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Rivmate Tri Fold Grip Blind Rivets Supplier

All Aluminum Tri Fold Rivets

Provide Security For Your Project With tri fold rivets

Rivmate Tri Fold Grip Blind Rivet

All Aluminum Trifirm Rivet

Material Aluminum/Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel/304&316 Stainless Steel
Head Type Dome Head/Countersunk Head/Large Flange
Quality Authentication IATF16949,ISO14001,ISO45001
Surface Zinc plated/Natural polish
Size 2.4(3/32") - 6.4(1/4")
Own factory? YES
Customized services YES
Standard ISO,DIN7337,IFI114,HUCK,AVDEL etc

Selection of high-quality materials

A good trifirm blind rivets relies heavily on good raw materials so that the tri rivet can last a long time. As a top blind rivet manufacturer in China, we have long term cooperation with high quality raw material suppliers to ensure our products meet international quality standards.

Customized Processing Services

Provide OEM service.

Products can be customized to meet your specific needs for your project. Whether you have a requirement for material, size, head shape, or strength, our professional and technical team can meet your needs.

Wholesale Directly From Manufacturer

We reject the middleman. Products are manufactured from our own factories and sold directly to you. You get a much lower price than retail. Your program will also be more competitive in the market.

Rivmate Trifirm Grip Bulb Rivet
Rivmate All Aluminum Tri Fold Grip Bulb Rivets

What is a Tri Fold Rivets?

Tri grip rivet is a special type of structural rivet. Unlike common rivets, the core portion of the tri rivet has three folded sheets, similar to three leaves, which are tightly secured to the surface of the material once installation is complete.

Tri rivets are ideal for installation on fragile materials. Such as wood, rubber and plastic

The Technical Parameters of Tri Fold Rivets

Art.Code Part Number Size d(Nom.) L(Ref.) dk(Max) Hole Dia Grip Range Tensile ref. Shear ref.
AAT-0516 AAT40140 4.0×14 4.0(5/32") 16.0 8.3 4.2-4.4 1.0-3.0 750N 550N
AAT-0523 AAT40188 4.0×18.8 21.2 3.0-7.0
AAT-0619 AAT48160 4.8×16 4.8(3/16") 18.1 10.1 5.2-5.5 1.0-4.0 950N 750N
AAT-0625 AAT48205 4.8×20.5 23.3 1.0-9.0
AAT-0630 AAT48250 4.8×25 27.1 4.0-12.0

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Rivmate Tri Fold Grip Bulb Rivet

Different types of Tri Fold Rivets

There are different types of trifirm rivets. There are traditional tri rivets and tri rivets with rubber gaskets that provide additional vibration dampening and waterproofing. These two features are very important for vehicles.

Different types of tri rivets have different application scenarios. So there is no best tri rivet, only the most suitable tri fold rivets.

If you have a need or question about tri fold rivets. Welcome to contact us, we will provide you with the best products and the most professional service.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tri fold rivets over other joining methods such as welding and bolting?

  • One advantage of tri rivets that is universal to rivets is that they can be riveted in one direction.
  • Quick Installation. Only need a riveting tool, you can complete the installation of trifirm rivets in a very short time yet. The efficiency is very high.
  • Tri rivets do not require threaded holes or nuts and save a lot of material over traditional welding.
  • Provides very good corrosion resistance
Rivmate Tri Fold Grip Bulb Rivet- Exploding rivet

How to Install Tri Fold Rivets Correctly?

  1. Prepare relevant materials and tools. For example, appropriate tri rivets size, specialized riveting tools.
  2. Tri rivets are riveted using a riveting tool. Insert the nail core into the body of the rivet and apply sufficient pressure to complete the riveting.
  3. Check for loose rivets. Ensure a stable connection. If the core portion of the rivet extends beyond the length of the rivet body, just cut it shorter using a suitable tool.

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