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Rivmate Sealed Blind Rivets Supplier

Sealed Type Blind Rivets

Provide Security For Your Project With Sealed Rivet

Rivmate Sealed Type Blind Rivet

Sealed Pop Blind Rivets

Material Aluminum/Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel/304&316 Stainless Steel
Head Type Dome Head/Countersunk Head/Large Flange
Quality Authentication IATF16949,ISO14001,ISO45001
Surface Zinc plated/Natural polish
Size 2.4(3/32") - 6.4(1/4")
Own factory? YES
Customized services YES
Standard ISO,DIN7337,IFI114,HUCK,AVDEL etc
Do Pop Rivets Leak? - The Comprehensive Guide-Rivmate Aluminum Closed Blind Pop Rivet
The riveting effect of closed rivets

What Are Sealed Rivets?

Sealed rivets are a type of standard blind rivet. You can perform a one-sided installation of it. You can also apply it in non-blind hole applications where you have access to both sides.

Sealed rivets provide a high-strength connection. The joint is completely sealed in the rivet body.

Sealed blind rivets are available in a variety of materials. It can ensure good waterproof and dustproof.Rivmate’s closed end blind rivets are synonymous with safety and stability.

Rivmate Aluminum Closed Blind Pop Rivet


Various raw materials available.High corrosion resistance. Characterized by resistance to rust, etc.
Rivmate Aluminum Closed Blind Pop Rivet

Smooth surface

The product surface is smooth. No burrs, hard and thick. Environmentally friendly and durable.
Rivmate Aluminum Closed Blind Pop Rivet

many kinds of specification

Strict control of production standards. Comply with international quality standards.
Rivmate Aluminum Closed Blind Pop Rivet

Stable Durability

The product is round and shiny. Sturdy and durable. Long service life.

Custom Sealed Blind Rivets Materials Available

Rivmate Aluminum Sealed Type Blind Rivet
Sealed Type Blind Rivet(All Aluminum)
Rivmate Closed End Blind Pop Rivets
Sealed Type Blind Rivet(Aluminum/Stainless Steel)
sealed type blind rivet
Sealed Type Blind Rivet(All Steel)
closed end pop rivet
Sealed Type Blind Rivet(Stainless Steel 304/420)
closed end pop rivet
Sealed Type Blind Rivet(Stainless Steel 304/304)
sealed blind rivet
Sealed Type Blind Rivet(Copper/Steel)
sealed blind rivets
Sealed Type Blind Rivet(Aluminum/Steel)
aluminum rivets structure
Head Type

Custom Sealed Blind Rivet Head Type Selection

  • Dome Head
  • Countersunk Head
  • Large Flange

The Technical Parameters of Sealed Type Blind Rivet

Diameter[d] Size Body Length[L] Grip Range Drill Tensile Shear
3.2(1/8") 3.2×6.5 6.3-7.3 0.5-2.0 3.3-3.4 1350N 1100N
3.2×8.0 7.8-8.8 2.0-3.5
3.2×9.5 9.3-10.3 3.5-5.0
3.2×11.0 10.8-11.8 5.0-6.5
3.2×12.5 12.3-13.3 6.5-8.0
4.0(5/32") 4.0×8.0 7.8-8.8 1.5-3.5 4.1-4.2 2200N 1600N
4.0×9.5 9.3-10.3 3.5-5.0
4.0×11.0 10.8-11.8 5.0-6.5
4.0×12.5 12.3-13.3 6.5-8.0
4.0×15.0 14.8-15.8 8.0-10.5
4.8(3/16") 4.8×8.0 7.8-8.8 2.0-3.5 4.9-5.0 3100N 2200N
4.8×9.5 9.3-10.3 3.5-5.0
4.8×11.0 10.8-11.8 5.0-6.5
4.8×13.0 12.8-13.8 6.5-8.0
4.8×14.5 14.3-15.3 8.0-9.5
4.8×16.0 15.8-16.8 9.5-11.0
4.8×18.0 17.8-18.8 11.0-13.0
4.8×21.0 20.8-21.8 12.0-16.0
4.8×25.0 24.8-25.8 14.0-19.0
6.4(1/4") 6.4×12.5 12.3-13.3 1.5-6.5 6.5-6.6 4900N 3600N
6.4×14.0 13.8-14.8 3.0-8.0
6.4×16.0 15.8-16.8 5.0-10.0
6.4×19.5 19.3-20.3 8.5-13.5
6.4×24.0 23.8-24.8 13.0-17.5

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Fully enclosed! Our unique closed end rivet design is perfect for applications that require water and dust resistance.

Choose our closed rivets. Your project will be recognized by your customers. Your project will be one step closer to success.

Rivmate Aluminum Sealed Type Blind Pop Rivet
Rivmate Aluminum Sealed Type Blind Pop Rivet

What are the different types of sealed rivets?

Sealed Blind Rivets are a type of rivet that creates a durable water and air seal.

Sealed rivets are often used in a variety of products such as aircraft manufacturing, air compressors, ship building and more. When looking for the right Closed Blind Rivet, you need to consider the right riveting range and the right type of head. Only the right Closed Blind Rivet for your project is the right Closed Blind Rivet.

Sealed Blind Rivets are made of different materials. for different applications. There are some closed blind rivets that are made from low density aluminum, and there are some that use steel to make closed blind rivets for more durability. Some choose to use copper or galvanized to prevent corrosion.

  • Carbon Steel Mandrel/Aluminum Body
  • Aluminum Mandreal/Aluminum Body
  • Stainless Steel Mandrel/Aluminum
  • Carbon Steel Mandrel/Carbon Steel Body
  • 420 Stainless Steel Mandrel/304 Stainless Steel Body
  • 304 Stainless Steel Mandrel/304 Stainless Steel Body
  • Carbon Steel Mandrel/Copper Body

Rivmate Has The Sealed Blind Pop Rivets You Need!

Rivmate’s sealed blind pop rivets are suitable for a variety of applications. Rivmate can provide a catalog of closed end blind pop rivets. We can supply Closed End blind Rivets in a variety of sizes, lengths and materials. So no matter what industry you are in, you can find the closed end pop blind rivets you need here.

If you have a need for closed end rivets. Please contact us. We will arrange professional engineers to give you professional service one to one. We hope to lead to success with you.

How to Install Sealed End Blind Rivets?

  1. You should determine the type and size of the sealed rivets. Prepare the tools for riveting the sealed rivets.
  2. Pre-drill holes in the workpiece according to the specifications and requirements of the prepared sealed rivets. The holes should correspond to the dimensions of the sealed rivets.
  3. Use an appropriate riveting tool (such as a pneumatic rivet gun) to apply enough pressure to deform the sealed rivet and form a stable connection.
  4. Check that the riveted closed rivets are stable. Make sure the rivet cap is tightly sealed to the top of the rivet body.
Rivmate Pneumatci Riveting Tool

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