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Exploding Rivets made in CHINA

What Are Exploding Rivets?

Exploding pop rivets also known as tri fold rivets.Tri fold pop rivet is a special type of blind rivet which is produced and processed by multi-station cold heading equipment.After riveting, the nail cap will form three large folded feet, distributed over a larger area, dispersing the load on the riveted surface, turning it into like a lantern, so it is called tri fold rivet.

Frequently market-proven, customer feedback Rivmate tri fold rivets have several advantages over other brands.

  • Rivmate’s exploding rivets have a residual core that increases the strength of the rivet after riveting is complete, and the tri fold exploding pop rivets are less likely to break under very high shear forces.
  • There is a wide range of riveting. From the smallest to the largest sizes on the market, they are all available at Rivmate.
  • Can replace the bottom of the riveted parts padded characteristics, large cap head rivets can replace the front and back of the two sides of the padded characteristics. Make the riveting area increase, disperse riveting loads
  • The all-aluminium construction ensures that the tri fold exploding pop rivets are corrosion-resistant.
Rivmate Exploding Bulbtight Trifirm Rivet

Characteristics and Applications of Tri Fold Rivets

There are some materials that no other fastener rivets can rivet. However,Tri fold rivets can effectively complete the joint.

During the installation of the tri fold rivets, three folding feet are formed. Distributes the clamping force of the tri fold rivets on the riveting surface. This feature allows the anchorage one to be applied to softer or friable materials.Tri fold pop rivets can also be riveted to large holes and irregularly shaped holes.

Therefore, tri fold exploding pop rivets can be widely used on plastic products, wood products, glass, rubber, car dashboards, car exhaust systems, light boxes and other fragile and soft materials.The tri fold exploding pop rivet will not damage the material being riveted.

Tri fold rivets are also called waterproof rivets. The tri grip rivet adds a waterproof design with a rubber gasket to prevent moisture from intruding from underneath the nail cap, which is good for waterproofing and corrosion protection.The other side of Tri fold  rivets is the nail core is sos, the residual core increases the strength of the rivet, in a very large shear effect, the rivet is not easy to crack, with high strength, riveting a wide range of characteristics.

Rivmate exploding Watertight Bulb Tite Rivet
Rivmate Tri Fold Grip Blind Rivet
Rivmate Exploding Bulbtight Trifirm Rivet

Current Status of Exploding Pop Rivets

The tri rivets produced by rivet manufacturers on the market today can be described as a wide variety of rivets. Tri fold pop rivets, although reducing the cost of production, but the performance has greatly improved, but also saves resources and improve efficiency, this situation makes the blind pop rivets have a very strong versatility, can be applied to various parts of mechanical equipment. Only need to simply process a few holes, you can quickly install the exploding rivets.

Since rivet manufacturers make blind rivets without damaging the surface coating during installation, blind rivets can be extended to any other thin plate connection.A good alternative to the screw and rivet nut process, which, as time has shown, can be less efficient due to damage to the surface coating and the need for special maintenance during processing.

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