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Where to Buy Rivet Nuts? Guide for Finding Reilable RIvet Nuts Suppliers and Manufacturers

When you need to buy rivet nuts, you may be confused as to how to buy high quality rivet nuts. So, where to buy rivet nuts? There is a difference between purchasing a small amount and a large amount of rivet nuts. It is also crucial to know how to find a reliable supplier. In this article, you will get a comprehensive guide that can help you choose the right supplier and fulfill your wholesale needs.

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Where to Wholesale Rivet Nuts?

There is no way that the average hardware retailer can offer large quantities of rivet nuts. So if you want to wholesale rivet nuts, you need to find professional rivet nut manufacturers and suppliers. Then ensuring product quality and supply chain reliability is the key to choosing the right rivet nut supplier.

Below I will provide you with some suggestions to help you choose the right rivet nut supplier:

  • Quality and certification standards for rivet nuts: There is a need to ensure that suppliers provide rivet nuts that meet international quality standards and certification requirements. This places requirements on the supplier’s production process, quality control measures and product certifications such as ISO, DIN and other international standards or relevant industry certifications.
  • Good reputation and experience of the supplier: choosing a supplier with good reputation and rich experience in production can reduce risk You get a more reliable product. You can check the supplier’s history, market reputation and customer reviews
  • Price and product selection: price is also very important when making a large quantity rivet nut order. Buying rivet nuts wholesale requires a large sum of money, so you need to compare prices between different suppliers to get the most competitive price. But price is only part of the equation, you have to go with the quality of the rivet nuts. Ensure the quality of the rivet nut while keeping the economic cost as low as possible. In order to solve your rivet nut sourcing needs at once, you should look for suppliers with a wide range of sizes, materials and who meet special customization requirements.
  • Deliverability and after-sales service: Deliverability is also something to consider. Ensure that your supplier is able to deliver the rivet nut on time. A comfortable after-sales service always retains customers. So if a manufacturer’s after-sales service is excellent, then feel free to work with them!

Rivet Nut Wholesaler Recommendation

Rivmate Rivet Nut: Rivmate Rivet Nut is a rivet nut manufacturer in China. We can offer you all services about Rivet Nut, including customized design, drawing, production, testing, packing, technical support, material support, after-sales service and so on.

Stanley Engineered Fastening : Stanley is the leading brand of riveted fasteners. It has always pursued innovation in riveted fasteners. We can provide you with high quality riveted fasteners, but the price is relatively high.

Rivet Nut USA: Rivet Nut USA is a U.S. based manufacturer and supplier of rivet nuts. Fast delivery is available within the United States. Other countries will have to wait for express delivery time. If you are an American, you can choose to buy from Rivet Nut USA. Of course the cost is still a bit more expensive than importing from China.

Where to Buy Rivet Nuts Online?

If you’re a DIYer, or if your project doesn’t require a lot of rivet nuts. There are also many avenues for your purchasing needs. (In order to ensure the consistency of the quality of the rivet nuts produced, rivet nut manufacturers have a minimum order quantity requirement. Generally it is 50000pcs – 100000pcs.)

  1. Local Hardware Stores: Your local hardware store can provide you with all types and sizes of nuts, including rivet nuts. You can visit your neighborhood hardware store to find the rivet nuts you need and purchase the required quantity as per the requirement. This is a reliable channel to get small quantities of rivet nuts quickly.
  2. Online shopping platform: With the development of technology, many online shopping platforms have been born, such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and so on. They offer a wide range of hardware accessories for sale. You can search for and purchase your desired rivet nut on these platforms. Ensure that you read the product descriptions, dimensions and other specifications carefully to ensure that you purchase a product that meets your requirements. However, online platforms have a disadvantage over local hardware stores; you need to wait for some time before you can get your rivet nuts. So if you are in dire need of rivet nuts for your project, this method is not quite suitable for you.
  3. Google for rivet nut distributors: there are some rivet nut suppliers who also sell small quantities of rivet nuts. They generally do not have their own manufacturing plants. They will go to a rivet nut manufacturer and buy rivet nuts in bulk and then sell them on their website. Their model is very similar to online shopping platforms, but the prices are a little lower.


Whichever channel you choose, you should ensure that the rivet nuts you buy meet your quality requirements and confirm the delivery time and payment method with the supplier. Also, you may consider consulting your friends, colleagues or industry insiders for more advice and recommendations on buying small quantities of rivet nuts.

Recommended Suppliers for Buying Rivet Nuts Online

Amazon : Amazon can offer you a wide selection of rivet nuts. Including various materials, sizes, and types. You can find out what users say about rivet nuts, which will give you a basis for your order. But it is difficult for Amazon to provide you with customized rivet nuts.

Rivetwise : Rivetwise can provide you with excellent products and excellent service.Rivetwise’s prices for rivet nuts are a little lower than Amazon’s prices for rivet nuts. So there are still many people who will get their desired rivet nuts from this shopping platform.

Wurth: The main market for wuerth is in Europe. They can offer a wide range of rivet nut fasteners for the European market. wuerth has several office locations in Europe and can provide technical support quickly. Their after sales service is also excellent and widely recognized by customers in Europe. Cooperation and integrity are the basis of wuerth’s business operations.

Where to Buy Rivet Nuts Locally ?

If you are in urgent need of rivet nuts, then a local rivet nut brick and mortar store is the best choice. Of course, if you are more of a shopper, then getting out and about is good too.

  1. Locate nearby Rivet Nut suppliers: use a search engine or yellow page directory to find nearby Rivet Nut hardware stores.
  2. View store reviews and word of mouth


Buying small quantities of rivet nuts requires different considerations than wholesale rivet nuts. But choosing a reliable supplier is crucial. When you need to buy small quantities of rivet nuts, you can source them from your local hardware store or from online buying platforms. Try to choose some well-known online platforms for purchasing, they will provide you with good after-sales service. However, both online purchasing and purchasing from your local hardware store have their own advantages, so choose the most suitable purchasing method according to your needs.

Wholesale rivet nuts would require a lot of consideration. For example, the rivet nut manufacturer’s customization ability, production capacity, delivery ability, after-sales ability, quality certification and product quality.

We recommend that you conduct thorough research and comparisons before purchasing rivet nuts as a way to choose the most appropriate purchase.

Rivmate can Solve your Rivet Nut Sourcing Needs

Rivmate as a top rivet nut manufacturer in China. We can provide you with rivet nuts in various specifications, sizes, shapes and materials. Whether your project requires standard rivet nuts or customized rivet nuts, Rivmate can meet your needs well.

Rivmate has its own rivet nut factory and is ISO 9001 quality certified. We provide you with consistent quality rivet nuts. With a capacity of over 10 million rivet nuts a month, you can rest assured that your high volume rivet nut orders are in good hands with Rivmate. Contact us for professional services for your rivet nut project!

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