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Top 10 Blind Rivet Nut Manufacturers and Suppliers in World (2024)

If you are looking for the top blind rivet nut manufacturers in the world, this article will help you choose the right blind rivet nut company. This article will provide a background on the top blind rivet nut manufacturer companies and their products. Please read through the information in the following article to help you make the right decision.

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According to the report, the global Blind Rivet Nuts market experienced rapid growth in 2023. It was valued at USD 200 billion and is expected to grow steadily over the next seven years at an impressive CAGR of 10.0%.

Rivmate Countersunk Rivet Nut Wholesale

Types of Blind Rivet Nuts

There are many types of Blind Rivet Nuts available from Rivmate. It is depend on your current needs. There are hex rivet nuts, countersunk rivet nuts, reduced rivet nuts, round rivet nuts, flat head rivet nuts, jack nuts and slotted rivet nuts. According to the material classification, blind rivet nuts can be roughly divided into the following four categories : Carbon Steel Rivet Nut, Stainless Steel Rivet Nut, Aluminum Rivet Nut, Copper Rivet Nut. After categorizing the rivet nuts one by one, these types of rivet nuts can be further divided according to their use.

  • Connection Between Conventional Workpieces —— Connection of metal plates, connection of plastic plates, connection of mixed materials, connection of mechanical equipment. Rivet nuts are widely used in various industries for fastening connections.
  • Connection Between Tracks —— Rivet nuts provide a reliable threaded connection between the rail’s connecting plate and the rail’s seat plate. They are widely used not only in railroad tracks, but also in subway and light rail systems, high-speed rail systems, etc.
  • Connection of Marine Interior Parts —— Marine interiors require rivet nuts that are corrosion resistant. Rivet nuts provide resistance to vibration and shock and are widely used in the attachment of cabin wall panels, ceilings, porthole frames, interior trim pieces, sinks and toilet fixtures.
  • Connection of Automotive Parts —— Automotive rivet nuts are very important for the lightweight design of automobiles. Various countries around the world have developed a variety of materials that can reduce the weight of the body, but how to connect them is a problem. Rivet nuts can well meet this requirement and solve the problem of bolting for non-structural bearing. Lighter weight can be provided.
  • Connections for Aircraft Lightweighting —— Airplanes need to reduce their overall weight in order to achieve faster and safer operations. Rivets nuts are commonly used in airplanes to tighten connections and reduce overall weight.

Next let’s take a look at some of the common rivet nuts you may need for your project or business.

Hex Head Blind Rivet Nuts

Hex blind rivet nuts are used when your application requires high torque strength. Hex rivet nuts are often used in mechanical equipment or automotive manufacturing as well as automotive repair and maintenance. The hexagonal head design makes the rivet nut easier to handle and can accommodate high-strength connections and easy disassembly.

Flat Head Blind Rivet Nuts

Flat head rivet nuts are used in applications where flat surfaces are important. Flat Head Rivet Nuts can be joined in compact spaces because of their short head design. The design features of the Flat Head Rivet Nut provide a flat, compact and neat connection to meet your project’s specific application needs.

Round Head Blind Rivet Nuts

Round head rivet nuts are often used for thin plate connections, plastic plate connections, and soft material connections. The design features of round head rivet nuts provide a more stable connection and reduce damage and deformation to the workpiece.

Carbon Steel Blind Rivet Nuts

Carbon Steel Rivet Nuts provide high strength and rigidity, capable of providing a stable and reliable connection for a variety of loads and vibration environments. Carbon steel rivet nuts are suitable for connections between metal structures and are widely used in automotive manufacturing, mechanical engineering and construction.

Stainless Steel Blind Rivet Nuts

Stainless steel rivet nuts are more common in corrosive environments, high temperature environments. Stainless steel material has the advantages of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. In the field of marine, chemical processing, food processing, engines, heat treatment equipment, medical equipment, stainless steel rivet nuts are often used.

Aluminum Blind Rivet Nuts

Automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding pursue lightweighting. That’s why aluminum rivet nuts are often used in weight-conscious scenarios. Aluminum has good thermal conductivity and is able to conduct heat quickly. Aluminum rivet nuts also have good corrosion and oxidation resistance, and can play a good role in environments where corrosion and oxidation need to be resisted.

Copper Blind Rivet Nuts

You’ll typically see copper rivet nuts in applications that require reliable electrical connections such as power equipment,  circuit boards, and more. It is a fastener product that provides good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. You can use Copper Rivet Nuts to decorate your projects in a good way.

Benefits of Blind Rivet Nuts

Some of the most common benefits of rivet nuts are stable connections, wide range of use, ease of installation, reverse disassembly capability, excellent internal and external compatibility. The unique benefit of the rivet nut is that it is adjustable. This allows the operator to make adjustments depending on the degree of fastening required. By rotating the rivet nut, the gap or degree of tightness between the connecting parts can be changed to accommodate different stress requirements or installation conditions. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that pull rivet nuts offer.

Improve The Security of Your Connection

Properly is the use of rivet nuts can provide a secure and stable connection to your project. The use of rivet nuts is the most convenient and fastest compared to other connection methods. It provides a secure and stable connection in the shortest possible time.

Reduce Fastener Inventory

Generally speaking, working with a rivet nut manufacturer that can be stable for a long time can reduce the pressure on your inventory. When there is a demand for rivet nuts for your project, you can confirm your order with your longtime partner rivet nut manufacturer, which can meet your needs quickly.

Enhance The Efficiency of Your Work

Compared to other connections. Rivet nuts can greatly improve your work efficiency. Installing rivet nuts is an extremely fast process and you can have your project installed in a fraction of the time.

Add Value to Your Products

Rivet nuts provide greater structural strength and reliability. Rivet nuts have adjustable rows, which can be adjusted according to the need for tightness, improving the adaptability and performance of the product.

Top 10 Blind Rivet Nut Manufacturers and Suppliers in World

You’ve learned about the functions and classification of rivet nuts, now let’s start delving into the top 10 blind rivet nut manufacturers in the world.

Position Company Name Year Started Location
1 Washen Fastener 2010 China
2 Stanley 1920 USA
3 Bollhoff 1877 Germany
4 Goebel 1979 Germany
5 Howmet 1948 USA
6 Gesipa 1965 Austrian
7 Sherex 1978 USA
8 Rivet Nut USA 1983 USA
9 Honsel 1930 Germany
10 Rivmate Rivet Nuts 2012 China

This list provides you with a brief summary of each company. It can help you quickly understand the rivet nut industry and decide which is the best.


Washen Fastener is a specialized manufacturer of fasteners. With more than 150 employees, 40% of them have more than 10 years of experience in fasteners. With hundreds of advanced manufacturing equipments and our own testing center, we can quickly provide testing data for customers’ reference.

Advantages of Washen :

  • Hundreds of advanced production equipment
  • Professional testing equipment and testing center
  • Powerful customization capabilities

Products :

  • Standard Rivets
  • Structural Rivets
  • SPR Rivets


The company mainly produces all kinds of fasteners. Including bolts, rivet nuts, plastic fasteners and so on. They are the owners of world renowned brands such as Avdel, Pop and other fastener brands. They provide fastener services to a variety of sectors around the world, and they not only want to help make their customers’ projects securely connected, but they also want to help their customers quickly gain access to the tools, information, and engineering expertise they need to be successful. They are also known for their commitment to revolutionizing fastening and assembly technology.

Advantages of the company :

  • Technological Innovation
  • Largest Fastener System
  • Professional Fastener Technical Support

Main Products and Services :

  • Rivet Nut
  • Plastic Fastener
  • Screws & Bolts


Bollhoff is one of the top rivet nut manufacturers in the world. Give the company produces all types of rivet nuts. With their know-how, they can customize the production of special fasteners.

Company Advantage :

  • Has a large number of rivet nut distributors
  • Utilization of know-how in product development
  • Extensive experience in fastener distribution

Main Products and Services :

  • Rivet Nut
  • Custom Fastener


What makes Goebel one of the top rivet nut manufacturers in the world is their strong focus on producing riveted fasteners. This enables them to produce top-notch, efficient rivet nut products. This can be obtained at a lower cost than Avdel. Their specialization in their products can increase the efficiency of production.

Advantages of the Company :

  • Creating a riveted fastening system
  • Developing products for specific applications
  • Product training for users/engineers

Products and Services :

  • screws
  • Rivet Nut
  • Blind Rivet
  • Tool


Boll is one of the world’s top manufacturers of rivet nuts. Give the company produces all types of rivet nuts. With their know-how, they can customize the production of special fasteners.Boll is one of the world’s top manufacturers of rivet nuts. Give the company produces all types of rivet nuts. With their know-how, they can customize the production of special fasteners.

Company Advantage :

  • Owns a number of well-known brands
  • complete product line

Main Products and Service :

  • HuckBolts
  • Wire Thread Inserts
  • Rivet Nuts


As part of the international agency SFS Group, GESIPA can offer system solutions for blind rivets and rivet nuts. They provide consulting and services to many business markets around the world. They are perfectly placed to act as a reliable and strong fastener partner.

Company Advantage :

  • Global Services
  • Complete fastener solutions

Main Products and Services

  • Blind Rivet
  • Rivet Nut
  • Electric Tool



Sherex serves the automotive, aerospace and defense, agricultural and construction equipment, general industrial and heavy duty truck markets. Economical fastening solutions are available.

Advantages of Company :

  • Providing the lowest cost fastening solution in the United States
  • Solving customer needs through innovation
  • Deal with honesty, respect and equality

Produces and Services :

  • Rivet  Nuts
  • Clinch Nuts
  • Nut and Stud Plates


Rivet nut usa is a division of Cardinal Components, Inc. They can provide you with certified rivet nuts and related installation tools. They can provide you with competitively priced rivet nuts in a short period of time. They can complete every step of the process of ordering rivet nuts, design, prototype, installation, etc.

Advantages of Rivet Nut Usa :

  • Professional customer service
  • Technical expertise
  • One-Stop Service

Products :

  • Rivet Nut
  • Standard Blind Rivet
  • Solid Rivets


HONSEL has the world’s most advanced machinery and the ability to continually expand production. It can guarantee reliable individualized customized parts and automation solutions for large industrial and automotive customers. Their state-of-the-art logistics concepts and fully automated warehouses ensure fast, reliable availability.

Advantages of Company :

  • There can be honest dealings
  • client service
  • There is a team of technical professionals

Products :

  • Blind Rivets
  • Blind Rivet Studs
  • Blind Rivet Nuts

RIVMATE Blind Rivet Nuts Manufacturer and Supplier

Rivmate is one of the most competitive fastener manufacturers in China, specializing in the production of blind rivets, rivet nuts and clinch fasteners. We offer a wide range of fastening solutions and premium services, providing both standard and customized products to meet our customers’ specific requirements with a professional and reliable attitude.

Company Advantage :

  • ISO Certificate / IATF 16949:2016 Certificate
  • Advanced production equipment
  • 13-step inspection process
  • Powerful customization capabilities

Main Products and Services :

The Future of Rivet Nuts

Blind rivet nuts are now a common fastener solution. It will continue to develop and evolve in the future to meet changing needs and technological advances. Currently, rivet nuts are widely used in automotive, aerospace, instrumentation, furniture, decorative and other electromechanical and light industrial assemblies.

  1. Material and coating innovations —— In search of higher strength and different properties. Different new materials may be used for rivet nuts. Meanwhile, the application of new coating technology can enhance the surface hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the rivet nut.
  2. Intelligence and automation —— With the development of industrial automation, the process of producing rivet nuts may be more intelligent and automated in the future. For example, equipped with sensors and control systems for automatic regulation and feedback control.
  3. Efficient installation technology —— Current rivet nut installation techniques are already very efficient, but even faster installation techniques may be available in the future. Reduce installation time and cost.
  4. Connection Performance Optimization —— Specific optimizations for different scenarios. For example, improvement of resistance to loosening in vibration environments and durability in high-temperature environments.


It goes without saying that Rivamte is at the top of the list of blind rivet nut manufacturers in China. Rivmate can provide you with professional technical service and high quality rivet nut products. They have become the leader of rivet nuts in the Chinese market and are now developing their business to the global market. This bodes well for the future of the rivet nut industry as they remain the leader in rivet nut manufacturing.

Looking for Blind Rivet Nut Manufacturer for Your Project?

If you are looking for a blind rivet nut manufacturer for your project that can solve your needs, you can quickly contact Rivmate. Working with one of the world’s top blind rivet nut manufacturers can make your project safer because you’re working with one of the best companies in the industry.


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