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PPAP Rivets Manufacturing Process

The PPAP documentation package is certified by both us and the customer.The purpose of the PPAP documentation is to reduce the risk of unintended failures due to errors in involving or manufacturing. Our factories can provide PPAP documentation to our customers.

The levels of PPAP documentation that we can customer provide include the following levels:

  • Level 1: Only Part Submission Warrant (PSW) is provided to the customer.
  • Level 2: Provide Part Submission Warrant, product samples, and partial supporting data.
  • Level 3: Provide Part Submission Warranty, product samples, and complete supporting data.
  • Level 4: Provide the part submission warranty and other customer-defined requirements.
  • Level 5: Supplier is required to have the part submission warranty, samples, and complete supporting data available at the manufacturing site for verification purposes.
PPAP of Rivmate Rivets

Below are 19 documents from PPAP:

  1. Design Records
  2. Authorized Engineering Change (note) Documents
  3. Engineering Approval
  4. DFMEA
  5. Process Flow Diagram
  6. PFMEA
  7. Control Plan
  8. Measurement Systems Analysis、MSA
  9. Dimensional Results
  10. Records of Material / Performance Tests
  11. Initial Sample Inspection Report
  12. Initial Process Studies
  13. Qualified Laboratory Documentation
  14. Appearance Approval Report
  15. Sample Production Parts
  16. Master Sample
  17. Checking Aids
  18. Customer-Specific Requirements
  19. Part Submission Warrant、PSW

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