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Rivmate Lockbolt Fastener Supplier

Lockbolt Rivet (Magna Lok Rivets)

Provide Security For Your Project With Lockbolt Rivet

Rivmate Lockbolt Rivet Fastener | Magna Grip Lockbolts

Rivmate High Strength Lockbolt Rivet

Material Carbon Steel
Standard ISO,DIN7337,IFI114,HUCK,AVDEL etc.
Non-standards OEM is available, according to drawing or samples
Finish Green trivalent electroplating blue white zinc
Certification ISO 14001,ISO9001,IATF 16949
Package according to cuntomers requirement
Grip Range 1.6-89.0
Rivmate Lockbolt Rivet Fastener | Magna Grip Lockbolts


Made of high-strength carbon steel, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, more beautiful.
Rivmate Lockbolt Rivet Fastener | Magna Grip Lockbolts

Rivet Lever

Rivet screws made of carbon steel, flat and smooth without burrs. Excellent workmanship, bright and shiny

Advanges of Lockbolt Rivet

  • clear cut
  • Fast installation speed
  • Low overall installation cost
  • Super fatigue strength
  • Good seismic performance
  • Ergonomically designed mounting tools
  • Low noise during installation
  • No repetitive stress damage
  • No secondary operation required
  • No special training or skills required for installers
  • Quality-assured connections with only a quick visual inspection required

Custom Surface Treatment

Custom Surface Treatment

Custom Raw Material

Custom Raw Material

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Rivmate Lockbolt Rivet Fastener | Magna Grip Lockbolts

The Technical Parameters of Lockbolt Rivet

Grip Range(Min) Grip Range(Max) Hole Size Tensile Shear
4.8 27.0 5.1 7500N 7800N
1.6 27.0 6.6 12500N 13500N
3.2 34.9 8.2 21000N 21500N
3.2 34.9 9.8 30000N 31000N
6.4 89.0 13.5 76000N 64000N
6.4 89.0 17.0 120000N 100000N
6.4 82.6 20.5 181800N 146900N
12.7 89.0 23.5 250000N 196000N

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What is Lockbolt Rivet?

Lockbolt Rivets are a commonly used connecting piece. It usually consists of two parts: the rivet and the rivet nut. A section of the rivet has an annular groove, while the rivet nut has a matching convex groove. The two are joined together by inserting the rivet into the convex groove of the rivet nut and then compacting it firmly.

Lockbolt Rivet is a new type of riveted fastener. Lockbolt Rivets can achieve very high joint strength.

Rivmate produces a wide range of lockbolt rivets at competitive prices. The quality is reliable and strictly tested. We are happy to establish long-term cooperation with you.

Rivmate Lockbolt Rivet Fastener | Magna Grip Lockbolts
Rivmate Lockbolt Rivet Fastener | Magna Grip Lockbolts

How Lockbolt Rivet Work?

Lockbolt Rivets work by utilizing the elastic deformation properties of the material and geometric fit. During the insertion of the rivet into the convex groove of the nut, the rivet receives a certain amount of pressure due to the geometrical fit between the two. This pressure causes friction between the rivet and the nut, which prevents the rivet from easily disengaging from the nut.

The friction between the rivet and the nut also induces a reaction force that causes greater pressure between the annular groove of the rivet and the convex groove of the nut. This pressure causes an elastic deformation of the material between the rivet and the nut, resulting in a stronger connection.

Lockbolt Rivet Considerations

  1. Selection of suitable rivets and nuts: According to the requirements of the connecting parts, select suitable materials and specifications of rivets and nuts to ensure the reliability and stability of the connection.
  2. Ensure that the connection surfaces are clean:Before riveting lockbolt rivet, ensure that the integrity interface is clean and free of grease to improve the quality of the connection.
  3. Control connection pressure:In the lockbolt rivet connection, should control the connection pressure, to avoid too big or country small lead to connection is not solid or damage to the connectors.
Rivmate Lockbolt Rivet Fastener | Magna Grip Lockbolts

Advantages and Uses of Lockbolt Rivet

Lockbolt rivet, also known as Huck lockbolt is a new type of blind riveting fasteners, not only has a core pull-out rivets have easy to use, high efficiency, low noise, can reduce labor intensity and other characteristics, but also has a good sealing of the joints, riveted closed rivets after the nail core does not rust characteristics. Lockbolt rivet, according to the shape of the nail cap after riveting, different rivets can be divided into flat round head closed rivets closed flat round head blind rivets, and countersunk head closed rivets closed countersunk head blind rivets. Can be widely used in a variety of vehicles, ships, machinery manufacturing, electronic industry, instrumentation, food machinery, medical equipment, construction, decoration works and other fastening areas.

H6065 Lockbolt tool

How to install Lockbolt Rivet?

Installing lockbolt rivets requires a specialized riveting tool.

Pneumatic riveting tools are ideal for industrial use. They save time and improve the efficiency of riveting. 

If you have a need for lockbolt fastener or riveting tools, you can contact us.

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