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Rivmate H6065 Lockbolt Tool

Pneumatic Lockbolt tool is a tool for structural rivets.

Specifications of Lockbolt Tool

Pull Force 28000-39200N
Stroke 17mm
Air Presure 0.5-0.7MPa
Vacuum N
Weight 2.9Kg
Size(L*H*W) 345×266×140mm
Lockbolt Materials All Material
Lock-Bolt Specifications 5.0mm(3/16),6.4mm(1/4) Lock-Bolt
RIVMATE H6065 Pneumatic Lockbolt tool

Precision Guide Mouth

Precision guide nozzle design. Fine workmanship. Accurate suction ceiling. Energy saving and high efficiency.
RIVMATE H6065 Pneumatic Lockbolt tool

Three-claw Design

360° biting rivets. Higher and stronger bite. Effectively eliminate the phenomenon of stuck nails.
RIVMATE H6065 Pneumatic Lockbolt tool

Push-to-talk switch

Humanized design. Improve hand comfort. Easy to hold. No hand fatigue even after long hours of work


180° free rotation. Easy to operate. Built-in filter. Prevent debris from entering and damaging the movement to use safety.

We provide life-long after-sales service for the products, and if any product defect found in use belongsto manufacturing quality problem indeed, warranty services of repair, replacement and refund will beprovided. lf the tools are damaged artificially due to the violation of the regulations on the use andmaintenance of the tools, such tools shall not be included in the warranty service scope.

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We are from China, Asia and we are the top fastener and tool manufacturer in China.We utilize a unique approach to testing the quality of our tools. Our products have passed international quality standards (IATF, ISO). Our products are exported to more than fifty countries around the world, and we have proved the value of our tools through customer approval.

are rivets strong than bolts?

Industrial Grade Pneumatic Lockbolt Gun

The Rivmate Pneumatic Rivet Gun is a cost-effective riveting tool.

  • Made of stainless steel/iron/aluminum
  • durable
  • Hydraulic design
  • pulling power

For huck series structural rivets

  • Magna grip lockbolts(Lockbolt Rivet)
  • Boom Rivet
  • Hem-Firm Blind Rivet
  • Rivlok/Rivbulb Double-locking System Blind Rivet

About Rivamte - Top Riveting Tool Supplier

The manufacturing environment of our rivet supplier

Originating from China, Rivmate is a high quality brand developed by Rivmate. In order to better promote the sales of fasteners in the world, we have enhanced the competitiveness of our products.Rivmate is a main manufacturer and distributor of Blind Rivets, Rivet Nuts, Pressure Rivet Parts and Riveting Tools. Our products are exported to more than fifty countries in the world and are recognized by our customers unanimously.

A precise development strategy ensures that Rivmate creates high value and achieves a high level of trust. The ability to consistently develop new products provides Rivmate with the basis for sustainable growth as it continues to win new markets.

Headquartered in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.

Lockbolt Hydraulic Riveting Tool Explosion Diagram

Product Overview of Lockbolt Tool

Lockbolt hydraulic riveting tool is currently more advanced pneumatic riveting tool. The tool has a large pulling force, long stroke, fast speed, light weight, easy to operate, low noise, no vibration design and other advantages, can effectively protect the operator’s wrist.
Locking bolt hydraulic riveting tool, the hydraulic part of which uses a full set of high-quality imported seals, the key components are more aviation-grade aluminum. All reciprocating parts require mirror polishing. The service life and work stability of the entire gun is extremely high, especially suitable for high-frequency, high-intensity continuous riveting operations, is a true industrial-grade lock-bolt tool.
Lock-Bolt hydraulic riveting tools are widely used in automotive, container, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace and other industries, is today’s ideal riveting tool; in addition, it is also suitable for riveting aluminum, copper, iron, stainless steel and other materials and a variety of specifications of rivets.

Matters Need Attention about Rivmate Lockbolt Tool

After the tool is used for a long time, if the stroke becomes shorter without oilleakage situation, then the special hydraulic oil shall be refilled at this time.Therefilling steps are as follows:
(1) Pull off the air supply device, screw out the oil seal screw and oil seal washer,align the syringeprefilled with hydraulic oil(1/2 of syringe) with screw hole and tighten it.
(2) Hold the syringe in one hand and slowly pull the syringe piston upwards in the other hand.Stoppulling when the oil in the tool is clearly drawn out.
(3) Slowly press down the syringe piston for refueling. When the syringe piston is obviously blocked. itmeans the refueling is complete.Unscrew oil seal washer on syringe and tighten the seal screws to finishthe refueling.(The entire refueling process lasts for 1-2 minutes)

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