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What is a Lockbolt Rivet?

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What is a Lockbolt Rivet?

Lockbolts rivets are a new type of high strength rivet fastener. Lockbolt rivets are made from high quality carbon steel. It provides high tensile strength and is strong and reliable. The biggest advantage of lockbolt rivets is good seismic performance.

Lockbolts rivets are widely used, not only with the characteristics of blind rivets: easy to use, high riveting efficiency, low noise, reduce labour intensity, etc., but also has a good sealing of the joints, the nail core does not rust.

Lockbolts rivets are widely used in a variety of vehicles, ships, aviation, electronics industry, instrumentation, food machinery, medical equipment, construction, mining machinery, decorative engineering and other fields.

Lockbolts rivets are used to rivet two structural components together to make a single unit. It consists of two parts: the rivet and the nail sleeve. When riveting, the rivet is first inserted into the nail hole of the connected part, and then from the other side of the connected part, the nail sleeve is put on the ring groove of the working end of the rivet.

What are The Advantages of Lockbolt Rivets?

With more excellent mechanical properties

The clamping force of lockbolts rivets of the same specification is more than 10% larger than that of high-strength bolts, which can effectively improve the slip load of friction-type node connection, and the node connection is safer.

Has good axial force consistency

Through the axial force stability test, the fluctuation range of the axial force of the lockbolt rivet connection can be controlled within 5%.

Has better anti-loosening properties

After riveting the ring and rivet lockbolts of the connection out of the gap, effectively eliminating the phenomenon of loosening, improve the structure of the connection of the anti-loosening performance

Excellent fatigue performance

Through the gentle tooth arc design, it can effectively reduce the root stress of the tooth by about 30%, which significantly improves the fatigue life of lockbolt rivets.

Lockbolt fastener can provide a stronger connection than other fasteners. The lock bolts are not removable after installation.Even with high quality nuts and bolts, there will be gaps in the bolt threads. In lockbolt bolts, however, the ring and the circular groove in the bolt itself form a tight and permanent bond.

What Are Lockbolts Userd For?(Application)

Heavy Duty Lockbolts Fastener Rivets Application
Heavy Duty Lockbolt Fastener Rivets Application

Lockbolts rivets have evolved over many years of technological development and have been used in public applications in projects such as aerospace, railway vehicles, railway tracks, steel girder bridges, heavy duty vehicles and structural steelwork.

Lockbolt rivets have a reliable connection technology that solves the problem of loose connections of fasteners in harsh environments.

Lockbolt rivets have been installed in tens of millions of railway vehicles worldwide. They have been operating safely for decades without link failure in harsh environments such as vibration shock, alternating loads, heavy loads, extreme cold, heat and humidity.

In the field of mining machinery, the technology of screening materials by vibration uses high-strength bolts to connect, and the phenomenon of bolts loosening and breaking occurs every week. So the bolts need to be re-tightened, the use of lockbolt rivet connection technology after the complete solution to this problem.

Lockbolt Fastener Rivets in Railway Applications
Lockbolt Fastener Rivets in Railway Applications
Heavy Duty Lockbolts Fastener Rivets in swimming pools
Heavy Duty Lockbolt Fastener Rivets in swimming pools

Due to the high shear and tensile strength of the Lockbolts rivet. Therefore, it has been commonly used in applications with harsh environments. 

  • Public transport: Trucks, train cars, buses, etc.
  • Automotive applications: recreational vehicles, trailers, cars, etc.
  • Bridge and Tunnel Structures
  • Metal fabrication and power plant systems
  • Heavy housing construction
Lockbolts Fastener Rivets in Pylons
Lockbolt Fastener Rivets in Pylons

Lockbolt Rivets have been proven to provide high strength connections. They will not loosen, even in harsh applications. It can ensure the safety and stability of heavy duty projects.

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Leading Lockbolt Rivet Manufacturer

There are a variety of locking bolts on the market today, but the best known brands are Huck and Avdel.

Huck and Avdel can provide high quality locking bolts, but they are expensive, which tends to add significantly to our financial costs.

For this reason, there are many customers who look for manufacturers who can produce high quality lockbolts at competitive prices.Rivmate is a Chinese manufacturer specialising in the production of high quality blind rivets, rivet nuts and Lockbolt.

Rivmate has more than ten years of experience in fastener production. Their fasteners are exported to more than 50 countries around the world and are widely recognised by their customers.Rivmate has a proven track record of producing Lockbolt rivets and can guarantee high quality at a low price. You can get more success in your market.

If you have a need for lockbolt rivets, check out Rivmate’s lockbolt products.

cold forming

What Tool is Used to Install A Lockbolt?

H6065 Lockbolt tool

Rivmate’s H6065 pneumatic lockbolt tool is designed for 3/16 and 1/4 diameter locking bolts.

Can handle lockbolts rivet installation needs in industry. These pneumatic tools are ergonomically designed for continuous use and can effectively improve the efficiency of riveting and reduce worker fatigue.

Installing lockbolts in industry usually requires the use of more powerful riveting tools. Pneumatic tools are a good choice.Rivmate has pneumatic riveting tools suitable for installing lockbolt rivets, ideal for installing ring grass cap tops in large quantities.

How to Install Lockbolt Fastener?

  • Place lockbolt rivets in pre-drilled holes
  • Place the collar on the lockbolt rivet
  • Using a pneumatic riveting tool, install it.
  • The end of the rivet breaks off and completes the installation, the

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