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Rivmate Hemlock Rivet Supplier

Hemlock Rivet

Provide Security For Your Project With Hemlock Rivet

Rivmate Hemlock Rivets

Rivmate Hem-Firm Blind Rivets

Material Aluminum/Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel/304&316 Stainless Steel
Head Type Dome Head/Countersunk Head/Large Flange
Quality Authentication IATF16949,ISO14001,ISO45001
Surface Zinc plated/Natural polish
Size 2.4(3/32") - 6.4(1/4")
Own factory? YES
Customized services YES
Standard ISO,DIN7337,IFI114,HUCK,AVDEL etc

What is Hemlock Rivet?

Hemlock Rivet is a high strength structural rivet. Has a large blind side footprint for thin sheet brittle material applications.Rivmate’s hemlock blind rivet is known for its outstanding quality, sleek appearance, excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

Available in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum options.

Custom Hemlock Rivet for Your Project

  • Head Type
  • Raw Material
  • Surface Treatment

Customized hemlock rivet according to drawings!

Technical Support

Rivamte’s engineering and technical team use their experience and skills to solve fastener challenges

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Rivmate Hemlock Rivets
Rivmate Hemlock Rivets
Rivmate Hemlock Rivets
Rivmate Hem-Firm Blind Rivets
Dome Head And Countersunk Head

The Technical Parameters of Hem-Firm Blind Rivets

L(+1/-0) Grip Range Rivet Size(d) Hole Dia Tensile ref. Shear ref. Breaking Load(Max) Retention load(Min)
9.0 1.5-3.5 4.8 4.9-5.1 4400N 6000N 9000N 1000N
11.5 3.5-6.0 7500N
14.0 6.0-8.5 7800N
16.5 8.5-11.0
19.0 11.0-13.5
9.0 1.5-3..5 6.4 6.6-6.8 7920N 7700N 15000N 1800N
10.5 2.0-4.5 9450N
12.5 3.5-6.5 10800N
14.5 5.5-8.5
16.5 7.5-10.5 12500N
18.5 9.5-12.5
20.5 11.0-14.0
22.5 13.0-16.0
24.5 14.5-18.0
26.5 16.5-20.0
28.5 18.5-22.0
30.5 20.5-24.0
32.5 22.5-26.0
13.5 4.0-7.0 7.8 8.1-8.3 11500N 15500N 23000N 2500N
16.5 7.0-10.0 18000N
19.5 10.0-13.0
22.5 13.0-16.0
16.5 4.0-7.0 9.8 10.0-14.0 12740N 21500N 33000N 3000N
19.5 7.0-10.0
22.5 10.0-13.0
25.5 13.0-16.0
28.5 16.0-19.0
31.5 19.0-22.0

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How Do Install Hemlock Rivet?

Installing hemlok rivet with a professional rivet gun is a very simple and quick process.

  1. Use a tool to drill a suitable hole in the material
  2. Insert the hemlock rivet into the drilled hole
  3. Apply pressure to the hemlock rivet using the installation tool. Completing the Installation

When pressure is applied by the riveting tool, the hemlock rivet breaks at a predetermined point, leaving a portion of the hat’s mandrel stuck inside.Can provide a high strength connection. Guarantees a strong connection.

Characteristics of Hemlock Rivet

  • Ultra-high shear and tensile strength
  • Large blind side contact area disperses the load forces acting on the workpiece
  • The structural design of the spline locking nail core provides a strong vibration-resistant connection and avoids rattling.
  • Ideal for thin sheet type materials
  • Can be customized to meet unique assembly requirements

Hemlock Rivet Quality:In production, the international quality standards for hemlock rivet are strictly followed and tested as required.
The hem-firm blind rivets must achieve the strength of the customer’s customization, that is, to meet the customer’s customization needs, and to meet the international quality standard bricks, to ensure that the customer to obtain the product is satisfied, high quality.

Hemlock Rivet is structural rivets with excellent shear and tensile strength using interference locking technology. It is suitable for riveting areas with high requirements for riveting strength and sealing performance.

Hemlock rivet in the assembly, will produce a larger nail tail, easy to share in the load, rivet mouth flat, lock core ability. Suitable for riveting areas with high riveting strength and good sealing performance.

Why Do Hemlock Rivet Need Surface Treatment?

For the passivation of hemlock rivet surface, we can choose the appropriate surface treatment method according to the different needs of the application scenarios.

The baking process improves the aesthetics of the hemlock blind rivets. Different colors are processed as needed. And it can play a certain role in protecting the surface of the hemlok blind rivets.

Rivmate Hemlock Rivets

Custom Surface Treatment

Custom Surface Treatment

Custom Raw Material

Custom Raw Material

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International Fastener Exhibition

10 Autonomous Key Processes Ensure Fasteners’ Quality

  1. Raw Material Inspection
  2. Cold Forming
  3. Thread Rolling
  4. Head Treatment
  5. Assembly
  6. Laser Selecting
  7. Warehouse of Semi-finished products
  8. Packaging
  9. Warehouse of finished Products
  10. Logistics

The key process of fastener manufacturing are made independently and intelligently, and each fastenerion process is closely monitored and managed to ensure the quality of each fastener.

13 Full Fastener testing and design verification equipment

  1. Spectrometer
  2. Image Mapping
  3. Surface Profiler
  4. Thickness measuring meter,Concentricity tester
  5. Measuring Prohector
  6. Computer Tensile & Shearing Set
  7. Vickers Hardness Tester
  8. Metallurgical Microscope
  9. Film Thickness Teaster
  10. Salt Spray Test Box
  11. Torsque Testing Machine
  12. Riveting Test
  13. Ejector Machine

From raw materials to finished fasteners, from design to manufacturing have reliable testing equipment and complete verification process, our laboratory has been approved by Volkswagen,Tesla, SAIC GAC,BAIC etc.

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