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Self Piercing Rivets for Car Roof and Body Cap Connection

Customized Automotive Rivet Solutions

  • Large Range of Rivet Types and Materials to Choose
  • Strict Rivet Inspection Process
  • Professional Automotive Rivet Solutions Provider

Many automotive manufacturers around the world are using Rivmate’s stable and reliable blind rivets to save money.Rivmate Rivet can provide the most cost-effective automotive blind rivet solution.

As the demand for smart, lightweight and performance-driven automotive designs continues to grow, safety capabilities must also continue to be provided. the Rivmate rivet meets this challenge through rigorous quality management. These blind rivets are ideally suited for the assembly and joining of various automotive components. Metals, plastics and a variety of brittle materials can be securely joined using Rivmate rivet.

Types of pop rivets - Rivmate Blind Rivet Supplier

Rivmate can Accelerate the Success of Your Automotive Program

Rivmate can help you complete your automotive project quickly and without sacrificing the quality of the connection. With our instant quotes and specialized automotive rivet production capabilities, you can solve all your automotive rivet sourcing and design worries at once. Our factory has been included in the Tesla Motors rivet supplier directory. With Rivmate’s rigorous quality control process, you can achieve your goals faster and not miss your customers.

IATF 16949 Certified

Automotive Manufacturing Certification

Rivmate's factories are IATF 16949 certified, so you can work with confidence.

PPAP of Rivmate Rivets

Comprehensive Quality Documentation

We can provide you with PPAP documents, material test reports, material certificates, etc.

Test of Rivet

Highest Quality Standards

We have designed a 13-step quality inspection process to provide adequate safety for your automotive riveting project.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Our factory can produce hundreds of types of rivets with a very wide range of manufacturing capabilities. We support customized rivets and high volume production. We are proud to be the preferred manufacturer of automotive blind rivets or high quality rivets.

How Much Do Rivets Cost

Blind Rivets

  • Custom The Sizes of Blind Rivets
  • Custom Material of Blind Rivets
  • Custom Surface of Blind Rivets
Hucklok Rivets - Rivmate Rivets Supply

Structural Rivets

  • Monobolt Rivet
  • Hucklok Rivets
  • Lockbolt RIvets
  • Hemlok Rivets
  • ……
Self Piercing Rivets for Automotive

Self Piercing Rivets

  • Custom Package
  • The First Factory in China Capable of Mass Production of SPR
  • Wide Range of Materials to Choose
Threaded Rivet Nut Insert for Business

Rivet Nuts

  • Aluminum,Steel,Stainless Steel Are Available
  • Multiple Head Shapes can be Customized
  • Open End, Closed End Available

Rivmate Rivet in the Automotive Industry

Today, blind rivets are not only used in everyday life. They are replacing fasteners in many different applications on the production line of the modern automotive industry.

Self Piercing Rivets for Automotive Body Connections

Car Body Rivets

Automobiles use pultruded rivets to complete the car body connections in order to increase the overall degree of lightweighting and high strength connections. This includes, but is not limited to, stabilizing connections and leveling the appearance of thin metal in body panels.

Car Bumper Rivets

Blind Rivets are characterized by one-sided operation, quick installation, high strength and reliability, light weight, corrosion resistance, aesthetics and cleanliness, and ease of repair and replacement. These advantages make blind rivets the ideal choice for bumper connections to meet the diverse needs of modern automotive manufacturing and repair, ensuring a strong connection and long-term performance.

Car Bumper Rivets
Rivmate Automotive Blind Rivets Solution

Car Panel Rivets

Automotive panels are generally made of thin metal stamping, traditional fasteners have no way to complete its assembly.Blind rivet is designed for thin metal riveting, providing an excellent automotive rivet solution.

Self Piercing Rivets Automotive

In today’s era of fully automated production, automakers use a large number of sprial rivets in the actual production process.Self piercing rivets can save automakers a lot of money in labor costs and make more money.

Rivmate SPR Rivet(Self piercing rivet)

Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to receiving your enquiry, our engineers will confirm the details of the rivets with you (if you can provide a drawing, this process will go very quickly). Prior to placing a formal order, you can request a sample of the rivets from us and we will send you the rivets that meet the requirements of your automotive project. Ensure Rivmate rivets meet your automotive project requirements!

If you want to get materials or rivets that are not listed on our website or platform, You can send a request to our engineers or contact manufacture@world-rivet.com. Our factory has professional customization capabilities, so most of the time we can meet your needs.

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