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What are Pop Rivets?

Types of pop rivets - Rivmate Blind Rivet Supplier

Pop rivet is now another generic term for a blind rivet.But actually pop rivet is a brand of blind rivets, it’s just that users often refer to blind rivets as pop rivets.

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History of Pop Rivets

The history of pop rivet dates back to the early 20th century.

Riveting as a method of operation has been around for a long time. Early riveting techniques generally involved the use of a heavy object (such as a hammer) to strike the end of a rivet, causing the rivet to expand to form a joint. This method of operation is more time-consuming and the operator’s strength, and also requires specialized training to be able to complete the riveting connection well.

Invention of the pop rivet

With the development of the times, people have higher requirements for the quality of products. Pop Rivet is used especially in industries such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, construction and home improvement.

But it also creates problems. The rivets were too difficult to install and no longer fit the times. So in 1916. Inventor Carl Cherry invented and patented the pop rivet.He designed a blind rivet that could be installed quickly with only manual operation. This invention greatly improved the speed of rivet installation and ease of use.

Current status of pop rivets and technological improvements

Nowadays, pop rivet has become a common connection solution. It is a quick solution for connecting different materials and is suitable for a variety of different application scenarios.

The technology of pop rivet has been improved and innovated over the course of the pop rivet’s use. In industrial production, automated riveting equipment has become the main mode of operation for large-scale pop rivet installation.

In modern manufacturing, pop rivet is widely used. They are often used to connect automobile body parts, aircraft shell connections, metal structures, pipes, furniture and electronic equipment.

The great thing about Pop rivet is that it is quick and easy to install and provides a very reliable connection. Therefore, in many industries, when it comes to solving the problem of connecting materials, the first choice is the pop rivet!


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How do Pop Rivets Work?

A common pop rivet consists of two parts – the rivet maderial and the rivet body.

The pop rivet applies to the case of connections that cannot be accessed from both sides. A hole is usually drilled in the part to be connected. The rivet is then inserted into the hole and a special rivet gun is used to pull the rivet, causing the rivet body to expand and clamp the parts to be joined. In this way the rivet acts as a rivet.

How Do Blind Rivet Fasteners Work?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pop Rivets


  • Very low cost of use
  • Can be used when only one side is accessible. Can be applied in more scenarios
  • Very durable. A quality pop rivet will last a long time!
  • The vast majority of pop rivet weighs less than bolts and screws.


  • The pop rivet is irreversible. Once installed it is very difficult to remove.
  • When successfully installed, it will protrude from the metal surface and may reduce aerodynamic performance.
  • If the wrong material is chosen, it can lead to corrosion problems.

Applications and Types of Pop Rivets

The pop rivet is one of the most commonly used rivets. Whether it’s steel, plastic, aluminium, carbon and stainless steel or other materials of different strengths and thicknesses, you can find different types of pop rivet for your project at Rivmate.You can choose from different types of nail cores, nail heads and nail bodies.

The pop rivet solution solves the problem of joining sheet metal and compliant materials. This includes open type blind rivet,sealed type blind rivet,multi-grip blind rivet,plastic blind rivet,grooved rivet,rivet nut, rivet tool etc.Rivmate is manufactured to meet your demanding application conditions and process requirements.

Rivmate open type blind pop rivet
Open Type Blind Rivet

Suitable for joining most materials to each other. No special requirements for the connection. The loads that can be taken up are less demanding.

The raw materials available for manufacturing are aluminium, steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and copper.

  • Very low economic costs
  • There are many materials that can be used. The individual parts of the rivet can be customised.
Rivmate Aluminum Sealed Type Blind Pop Rivet
Sealed Type Blind Rivet

The main advantage of closed end blind rivets is that the clamping force is maintained. Closed end blind rivets are best used in confined environments, such as water or pressure sealed environments.

The materials available are aluminium, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel and copper. Head type include dome head, counterusnk head, large flange head.

  • A seal can be formed 100% of the time.
peel rivets
Peel Type Blind Rivet

Peel Type Blind rivets

are ideal for use on soft and brittle materials.Typically used for joining plastic, rubber, wood, fibreglass or compliant materials.

  • Commonly used for soft and conforming materials
  • Provides low clamping force
  • Suitable for use in furniture, automobiles, public transport, lighting and plastic components.
Rivmate Multi Grip Blind Pop Rivet From China
Multi-Grip Blind Rivet

Multi-grip blind rivets can provide a wide range of tightening. Can be used in applications with irregular holes.

  • Possibility of joining parts of uneven thickness
  • Wide clamping range
  • Can provide high strength connections
  • Multiple sizes available. Can meet your different needs.
Uni-grip Blind Rivet

Uni-Grip Blind Rivet can provide a wide range of clamping. Not only do they have a wider riveting surface they also provide a better appearance after installation. In applications where lower loads are available.

  • Larger riveting range
  • Wider contact surface
  • Retention of nail core head

Considerations for Selecting Blind Pop Rivets

The right pop rivet needs to be selected before proceeding with the project or before riveting the connectors.

The following principles are usually followed when choosing the right pop rivet:

  • Aluminium alloy blind rivets with round head are used for riveting of general materials.
  • Selection of different materials according to the material of the workpiece pop rivet
  • Countersunk pop rivet for smooth workpiece surfaces.
  • In applications containing corrosive substances, choose stainless steel pop rivet
  • Select a pop rivet with the right diameter, length and riveting range according to the connecting parts.
  • The hole diameter of the material is larger than the diameter of the rivet about 0.1mm
  • The total thickness of the workpiece is normally 45%-65% of the rivet length, preferably not exceeding 60%.
  • Rivet length is too long or too short is not good, as long as the right length, in order to achieve the best riveting effect

Pop Rivet Tools for Every Situation

Rivmate can offer many models of pneumatic pop rivet tools. It can meet the needs of various application scenarios. The following three are the most popular and fastest rivet guns on the market today.

H6065 Lockbolt tool
H6065 Pneumatic LockBolt Tool

The H6065 Pneumatic Lockbolt Tool provides a working pull force of 28,000-39200N. It has a maximum stroke of 17mm.An air supply is required for the use of the H6065 Pneumatic Lockbolt Tool.The H6065 Pneumatic Lockbolt Tool requires an air supply pressure of 0.5-0.7MPa.This pop rivet gun does not have the ability to suck nails.The H6065 Pneumatic Lockbolt Tool is designed to be used in a wide variety of applications.

The available rivets can be riveted to any material lockbolt, hem-firm blind rivet.

C848 Blind Rivet Tool
C Series Pneumatic Pop Rivet Tool

C Series Pneumatic pop rivet tool has three types of rivet guns. (C848,C864,C866). The c864 can be riveted to a monolock rivet. c866 can be riveted to a hemlock rivet.

  • Can be riveted to any material pop rivet
  • Has the ability to absorb nails
  • Can be riveted to full-size pop rivet
  • It’s light enough to carry around.
pneumatic pop rivet gun
P Series Pneumatic Pop Rivet Tool

P series pneumatic pop rivet tool can rivet all types of pop rivets.

  • Can rivet all kinds of materials, all sizes of rivets
  • Weight 1.05kg to 2kg
  • Has the ability to suck nails
  • Rivet size: 2.4mm-4mm
  • Quick and easy riveting process

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