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Construction Rivets

Our high-strength blind rivets, which provide excellent shear and tensile strength, are effective in creating a secure connection to ensure that your project can operate safely.

Widely used in transportation industry, construction industry, aviation aircraft, solar energy and other industries. Our products comply with IATF standards and are manufactured in accordance with ISO,OS,ICA requirements.

Hucklok Rivets - Rivmate Rivets Supply
Rivlok & Rivbulb Double-locking System
bom rivet
Boom-Lock Blind Rivet
huck bolt
High Strength Lockbolt System
Hem-Firm Blind Rivet
Monobolt lock Blind Rivet
Multi grip blind rivet
Multi-grip Blind Rivet
Rivmate Bulbtight Trifirm Rivet
Bulbtight Trifirm Rivet

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The use of core-pulling rivets in the construction industry is mainly used to achieve the effect of rapid installation to increase convenience.

Therefore, the use of mechanical equipment during installation will not be affected by manpower, and there is no need to worry about distortion and breakage during installation, which can greatly enhance the stability of the core-pulling rivet; At the same time, because the installation of the machine is relatively fast, it can also save time and manpower.

The construction industry also has a lot of different materials of building materials, core rivet can also be divided into different types according to different raw materials, each type of rivet has a different application and role.

Let us provide stable security for your construction projects

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