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How to Choose Blind Rivets for Solar Industry

With the global energy depletion, new energy sources are slowly becoming the direction people are pursuing. Solar energy is an important part of this new energy source. The future of sustainable energy cannot be separated from the rapid development of solar energy. Blind rivets play a crucial role in the manufacturing and installation of solar energy systems. Blind rivets are widely used as a reliable attachment solution for solar panels, racking and other critical components. Choosing the right blind rivets for the solar industry not only ensures the structural integrity and stability of the system, but also improves installation efficiency and reduces costs.

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However, a very large number of blind rivets of different types and sizes exist in the market. This is where professionals in the solar industry are often faced with a selection headache. Therefore, this article will provide a comprehensive guide to the solar industry to help industry professionals make the right choice of blind rivets for solar applications.

blind rivets for soalr energy trackor

Advantages of Blind Rivets in the Solar Industry

Blind rivets are a very commonly used riveting fastener. It consists of a rivet body, a rivet cap and a rivet shank. Pressure is applied through it, causing the rivet shank to expand on the other side, creating a strong connection. The biggest advantage of blind rivets is that they can be operated on one side without the need for reverse side access, making them very suitable for a wide range of assembly and fixing tasks in the solar industry.

In the solar industry, blind rivets are used in a wide range of applications for solar panels, racking, inverters, batteries and other components of solar energy systems. Here are a few common applications of blind rivets in the solar industry.

  • Solar Panel Mounting: Blind rivets are used to secure solar panels to racking to ensure the stability and safety of the panels in all weather conditions.
  • Solar Racking Connection: Blind rivets are used to connect different parts of the solar racking, such as support rods, beams and angle irons, to ensure the structural solidity of the racking.
  • Battery Mounting: Blind rivets are used to mount solar cells to securely fasten them to the racking or other structures.
  • Inverter Fixing: Inverter is a device that converts solar electricity into usable alternating current, blind rivets are used to fix the inverter on the bracket or wall.


The widespread use of blind rivets in the solar industry is due to a number of advantages. Blind rivets offer fast installation, high tensile and shear strength, good corrosion resistance and excellent weathering properties.

How to Choose Right Blind Rivets for Solar industry ?

How do you choose the right blind rivets for the solar industry? It requires consideration of several factors. These include the material chosen, strength and load carrying capacity requirements, weathering and corrosion resistance, and the economic cost of installation. Considering these factors, based on the specific needs of the application, will minimize the risk of choosing the wrong riveted fastener for you. Of course, if you’re not sure what to choose, Rivmate can provide you with a specialized solar blind rivet solution.

Suitable Materials

As we all know, the difference between blind rivets made of different materials is still very big. The choice of material is always an important consideration. Materials often used for blind rivets in the solar industry are aluminum and stainless steel. Solar panels are generally set up in harsh environments without any protection, which makes the choice of material more demanding. Aluminum blind rivets, for example, are lighter in weight and have good strength for most solar applications. Stainless steel blind rivets have better corrosion resistance and are suitable for harsher environmental conditions, but are usually more expensive.

Custom Raw Material

Strength and Load-bearing Capacity

Solar energy systems place high demands on the strength and load-bearing capacity of blind rivets. Before wholesaling blind rivets, you need to figure out the maximum tensile and shear strength required by the solar system. Make sure that the strength and bearing capacity of the wholesale blind rivets can meet the requirements of the system to avoid loosening or damage.

Weathering and Corrosion Resistance

Because of the specialized nature of solar panels, solar energy systems are often exposed to a variety of climatic conditions, including high temperatures, humidity and UV radiation. Therefore, these harsh environmental conditions place high demands on the weather resistance and corrosion protection of blind rivets. When choosing blind rivets for your solar project, you should check if the solar rivets have a weatherproof coating or corrosion protection layer that can effectively extend their service life and ensure the reliability of the system.[…] This can effectively extend their lifespan and ensure the reliability of your solar system.

Quick Installation

The vast majority of solar panel projects are huge. The enormity of the project is also a great demand for riveted fasteners. That’s why the efficiency of fastener installation becomes important for the assembly of solar energy systems. Choosing blind rivets that are easy to install and handle can save a lot of time and labor costs.

how to choose blind rivets for soalr industry

Application of Blind Rivet in Solar Industry

In the solar industry, blind rivets have a variety of applications. A solar panel cannot be stabilized without the use of blind rivets. I will list you some of the commonly used blind rivets in the solar industry.

Blind Rivets for Solar Panel

Blind Rivets for Solar Panel

The installation of solar panels requires the selection of blind rivets of appropriate length, suitable material and weather resistance. The following types of blind rivets are often used for solar panel installation.Lockbolt Rivet, Bulbtite Rivet, Hemlok Rivet)

Blind Rivets for Solar Tracking Bracket

Blind Rivets for Solar Tracking Bracket

It takes a lot of strength to hold a solar tracking bracket in place, and many types of blind rivets are needed as well. Commonly used blind rivets are rivet nuts, bulbtite rivets, bom rivets, lockbolt rivet, monobolt rivet, hemlok rivet.

Why Use Blind Rivets to Complete Solar Panel Installation

Advantages Reasons to Use Blind Rivets
lightweighting Blind rivets are lighter than welded and bolted connections, contributing to the portability and installation efficiency of solar panels.
Structural Strength Blind rivets provide reliable structural strength to securely fasten solar panels.
Preventing Material Damage The process of installing blind rivets poses a low risk of damage to the solar panel material and does not generate high temperatures or vibrations.
Quick and Easy Installation The installation process of blind rivets is relatively simple and fast, saving installation time and labor costs.
Reversibility and Repairability Blind rivets provide reversible connections for easy removal and replacement of solar panel or racking components.

Final Thoughts

A little time and investment in riveted fasteners will bring great benefits and success to your solar project. This guide details the factors you need to consider when choosing solar rivets to save you the cost of purchasing time. You don’t even have to contact a solar solutions engineer specifically for this purpose. Solving away the stability and safety of your solar panels can make your solar project cost effective!

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