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How to Install Pop Rivets ? - The Most Complete Guide

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Table of Contents

How to Install Pop Rivets ? - The Most Complete Guide

How to install pop rivets? Proper installation of pop rivets relates to the strength of the pop rivets connection. It has everything to do with the security of your program. So what if you install pop rivets correctly? This blog is the most complete guide to installing pop rivets. Let’s get started next!

Table of Contents

What Are Pop Rivets?

Rivmate Sealed Blind Pop Rivets

Pop rivets can also be called Blind rivets. it was designed to be able to cater for single side mounted applications.

Originally used in aircraft manufacturing and invented by Hamilton N. Wylie in England, Pop rivets are now used in everything from aircraft and automotive manufacturing to the assembly of various electronic products due to their quick and easy installation and the ability to be mechanized on a large scale.

Pop rivets consist of two parts, the rivet body and the mandrel. During installation, the mandrel is pulled off and embedded in the rivet body, thus realizing a stable connection.

Types of Pop Rivets

Since pop rivets were invented, they have evolved and there are now many, many types of pop rivets. And pop rivets have now become the number one choice for sheet metal connections. Different types of rivets are made of different materials and they are applied in different scenarios. Below I will list the most common types of pop rivets and introduce the corresponding application scenarios:

Rivmate open type blind pop rivet
Open Type Blind Rivets
Rivmate Aluminum Sealed Type Blind Pop Rivet
Sealed Type Blind Rivets
Peel Type Blind Rivets in China
Peel Type Blind Rivets
Rivmate Multi Grip Blind Pop Rivet From China
Multi Grip Blind Rivets
  • Open Type Blind Rivets: Open end blind rivets are the most common type of blind rivets and the ones used in the largest quantities. It is characterized by leaving an open hole after installation. It is often used in scenarios such as the housing of appliances, the attachment of furniture and the connection of electronic devices.
  • Sealed Type Blind Rivets: Sealed Blind Rivet is a specially designed blind rivet. It has a closed end of the rivet body to form a sealed structure. In addition to providing a good connection, it also prevents liquids and gases from entering the connection area. It is often used in automobile exhaust systems, waterproof connections in roofs and furniture that needs to be waterproof such as washing machines.
  • Peel Type Blind Rivets
    Peel type blind rivets are blind rivets specifically designed to join soft and brittle materials such as plastics, wood and composites. Its unique design creates multiple petal-shaped clamping areas, providing a larger contact area and more uniform clamping force.Peel rivets are ideal for use in plastic shells, soft wood joints and composite joints.
  • Multi grip blind rivets: Multi-Grip Blind Rivets can accommodate a wide range of material thicknesses, reducing inventory requirements and simplifying the selection process.Multi-Grip Blind Rivets provide reliable clamping force and joint strength over a wide range of material thicknesses during installation. It is used in a wide range of applications, including automotive body connections, aircraft repair, structural steel connections, marine and equipment fastening.
  • Monobolt Rivet:The Monobolt rivet is a high strength structural rivet designed for use in connection applications where high strength and reliability are required. It has a unique locking mandrel design that ensures the rivet will not loosen after installation and will remain stable in high stress and high vibration environments. It will be used in applications where high strength is required. For example, automotive chassis, steel structures, railroad body connections and heavy machinery connections.
  • Exploding pop rivets:Exploding pop rivets are specially designed blind rivets with unique expansion and locking characteristics that allow them to be installed with a large diameter “bulb” shaped expansion body to provide greater clamping force and better load distribution. These rivets are particularly suitable for joining soft and thin materials such as plastics, composites and sheet metal.
Rivmate Monobolt Rivet - Mono-Lock Blind Rivet
Monobolt Rivet
Exploding Pop Rivets- Rivmate Tri Fold Grip Blind Rivet
Tri Fold Rivets
Rivmate Waterproof Bulb Tite Rivets
Waterproof Bulb Tite Rivets
Pop Rivet Distributor - Rivmate Hemlock Rivets
Hem Rivets

Do you Need to Drill Holes for Pop Rivets?

This is an important step before installing pop rivets. The use of pop rivets requires pre-drilling of holes in the workpiece. The size and quality of the holes have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the installation of the pop rivets and the strength of the connection.

What Are Self Piercing Rivets Made of?

The Importance of Drilling

  1. 1The foundation of the rivet installation: for inserting the rivets and ensuring that the rivets can be properly aligned and inserted into the workpiece.
  2.  Provide expansion space: Drill holes to provide space for the expansion and clamping of the rivet body, so that the rivet can expand in the hole to form a reliable clamping force.

What Tool is Used to Fit Pop Rivets?

Hand Threaded Rivet Insert Tool
Rivmate C Series blind rivet tool

To install pop rivets, you need to have special tools ready. For example, a rivet gun or rivet gun. There are three common tools as follows:

  • Hand riveting tools
  • Electric rivet gun
  • Pneumatic rivet gun

The exact type of riveting tool used depends on the application requirements and workload. Manual rivet guns are suitable for small or low-frequency rivet installation tasks. It is easy to operate and low cost, making it a popular choice for many DIY projects and small repair jobs. Pneumatic rivet guns use compressed air for power and are suitable for medium-sized or frequent rivet installation tasks. Efficient and less tiring to operate manually, pneumatic tools are commonly used on production lines and in workshops.

How to Install Pop Rivets?

Do you not know how to install pop rivets correctly?Don’t worry, next I will show you how to install pop rivets in detail!

Preparation Before Installing Pop Rivets

POP Rivet:  Select rivets of appropriate diameter and length.
Rivet guns:  manual, pneumatic or electric rivet guns.
Drill:  Select the appropriate drill for the rivet size.
Electric Drill:  For drilling holes.
Pliers:  for deburring.
Protective equipment:  such as goggles and gloves.

1.Marking Positions and Fixing Workpieces

Use a marker or punch on the workpiece to mark the location of the holes to be drilled. Make sure that the marked locations are accurate and that the holes are aligned. Then use a holding fixture to secure the workpiece to be drilled to prevent the workpiece from moving during the drilling process.

2.Drill and Check

How to Install Pop Rivets ? - Drill and Check

To drill holes for 1/8″ (3.2mm) rivets, you need to use a drill bit slightly larger than 3.2mm, such as 3.3mm.

Once you have chosen your drill bit, attach it to the drill and make sure it is securely mounted.

Align the drill with the marked position and start the drill. Keep the drill perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece and gradually increase the pressure to ensure a smooth drilling process.

After drilling is completed, clean the debris in the hole to ensure that the hole wall is smooth.

3.Inserting Rivets and Assembling the Rivet Gun

Insert a 1/8″ diameter rivet into the drilled hole, being the rivet cap tight against the surface of the workpiece.

Use the corresponding rivet gun nozzle cover and install it on the rivet gun according to the size of the rivet. Insert the pop rivets into the nozzle sleeve.

4.Pull the Mandrel Until it Breaks

How to Install Pop Rivets? - Pull the Mandrel Until it Breaks

In the case of a rivet gun, for example, pressing the start button pulls the mandrel outward, forcing the end of the rivet body to expand, filling the hole and clamping the workpiece.

Pressure continues to be applied until the mandrel breaks. The broken mandrel is retained in the nozzle sleeve of the rivet gun, at which point the rivet completes installation.

5.Inspection and Cleaning

Once the installation is complete, check to make sure the rivets are fully expanded to ensure a strong connection. You need to make sure that the rivet cap is tight against the surface of the workpiece and there needs to be no looseness or gaps.

Remove the broken mandrel from the nozzle sleeve of the rivet gun and clean up the work area to make sure there is no debris or tooling left behind.

Common Problems and Solutions

Below I have listed some common problems and solutions during the installation of pop rivets. I hope it will help you.

The Pop Rivet Does not Fit Tightly on the Surface of the Workpiece

The hole size may be too large or the rivet gun may not be operating correctly. Ensure that the correct drill size is used and that the rivet gun is operated according to instructions.

Pop Rivet Does not Expand Completely

It is possible that the rivet gun is not applying enough tension. Check the setting and operation of the rivet gun to ensure sufficient pull force is applied.

Workpiece Surface is Burred or Uneven

Use pliers or sandpaper to clean burrs in and around the hole after drilling to ensure smooth walls.

Loose or Rotated Rivets

Ensure that the drill diameter matches the rivet, that the proper rivet size is selected, and that the rivet gun operates correctly.


The process of installing POP rivets involves preparation, drilling, inserting the rivet, pulling the mandrel, inspection and verification. By following the steps detailed above, it is possible to ensure that the rivets are installed securely and consistently, and that the joint is aesthetically pleasing and meets requirements. Choosing the right tools and rivets, and following strict specifications, is key to ensuring a quality installation.

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