Dome Head
Rivet body & Rivet Mandreal Materials
  • Aluminum & Steel
Surface Treatment
  • Polished body / Zinc plated mandrel

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