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Types of Pop Rivets: The Complete Guide to Pop Rivets

By RIVMATE /January 30,2024                     Tite: Types of Pop Rivets

Types of pop rivets - Rivmate Blind Rivet Supplier

Pop rivets are a common and important joining technique in modern engineering and manufacturing and are used in a wide range of projects and applications. Whether it’s in furniture manufacturing, the automotive industry, construction or aerospace, pop rivets play an integral role.

This blog will provide you with a comprehensive guide to pop rivets, designed to help you understand the different types of pop rivets, their features, suitability, advantages and disadvantages. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, we are confident that this guide will provide you with exhaustive information about pop rivets and help you make an informed choice.

Table of Contents

What is Pop Rivets?

In widespread use, pop rivet and blind rivet stand for the same thing, just with different names. pop rivets are a type of rivet that accounts for roughly 60% of all rivets. It is often used to quickly and easily join two or more sheet materials. the biggest advantage of pop rivets is that they allow for a stable mounting connection without access to the other side.

Pop rivets consist of two parts: the rivet and the mandrel. it has a long, hollow cylindrical structure and a hollow rivet shank. When pressure is applied to the pop rivet, the head of the rivet deforms and expands, clamping the material to form a strong connection.Pop rivets are convenient for use in small or hard-to-reach spaces.

Features and Benefits of Pop Rivets

  • Pop rivets are simple and easy to use. Only one specialized tool is required to complete the riveting process.
  • Pop rivets can quickly join two or more thin sheets of material, eliminating the need for drilling and hammering in the traditional riveting process.
  • Pop rivets do not require access to the other side of the joint and can join asymmetrical surfaces or locations that cannot be accessed from the other side.
  • Once Pop rivets complete the riveting process, the head of the rivet expands and clamps the material to form a strong connection. This connection can withstand high tensile and shear forces.
  • Pop rivets are suitable for joining a wide range of materials, including metals (e.g. aluminum, steel, stainless steel), plastics and composites.
  • Pop rivets can help achieve lightweight designs. Providing strength and reliability while reducing overall weight.
  • Pop rivets typically leave a distinct rounded end when connected, providing visibility and aesthetics. This makes them very popular in applications that require a good appearance, such as automotive and furniture manufacturing.

Types of Pop Rivets

Next, I will list the various types of pop rivets and the types of pop rivets that Rivmate can offer you.Pop rivets are the most common type of rivets on the market. Whether you are in the automotive or marine industry, you will find the answers you are looking for within this article.

Standard Blind Rivets

Open Type Blind Rivets

Open end rivets are the most common type of pop rivets and the cheapest. It has a distinct opening in the rivet body after installation that allows the mandrel to pass through the rivet body and extend beyond the rivet body. Open end rivets are available in a variety of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and steel. This type of pop rivets is perfect for decorative metal applications and a variety of other lightweight installations.

Sealed Type Blind Rivets

Sealed type blind rivets are also known as closed end pop rivets. it has a special cup-type airtight construction that prevents water or gas from seeping through the rivet. There are many offshore customers who purchase these rivets wholesale and they believe that the closed rivets are completely waterproof. However, the closed rivets need to be matched with rubber gaskets in order to be fully waterproof. The strength of the closed rivets is higher and better than the open rivets. There are two types of waterproof blind rivets in general, you can read my other article to learn more.

Peel Type Blind Rivet

Peel type blind rivets are one of the few pop rivets that are suitable for soft materials. this type of pop rivet is ideal for joining brittle, soft or ductile materials such as wood, plastics, rubber, glass avant-garde, and laminates. after installation, the rivet splits into four outwardly curved rivet bodies. Petals. This greatly reduces the risk of the rivet penetrating the material.

Grooved Rivet

The unique design of grooved rivets can make them ideal for soft materials such as wood, plastic and other fiber materials. The principle of the grooved rivet is that the material is embedded through a ring around the body. This means that the grooved rivet does not necessarily require a hole to be cut for installation, it is itself secured within the soft material.

High Strength Structural Rivets

Multi Grip Blind Rivets

The Multi Grip Blind Rivet is the more commonly used structural rivet. Can effectively connect a variety of different thicknesses of materials, truly a type of pop rivet instead of all. With multi grip blind rivets, you can reduce your rivet inventory and costs. Compared to open end rivets of the same size, multi grip blind rivets can provide greater shear and tensile strength.

Mono-Lock Blind Rivets

Mono-Lock rivet is a high-strength structural rivet, also become monobolt rivet. it has a high resistance to tensile and shear forces, but also can resist vibration. monobolt rivet in the brim hole at a slightly larger than the inner hole of the step, the rivet is sufficiently expanded, the core of the upper part of the fracture point of a circle of material in the rivet gun under pressure, will fill in the that After the rivet is fully expanded, a ring of material at the upper part of the break point of the core will fill in the step under the pressure of the rivet gun and play a role in locking.Rivmate is one of the top ranked Monobolt rivet manufacturers and distributors in China, with a full range of structural rivets and structural rivet tools.

Bulbtight Trifirm Rivet(Bulb Tite Rivet,Tri Bulb Rivet)

Bulbtight trifirm rivet is a specially processed specialty blind rivet. Its biggest advantage is its special waterproof design. It is usually made of all-aluminum, which provides excellent corrosion resistance.Bulb tite rivet can be riveted to a wide range of materials, both metal and soft materials can be well done to tighten the connection, and will not damage the riveted material.

Bom Rivet

Bom rivets are a type of heavy duty fastener. Designed to provide secure and stable connections for heavy-duty applications such as construction, container assembly, railroad projects, mining, bridge building, and solar energy, Bom rivets have very high tensile and shear strengths that provide the same performance as bolts and are tamper resistant.
Bom rivets have very low operator and installer requirements and can be installed quickly and easily.

Self Pircing Rivet

Self piercing rivet (spr rivet) is a self-pierce riveting process. It is possible to join automotive parts made of different materials. This type of rivet does not require pre-drilling, it is done in the press and does not damage the sheet plating.The SPR riveting process is divided into a total of four phases: Clamping, Punching, Expansion and Riveting Completion. This process has been widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry, especially in the lightweight design of new energy vehicles.

How to Choose Right Pop Rivet Material and Specification ?

For a safe and stable connection, the choice of materials and specifications is very important. After determining the type of rivet you need, all that remains is to determine the necessary pop rivet parameters.

Material of Pop Rivets

The components of Pop rivets are generally two parts: the rivet body and the rivet mandrel. The material composition of a complete pop rivet is usually described as “aluminum/aluminum”. This means that the pop rivet body is made of aluminum, and the mandrel is also made of aluminum.

The material of the Pop rivet usually affects its strength. Just like everyone knows about the different materials. Aluminum rivet bodies are not very strong, carbon steel, and stainless steel rivet bodies are much stronger. So while aluminum rivets are usually used in applications where weight reduction is needed and a high strength connection is not required, steel rivets are used in heavy duty applications.

Materials may not be compatible with each other, so pay attention to material compatibility when choosing rivets with different material combinations. We recommend using rivets of the same material. However, some applications are more specialized and will use rivets made from a combination of different materials. I will list the common combinations of materials.

Rivet Type Material
Aluminum Steel Stainless Steel Cooper
Aluminum × ×
Steel × × ×
Stainless Steel
Copper × ×

Diameter Selection and Hole Size for Pop Rivet

For pop rivets, it is very important to choose the correct rivet diameter and drill matching holes. This affects the success of the rivet connection. If the rivet diameter is much smaller than the hole, there is no way for the rivet to form an effective connection. If the hole is very small, there is a good chance that the rivet will not fit in the hole and there will be no way to form a connection. Therefore, you should refer to the diameter of the rivets before drilling to avoid problems like failure.

Below I have listed the common diameters and the corresponding hole diameters.

Diameter & Hole Sizes
Body Diameter Recommended Hole Diameter
2.4mm 2.5mm
3.0mm 3.0mm
3.2mm 3.2mm
4.0mm 4.0mm
4.8mm 4.8mm
5.0mm 5.0mm
6.0mm 6.0mm
6.4mm 6.4mm

Types of Pop Rivets Head

There are three types of Pop rivet heads: Dome Head, Countersunk Head, and Large Flange Head.

Rivet heads help hold the material together.Dome heads are shaped like part of a small ball and will protrude over the surface of the material.Countersunk heads and large flange heads will have a much larger contact area. This also makes these two head types of pop rivet ideal for joining rubber, plastic and fiberglass.

How to Install Pop Rivet?

Pop rivet installation is a quick and easy process. Compared to other fasteners, pop rivet can greatly increase your efficiency.

Steps to install pop rivet:

  1. Prepare the tools, selecting yes rivets and matching mounting tools
  2. Place the body of the rivet into the pre-drilled hole and the mandrel into the rivet gun.
  3. Start the rivet gun and apply pressure to the pop rivet to complete the installation.

Applications of Pop Rivets

There are many types of Pop rivets. Different types of pop rivets are used in different scenarios. However, they are used more in the following industries.

  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Roof
  • ………
application of rivet nut
application of rivet nut

Future Trends in Pop Rivet

The report shows that pop rivets are increasingly used in the construction industry.The researchers made predictions about the use of pop rivets. They believe that the market turnover of pop rivets will grow steadily until 2030.

With the popularity of lightweight concepts and the rise of electric vehicles, there has been a spike in the use of pop rivets. So pop rivets are now a very important part of riveted fasteners.

Frequently Asked Questions about pop rivet

How to Wholesale Pop Rivets?

If you want to wholesale pop rivets. you will definitely consider the following issues: price, quality, service. Usually bulk wholesale pop rivets can be purchased from local suppliers or global pop rivets manufacturers. China has a complete industrial chain which can provide you with high quality pop rivets at low price.So importing pop rivets from China is a good choice.

Read this article to learn more about the top pop rivet manufacturers in China.

When is it Better to Use Pop Rivets than Bolts and Nuts?

There are many fasteners that connect materials, pop rivet, bolts and rivet nuts are an important part of them. The disadvantage of bolts and nuts is that they are poorly resistant to vibration, which indicates that they will slowly loosen over time. pop rivets solve this problem, as they have excellent resistance to vibration.

Do you ship rivets around the globe?

Sure. We ship our products all over the world. We are an experienced pop rivets manufacturer and suppliers.Our pop rivets are exported to more than sixty countries in the world and are well recognized by our customers.

Wholesale Pop Rivets? Rivmate can Provide Help for you

Does your program have a need for pop rivets? Are you looking for reliable pop rivets manufacturer? Don’t worry, Rivmate can help you with everything you need to know about pop rivets. Whether you are looking for customized pop rivets in terms of size, specification or material, Rivmate can provide you with help and quality service.

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