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Waterproof Rivet - Are Rivets Waterproof ?

Rivmate Watertight Bulb Tite Rivet

There are many types of rivets used in life. Waterproof rivet is one of them. Waterproof pop rivets are a special type of rivets designed for use in applications that require waterproof performance.

Waterproof blind rivets play an important role in applications where waterproofing is critical. Such as roofing, automobile shells, marine structures etc. Waterproof rivet provides a reliable connection and waterproof performance, ensuring that the joints are protected from moisture intrusion and damage.

What is Waterproof Rivet ?

Waterproof rivets are a special design of blind rivets. They are used to provide waterproofing at the point of connection. They typically have special construction, sealing gaskets or coatings to prevent water, moisture, dirt and other contaminants from entering the joint, thus protecting the reliability and durability of the connection.

Waterproof rivets are widely used in areas that require waterproofing requirements, such as automotive manufacturing, construction industry, shipbuilding, and outdoor equipment manufacturing. They ensure reliable waterproofing of joints and protect equipment and structures from humidity, moisture and corrosion.

Rivmate Watertight Bulb Tite Rivet

Are All Rivets Waterproof?

Not all rivets are waterproof. The water resistance of a blind rivet depends on the design and characteristics of the rivet. Typically, standard rivets do not have special waterproofing features and rivets primarily provide a mechanical connection rather than a waterproof connection.

Waterproof rivet is usually made with special designs and materials. Waterproof pop rivets may be equipped with sealing gaskets, waterproof coatings or special sealing constructions to ensure that the joint is waterproof. Waterproof blind rivets are used in a wide range of applications including outdoor equipment, automotive, construction and aerospace.

When selecting rivets, if waterproofing is required, you should choose rivets that are specifically designed for waterproofing. There should be no default that all rivets are waterproof.

There is no such thing as the best rivet, only the most suitable rivet!

What Type of Rivet Are Waterproof?

While there are many types of rivets, there are a limited number of waterproof pop rivets.

Rivmate Aluminum Sealed Type Blind Pop Rivet
Sealed Type Blind Rivet
Rivmate Waterproof Bulb Tite Rivets
Waterproof Bulb Tite Rivet

How Waterproof Rivet Work ?

Standard rivets are not waterproof. Waterproof pop rivets require a special design or special construction to be waterproof.

Waterproof rivet typically has the following characteristics and design elements:

  • Sealing Gasket: Waterproof pop rivets are usually equipped with a sealing gasket or sealing sheet. This creates an effective waterproof barrier between the rivet and the connecting surface. These sealing gaskets are usually made of rubber, silicone or other waterproof materials.
  • Waterproof Coating: Some waterproof blind rivets may be coated with an extra-waterproof coating. This waterproof coating enhances the waterproofing properties of the waterproof rivet. This coating is usually corrosion and water resistant. It can effectively prevent water from penetrating into the joint.
  • Reliable sealing structure: Waterproof pop rivets to have good waterproof performance, can be special structural design. Special sealing structures can ensure reliable sealing of the joints. These structures prevent moisture, dirt and other contaminants from entering the joints, thus providing long-lasting waterproofing.


Waterproof blind rivets are usually made of high-quality materials that offer very good durability and reliability. Waterproof rivet can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature changes and vibration. None of these harsh effects will affect the waterproof performance of waterproof pop rivets.

What is a Sealing Rivet?

Sealed rivets are also called closed blind rivets. Closed Rivet is a new type of blind rivet fastener. Closed rivet body not only has a blind rivet has the convenience and quick use, high efficiency, low noise, reduce labor intensity and other characteristics. Also has a good connection sealing, can effectively waterproof, dustproof, closed rivets after riveting the nail core does not rust and other characteristics.

Advantages of Waterproof Sealing Rivet

  • Provides good watertight/airtight riveted joints
  • Tensile and shear strengths exceed those of open end rivets
  • The core of the nail is 100% retained within the rivet body for good shock resistance.
Rivmate Aluminum Sealed Type Blind Pop Rivet

What is a Bulb Tite Rivet?

Bulb tite waterproof rivet is a special kind of blind rivets made through a special process. After riveting, the cap of the rivet will be shaped like a lantern. The waterproof type lantern rivets have a waterproof design, adding rubber gaskets during use to prevent moisture from intruding under the rivet cap, which plays a good role in waterproofing.

Advantages of Bulb Tite Waterproof Rivet

  • Bulb tite waterproof rivet in the use of the process to increase the rubber gasket, to prevent moisture from the nail cap under the invasion, there is a very good waterproof, corrosion-resistant role.
  • Bulb tite waterproof rivets have high strength. The residual core increases the strength of the rivets, and the bulb tite waterproof rivets do not break easily under great shear force.
  • Bulb tite waterproof rivets can be riveted in a wide range of ways. The same specification of waterproof rivets can be riveted to a variety of thicknesses of materials, fewer specifications and types of rivets, easy to use.
Rivmate Watertight Bulb Tite Rivet

Applications of Waterproof Rivet

Among the blind rivets, there are roughly just two types of waterproof pop rivets with waterproof performance. One is a special structural design of closed rivets. The other is a waterproof bulb tite rivet with a gasket.

When the pull riveting of a closed rivet is completed, the end of the nail cap is pulled and riveted to the outside of the hole in the member being joined. And the hole of the connected part is completely closed by the nail cap, which can ensure no leakage of water and air.

Sealed waterproof blind rivets can be widely used in a variety of vehicles, ships, machinery manufacturing, electronics industry, instruments and meters, food machinery, medical equipment, construction, decoration engineering and other fastening areas.Widely used in applications where sealing performance is required for the usage scenario.

Bulb tite waterproof rivet creates three folded legs when riveted. It disperses the clamping force of the rivet on the riveting, so that the force area of the rivet after riveting increases. So bulb tite waterproof pop rivets are widely used in plastic products, wood products, glass, rubber, automobile dashboards, automobile exhaust systems, light boxes and other fragile, soft materials above. Bulb tite waterproof blind rivets will not damage the riveted material.

Rivmate High Quality Waterproof Rivet

Are you looking for high quality waterproof rivets? Rivmate’s waterproof rivets have all the benefits of commercially available waterproof rivets with an improved design.

Rivmate can provide a waterproof rivet solution for waterproofing systems. Rivmate’s Bulbtight Trifirm waterproof rivets provide a large support surface without damaging the surface of the joint due to the increased contact area.

Improved Waterproofing of Rivmate Rivets

After analyzing the customer’s need for waterproofing. Rivmate understood the need for a waterproof bulb tite rivet, especially for roofing and industrial building covers in the construction sector.

Here are some of the most significant benefits of Rivmate waterproof rivets:

  • It is a special rivet with a head that distributes the clamping force and prevents breakage of brittle materials.
  • Ideal for hermetically sealed applications. Waterproof rivets are highly waterproof.
  • Stabilized fixation on materials susceptible to vibration.
  • Rivmate waterproof rivets have high tensile and shear resistance.
  • Waterproof rivets are generally made of aluminum. Aluminum is a corrosion resistant material.
  • Rivmate’s waterproof rivets can be riveted to a wide range of thicknesses.
Rivmate Watertight Bulb Tite Rivet

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