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Monobolt Rivet - High Strength Structural Rivet System

Rivmate Monobolt Rivet - Mono-Lock Blind Rivet

What is a Monobolt Rivet?

Monobolt rivets is a structural blind rivet. It is a single-sided irreversible blind rivet. Monobolt rivet consists of two main parts, one is the nail body, one is the nail rod. During the riveting process of monobolt rivet, there is not only the process of filling the hole with the expanding nail body of the nail rod, but also a mechanical locking action, and this locking structure can be seen with the naked eye.

Rivmate Monobolt Rivet - Mono-Lock Blind Rivet

The mono bolt rivet is one of the most important products in structural blind rivets, which has a double locking function and closure. After riveting, the nail core is locked in the rivet body to form a high tensile and shear strength. The materials of monobolt rivets body are aluminum, iron and stainless steel, etc. The products are mainly used in aerospace manufacturing industry. Monobolt rivet belongs to the high-strength structural rivets, such rivets have high mechanical properties, and have a certain degree of waterproof sealing.

Advantages of Monobolt Rivet

  • Single-sided mounting capability
  • Multi-grip capability
  • Excellent shear and tensile strength
  • You can see the locking effect of the rivets
  • High clamping force to easily eliminate gaps between plates
  • A mono bolt rivet can be more than one standard clamping fastener.
  • The rapid expansion of mono bolt rivet allows for excellent hole filling.
  • Multiple mounting tools available
  • Large gap closing capability

Specifications Available for Monobolt Rivet

  • Sizes: 4.8 × 10 , 4.8 × 12,4.8 × 14 ,4.8 × 16,6.4 × 14 ,6.4 × 16, 6.4 × 19,6.4 × 22,9.8 × 21
  • Material: Carbon Steel SWCH45K , Carbon Steel 10B21, 304&302 Stainless steel ,  Aluminum
  • Head Type: Dome Head, Csk Head

Applications of Monobolt Rivet

  • Shipbuilding
  • Car
  • Escalator
  • Cabinet
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Heating and Ventilation
  • Electric Cabinet
  • Aerospace Industry

The mono-bolt rivet is the most widely used type of structural blind rivet. It is a high strength blind rivet and is widely used in many scenarios. The scope of use is very wide, beautiful to use, strong and reliable.

How to Install Monobolt Rivet ?

  1. Place the Mono-lock rivet into the front of the riveting tool and insert into the prepared hole.
  2. Pneumatic riveting tool, pulling the rivet expands the shell, the hole is completely filled and the pieces are fastened together.
  3. When the mono-lock rivet is properly installed, it will fit flush with the contours of the head, regardless of the thickness of the workpiece.

Differences Between Magna-Lok Rivets & Monobolt Rivet

monobolt rivet
Mono-Lock Blind Rivet(Monobolt Rivet)
now-lock blind rivet
Now-Lock Blind Rivet(Magna-Lok Rivets)

Monobolt rivets and Magna-lok rivets are popular structural rivets that are manufactured from very similar materials and for very similar uses. Both include: steel, stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum. They range in diameter from 4.8mm to 9.5mm. They all contain different head styles, round head, countersunk head, and more.

At Rivmate. The Monobolt rivet counterpart is the Mono-lock blind rivet. The Magna-Lok rivet counterpart is the Now-Lock Blind Rivet.Whether it’s Monobolt rivet or Magna-lock rivet, Rivmate offers high-quality and low-priced alternatives.

The Main Difference Between Monobolt Rivets and Magna-Lok Rivets

Now-Lock Blind Rivet installation is very simple. It only requires tools with enough pressure to complete the installation easily. However, Mono-Lock Rivet installation requires specific tools, otherwise the installation may not be done correctly.

The Magnalok rivet has a much higher life expectancy than the Mono bolt rivets. magnalok rivets can last up to 2 million cycles, whereas other rivets only last up to 100,000 cycles.

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