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What Size Drill Bit for 1/8 Rivet

By RIVMATE /March 5,2024                     Tite:What Size Drill Bit for 1/8 Rivet

Maybe you’ve already purchased 1/8 rivets, or maybe you’re in the process of learning about them for your project and intend to purchase them. But one of the things you can’t avoid installing rivets is that you need to drill holes of the corresponding size. So do you know what the corresponding holes are for the different sizes of rivets? This article will show you how to determine the size of the hole that corresponds to a 1/8 rivet as an example.

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Size and specifications of peel type blind rivet

Standard Size of 1/8 Rivet

The 1/8 rivet is a common rivet size. Measurements may vary slightly and specific standard sizes may vary by manufacturer and region. In practice, however, it will have essentially no effect.

So what is the exact size of a 1/8 rivet?

how to measure large flange blind pop rivets

Take a 1/8 rivet for example. This means that the diameter of the rivet body is 1/8 inch. which is 3.175 mm. So the relative drilled hole needs to be slightly larger than 1/8 inch (3.175mm).

If you want to know more about rivet sizes and how to measure them, you can refer to my article “how to measure blind rivet“.

1/8 Rivet Hole Size

If you want to make your project safer, there are two key points to consider when installing blind rivets:

  1. Hole Size
  2. Grip Range

These two key factors influence how well or poorly your blind rivet installation will work.

This article explains the correspondence between rivets and holes. So I won’t describe too much about the riveting range of rivets here. If you want to know more about the riveting range of rivets, you can read this article “grip range for rivets“.

We recommend that the hole diameter needs to be 0.1mm – 0.2mm larger than the diameter of the Blind Rivet. e.g. if your project is currently using rivets with a diameter of 1/8, then your hole size should be between 3.275mm – 3.375mm. If you drill a hole that is too small, then there will be no way for the mandrel of the blind rivet to be inserted, and the riveting effect will not be achieved. If you drill a hole that is too large, the rivet may not be able to complete the normal deformation and may even fall right out of the hole.

The following are common blind rivet sizes and the corresponding hole sizes:

Rivet Diameter Hole Size(mm)
3/32 2.481 - 2.581
1/8 3.275 - 3.375
5/32 3.968 - 4.068
3/16 4.862 - 4.962
1/4 6.45 -6.55

What Size Drill Bit for 1/8 Rivet

Correct drill size is critical for rivet installation. It ensures that the drill hole matches the rivet diameter, controls the depth of the drill hole and prevents cracking and damage to the material. By selecting the proper drill size, you can ensure the quality, strength and reliability of the connection.

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1/8 Rivet Drill Bit Size

Different drill sizes can affect the quality of the rivet installation and the strength of the connection. As an example, a 1/8 rivet has a body diameter of approximately 3.175 mm, so selecting a drill bit diameter slightly less than 1/8 inch will ensure that the drill hole is properly sized to provide adequate grip and joint strength. Common drill bit diameter choices are 3 mm or 3.2 mm.

In addition to this, the depth of the drill hole is also very important. The depth of the drill hole should match the length of the 1/8 rivet. Make sure that the depth of the drill hole is slightly greater than the length of the rivet so that the rivet can be fully inserted and form a solid connection.

How to Install 1/8 Rivet?

  • Preparation: Prepare the required tools and materials in advance, including 1/8 rivets, drilling tools of the corresponding size and rivet installation tools.
  • Drill Hole Preparation: Using an appropriately sized drill bit, drill a hole in the material to be joined. The diameter of the drill hole should match the diameter of the body of the 1/8 rivet to ensure that the rivet can be inserted smoothly.
  • Inserting the rivet: Insert the body of the 1/8 rivet into the drilled hole, making sure that the head of the rivet is on the side of the material to be joined. Make sure the rivet is fully inserted into the drilled hole.
  • Installation Pressure: Apply appropriate installation pressure using a rivet gun or similar tool. Ensure that the pressure applied is sufficient to fully extend the tail (cored portion) of the rivet and clamp the joining material securely.
  • Inspecting the Connection: After installation, check the quality and strength of the connection. Ensure that the rivets are firmly seated in the joining material and that there is no visible looseness or deformation in the joint.

Precautions for Installing 1/8 Rivets

  1. The diameter of the drilled hole should match the diameter of the body of the 1/8 rivet to ensure proper insertion and joint strength.
  2. During installation, ensure that sufficient installation pressure is applied to the rivet, but avoid over-application of force resulting in material damage.
  3. Select the appropriate rivet head shape for the specific application to provide the desired appearance and connection strength.
  4. After checking the connection, ensure that the connection is strong and reliable with no visible looseness or deformation.

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