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Rivmate Multi Grip Blind Rivet Supplier

Multi Grip Pop Rivet

Provide Security For Your Project With Multi grip pop Rivet

Multi Grip Blind Rivets

The price depends on the quantity you purchase. The higher the quantity, the lower the unit price!

Material Aluminum/Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel/304&316 Stainless Steel
Head Type Dome Head/Countersunk Head/Large Flange
Quality Authentication IATF16949,ISO14001,ISO45001
Surface Zinc plated/Natural polish
Size 2.4(3/32") - 6.4(1/4")
Own factory? YES
Customized services YES
Standard ISO,DIN7337,IFI114,HUCK,AVDEL etc

Rivmate has a long-term development plan. Adhering to the business principle of people-oriented and professional service, Rivmate always insists on providing customers with professional fastener services. We firmly believe that quality first and excellence will be recognized by customers. We integrate the high quality raw material supply chain in China, and strive to provide customers with the most advantageous price. We hope to establish a long-term relationship with our customers and work together to become a world-class fastener company.

Fast and Stable Installation

The safety of the program is important. If you want the project to be virtually hazard free. Then you have to focus your attention on the quality of riveted fasteners.

What can we offer you?

  • Professional customized design
  • Competitive pricing
  • Stable supply of rivets

Suitable For All Multigtip Blind Rivets


  • Carbon Steel Mandrel/Aluminum Body
  • 304 Stainless Steel Mandrel/Aluminum Body
  • Carbon Steel Mandrel/Carbon Steel Body
  • 304 Stainless Steel Mandrel/304 Stainless Steel Body


Custom  Multi Grip Blind Rivet for Your Project. 

The Technical Parameters of Multi Grip Blind Rivet

Diameter[d] Size Body Length[L] Grip Range Drill Tensile Shear
3.2(1/8") 3.2×6.0 6.0-7.0 1.0-3.5 3.3-3.4 850N 650N
3.2×8.0 8.0-9.0 1.5-5.0
3.2×10.0 10.0-11.0 2.5-7.0
3.2×12.0 12.0-13.0 4.5-9.0
3.2×14.0 14.0-15.0 6.5-10.5
3.2×16.0 16.0-17.0 9.0-12.5
4.0(5/32") 4.0×6.0 6.0-7.0 1.0-3.0 4.1-4.2 1500N 950N
4.0×8.0 8.0-9.0 1.5-5.0
4.0×10.0 10.0-11.0 2.0-6.5
4.0×12.0 12.0-13.0 3.5-8.5
4.0×14.0 14.0-15.0 5.5-10.5
4.0×16.0 16.0-17.0 6.0-12.5
4.0×18.0 18.0-19.0 9.5-14.5
4.0×20.0 20.0-21.0 11.5-16.5
4.8(3/16") 4.8×10.0 10.0-11.0 1.5-6.0 4.9-5.0 2000N 1320N
4.8×12.0 12.0-13.0 2.0-8.0
4.8×14.0 14.0-15.0 3.5-9.5
4.8×16.0 16.0-17.0 6.0-11.5
4.8×18.0 18.0-19.0 8.0-13.5
4.8×20.0 20.0-21.0 10.0-15.0
4.8×25.0 25.0-26.0 15.0-20.0
4.8×30.0 30.0-31.0 20.0-25.0
6.4(1/4") 6.4×12.5 12.5-13.5 1.0-6.0 6.5-6.5 4000N 3800N
6.4×14.5 14.5-15.5
6.4×16.5 16.5-17.5
6.4×18.5 18.5-19.5
6.4×20.5 20.5-21.5
6.4×25.5 25.5-26.5

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What is A Multigrip Rivet?

Multi Grip Blind rivets can be an alternative to standard blind rivets.Although standard blind rivets also provide a stable connection. But multi grip Blind Rivet can offer something more versatile and efficient. They can offer more competitive features for your project. They can be suitable for a wider range of applications.

What are the Characteristics of Multi Grip Rivets?

  • Multi-grip property adaptable to the scope of width of sheet material thickness
  • This serial fastener can replace multigrip standard riveting fasteners,so the inventory of fasteners is reduced, and the inventory control is simplified
  • Good hole filling which can provide the solid and vibration resistant connection
  • Be able to provide supplementary riveting for irregular and over tolerance hole, or oval holes
  • The sheets can be still unmoved in the non-standard hole.
  • The retained mandrel can avoid damage,electric leakage or marowak sound and other problems caused by falling off of the mandrel

Caveat of Wholesale MultiGrip rivets

If you want to wholesale Multi Grip blind rivets, please consider the following factors.

Domestic vs imported

With the development of world economic globalization, more and more enterprises and customers choose to use foreign-made multigrip blind rivets. Different projects have different requirements for the quality and price of multi grip blind rivets. Some enterprises will choose poor quality multi grip blind rivets because of price reasons, and some enterprises have higher quality requirements for products, and will choose products with higher prices.

Finding a manufacturer with reasonable prices and reliable quality is especially important.

After all, the truth that you get what you pay for is still true.Substandard multi grip blind rivets can lead to delays and poor results.This makes it necessary to choose a trustworthy manufacturer as an import partner.Rivmate is perfectly suited for your needs. After confirming the details of the product with you, Rivamte will send out samples for your testing. We will not proceed to the next stage of production until the product meets your requirements. And that saves you a lot of money!

Ring groove and crimp

There are two types of multi-grip blind rivets in common use today.Ring-grooved rivets promoted by POP and crimped rivets produced by Avdel.

The two different types of blind rivets offer different advantages. pop rivets offer more aesthetics and can provide a clean look. avex rivets offer more strength.

Don’t worry about it.At Rivmate. You can get everything.We can provide professional customization services based on your specific needs.Whether you have a requirement for material, head shape, or size, we can provide you with a customized service.

Price and demand

Multi Grip Blind rivets are usually more expensive than standard rivets.But the results that multigrip blind rivet can provide can definitely exceed that price.One multigrip blind rivet can replace 2-3 kinds of ordinary blind rivets. This helps you reduce your overall inventory and lower your costs.

Benefits of buying Multigrip Rivets in bulk

Since the price of the multi grip blind rivets is relatively higher, it is not appropriate to buy them in small quantities. Keep in mind that multigrip blind rivets can be used in place of many other ordinary blind rivets. So it is more economical for you to buy multi-grip blind rivets in bulk.You should know that you will get a more economical price for wholesale blind rivets. This will make you more competitive in the market.

After-Sales Service of Wholesale Multi Grip Pop Rivet from Rivmate

Our promise: the fastener products you buy from Rivmate. If something goes wrong within two years, we will give you a full refund!

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