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Rivmate bom rivet

Boom-Lock Type Blind Rivet




Certificate of quality



 Carbon Steel/Carbon Steel

Green trivalent eletroplating blue white zinc

ISO certificate, IATF certificate

4.8(3/16″) – 12.7(1/2″)

Custom Bom Rivets for Your Business

Our products use the world’s advanced production technology and surface treatment. Capable of providing high strength connections. High-quality raw materials improve corrosion resistance. Have strong durability.


Complete Specifications

On demand customization/Full specifications/Reliable quality
RIVMATE Bom Rivets Supply

High-quality Materials

High hardness/Strong toughness/Sturdy and durable
rivmate bom rivet

Exquisite Workmanship

Smooth and shiny surface/Uniformity of force /non-slip
bom rivet

Technical Specification of Rivmate Boom Rivets

Part Number Diameter Art. Code Grip Range(Min) Grip Range(Max) Drill Diameter(Min) Drill Diameter(Max) Shear Force Tensile Force
SSBOOM48095 4.8(3/16") SSBOOM-00602 2.4 4.0 5.3 5.65 1240N 800N
SSBOOM48111 SSBOOM-00603 4.0 5.6
SSBOOM48127 SSBOOM-00604 5.6 7.2
SSBOOM48143 SSBOOM-00605 7.8 8.8
SSBOOM48159 SSBOOM-00606 8.8 10.3
SSBOOM48175 SSBOOM-00607 10.3 11.9
SSBOOM48190 SSBOOM-00608 11.9 13.5
SSBOOM48206 SSBOOM-00609 13.5 15.1
SSBOOM48222 SSBOOM-00610 15.1 16.7
SSBOOM48238 SSBOOM-00611 16.7 18.3
SSBOOM48254 SSBOOM-00612 18.3 19.9
SSBOOM64116 6.4(1/4") SSBOOM-00802 2.8 4.0 7.1 7.4 2270N 1450N
SSBOOM64132 SSBOOM-00803 4.0 5.6
SSBOOM64148 SSBOOM-00804 5.6 7.2
SSBOOM64164 SSBOOM-00805 7.2 8.8
SSBOOM64180 SSBOOM-00806 8.8 10.3
SSBOOM64196 SSBOOM-00807 10.3 11.9
SSBOOM64212 SSBOOM-00808 11.9 13.5
SSBOOM64228 SSBOOM-00809 13.5 15.1
SSBOOM64243 SSBOOM-00810 15.1 16.7
SSBOOM64259 SSBOOM-00811 16.7 18.3
SSBOOM64275 SSBOOM-00812 18.3 19.9
SSBOOM80176 8.0(5/16") SSBOOM-01004 4.8 7.9 8.85 9.35 3580N 2310N
SSBOOM80208 SSBOOM-01006 7.9 11.1
SSBOOM80240 SSBOOM-01008 11.1 14.3
SSBOOM80271 SSBOOM-01010 14.3 17.5
SSBOOM80303 SSBOOM-01012 17.5 20.6
SSBOOM80335 SSBOOM-01014 20.6 23.8
SSBOOM80367 SSBOOM-01016 23.8 27.0
SSBOOM80194 10.0(3/8") SSBOOM-01204 4.8 7.9 10.5 11.05 4940N 3230N
SSBOOM80226 SSBOOM-01206 7.9 11.1
SSBOOM80258 SSBOOM-01208 11.1 14.3
SSBOOM80289 SSBOOM-01210 14.3 17.5
SSBOOM80321 SSBOOM-01212 17.5 20.6
SSBOOM80353 SSBOOM-01214 20.6 23.8
SSBOOM80385 SSBOOM-01216 23.8 27.0
SSBOOM80416 SSBOOM-01218 27.0 30.2
SSBOOM80448 SSBOOM-01220 30.2 33.3
SSBOOM127254 12.7(1/2") SSBOOM-01604 6.4 9.5 13.9 14.75 8960N 5780N
SSBOOM127285 SSBOOM-01606 9.5 12.7
SSBOOM127317 SSBOOM-01608 12.7 15.9
SSBOOM127349 SSBOOM-01610 15.9 19.1
SSBOOM127381 SSBOOM-01612 19.1 22.2
SSBOOM127412 SSBOOM-01614 22.2 25.4
SSBOOM127444 SSBOOM-01616 25.4 28.6
SSBOOM127476 SSBOOM-01618 28.6 31.8
SSBOOM127508 SSBOOM-01620 31.8 34.9
SSBOOM127539 SSBOOM-01622 34.9 38.1
SSBOOM127571 SSBOOM-01624 38.1 41.3

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Applications of BomRivets

  • Aerospace
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment
  • Trucks
  • Tracks
  • Container 

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What is bom rivet?

Bom rivets are known for their ultra-high strength. They are often used as an alternative to welding. Often used in scenarios such as military vehicles, automotive suspension beams, high security fencing, railcar assembly and more.

Advantage of Bom Rivet

One bom rivet can replace four conventional fasteners.

Its advantages are also obvious.

  • Ultra-high strength
  • Very high sealing of the joints
  • Very difficult to remove. Fairly safe.
  • One-way installation only

How to choose reilable supplier of Bom rivets?

Bom rivets are generally used in scenarios where high strength connections are required. So it is very important to choose a reliable supplier.

  • Whether you have your own factory:This is important. This is because it is difficult to ensure consistent bom rivets quality from a supplier who does not have their own factory. So this should be a key consideration when choosing a reilable bom rivet supplier.And also look for the supplier’s quality certification.Rivmate as a top bom blind rivet supplier in China. We have our own factory located in Jingjiang, Jiangsu, China. Our bom rivets have passed international quality certification.IATF 16949:2016 and ISO quality certification.
  • Ability to provide comprehensive bom rivets specifications:When selecting a supplier, evaluate the supplier’s product range and capabilities. Ensure that you can offer a comprehensive range of Bom Rivets. This includes a variety of different sizes, specifications, and materials. To meet the different needs of different projects.We can provide customized bom rivets in various sizes.At Rivmate.You can solve all your questions about bom rivets.There is no need to go through the hassle of searching for a variety of different service providers.
  • Long-term partnerships:It is important for suppliers to be able to establish a long-term and stable relationship. This can save a lot of time and labor costs. It can greatly increase the success rate of your project. A stable supply of high quality rivets is very important.We hope to establish a long-term and stable relationship with you. We are committed to supporting all your future needs. And we can provide you with professional customer support.

What are the advantages of bom rivets compared to other joining methods (e.g. bolting, welding, etc.)?

  • Faster installation:Compared to bolting and welding. bom rivets are faster to install. All you need is a professional rivet gun tool and no specialized training is required for a perfect installation.
  • No need to drill holes in advance:bom rivets do not require pre-drilling of holes in the joint section. It saves costs and is suitable for scenarios where drilling is not possible.
  • Can be applied to a wide range of materials:Metals, plastics and conforming materials can be riveted well.
  • No damage to surface coatings:Bolting and welding usually destroys the surface of the workpiece. But bom rivets don’t, and can provide a high-strength connection while protecting the workpiece from damage.

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