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What is a Lockbolt Used For? The Most Complete Guide

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What is a lockbolt used for? Lockbolt is an ultra-high strength blind fastener. It can meet the requirements of a variety of heavy-duty projects! So what scenarios can lockbolt be used in? Let’s find out.

Table of Contents

What is the Lockbolt?

Lockbolt rivet is specifically designed to provide a very strong and durable connection. They are often used in industrial and structural applications where high strength and durability are required. Examples include bridges, construction, heavy equipment and transportation vehicles etc. The unique design of Lockbolt rivets allows them to remain stable in high stress and high vibration environments without loosening.

What is a Lockbolt Used For? The Most Complete Guide

Lockbolt rivet is made up of a spike bar and collar. During installation, a pneumatic rivet gun is used to pull the spike bar, deforming the collar or mechanically locking it to tighten the material.

Lockbolt rivet provides very high shear and pull strength and is very easy to install for high volume use.

What is a Lockbolt Used For?

Lockbolt rivet acts as a high-strength mechanical fastener that provides a very strong and solid connection. They are often used in structural areas where ultra-high strength is required. Let’s take a look at the “what is a lockbolt used for”.

Applications of Lockbolt Rivets

Lockbolt rivets are suitable for heavy duty and high stress applications due to their extremely high shear and pullout forces. And lockbolt rivet has very high stability, even in high vibration environments. lockbolt rivet makes an indispensable fastener solution in modern engineering and manufacturing. Let’s take a look at some of the specific application scenarios for lockbolt.

Lockbolt for Bridge Construction

Lockbolts Fastener Rivets in Pylons

Any bridge needs to be safe and secure. lockbolt rivet can provide the tremendous loads and dynamic stresses that bridges require. That’s why a large number of lockbolt rivet are used in bridge connections, here are some common scenarios:

  • Major structural connections
  • Bridge deck fixing
  • Bridge parapets and guards
  • Bridge maintenance and rehabilitation
  • Bridge extensions and modifications

Lockbolt rivet provides a high-strength, vibration-resistant, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting connection, benefits that make it a critical fastener for ensuring the safety and stability of bridge structures. By using the specialized lockbolt rivet tool, lockbolt rivet can perform a variety of connection tasks quickly and reliably, improving the efficiency and quality of bridge construction and maintenance.

Lockbolt for Building Structure

Heavy Duty Lockbolts Fastener Rivets in swimming pools

A secure building is connected by a variety of strong fasteners, and the Lockbolt rivet is one of those important fasteners. Below are the applications of lockbolt rivet in building structures:

  • Steel frame connections
  • Connection of roof and wall structures
  • Connection of floor slabs and stair structures
  • Installation of protection and safety devices

Lockbolt for Heavy Equipment and Machinery

Lockbolt Fastener Rivets in Railway Applications

Lockbolt rivet ensures the safe operation of heavy equipment and machinery in harsh conditions due to its excellent characteristics. Below are some specific applications of lockbolt rivet on heavy equipment and machinery:

  • Connection of critical structures such as booms, buckets and undercarriages of excavators
  • Connection of bulldozers’ fuselage and blade holders
  • Connection of boom and base of cranes
  • Connection of rollers and frames in road rollers
  • Connection of mining truck body and chassis
  • Connection of key parts of a crusher, such as jaws and frame
  • Connection of combine harvester and tractor frames, frames and working parts
  • Connections of frames and chassis of heavy trucks and transportation equipment
  • Fixing of railroad carriages and rails

Lockbolt for Transportation Vehicles

Heavy Duty Lockbolts Fastener Rivets Application

Lockbolt is used in a wide range of transportation vehicle applications, including frame and chassis connections, trailer and semi-trailer connections, door and window frames, interiors and bulkheads, guards and safety devices, as well as compartment and cargo hold fastening. They provide high-strength, vibration-resistant, fatigue-resistant and long-lasting connections that ensure the safety and stability of vehicles when transporting heavy loads. With the use of specialized installation tools, lockbolt rivet can perform a wide range of joining tasks quickly and reliably, increasing vehicle productivity and maintenance efficiency.

Lockbolt for Aerospace

Aircraft Blind Rivets - How to Choose Blind Rivets for Aircraft?

Aerospace is a very safety-conscious industry, and engineers use a number of high-strength fasteners, including lockbolt.

Used primarily in aircraft fuselage structures, wings and tails, engines and drivelines, hatches and covers, interiors and finishes, as well as maintenance and restoration work, Lockbolt provides aircraft with the high-strength, vibration-resistant, fatigue-resistant and long-lasting connections it needs. It ensures the safe operation of aircraft under high loads and stresses.

How Do You Install A Lockbolt?

I quoted the youtube video on installing lockbolt. You can very visually understand the lockbolt installation process from the video. Next I will explain these steps in text.

  1. You need to drill the corresponding holes in the connecting assembly, the diameter of the empty should be slightly larger than the diameter of the peg bar.
  2. Insert the nail rod of the lockbolt into the pre-drilled hole so that the head of the nail rod is close to the surface of the material.
  3. Attach the collar to the lockbolt so that the collar is in close contact with the surface of the material.
  4. Use the lockbolt tool to complete the installation process. Place the Nail Rod inside the Tie Rod Collet and activate the lockbolt tool to gradually deform the collar to form a tight connection.
  5. After completing the installation, the riveting tool will automatically cut off the excess of the nailing bar to check for any looseness or poor installation.

Are Lockbolts Permanent?

Yes. Lockbolt rivet is considered a permanent connection. They are uniquely designed to provide a long-term, stable and strong mechanical connection that is not easily loosened or removed.

Lockbolt rivets are considered permanent connections for the following reasons:

  1. Non-removability: Once a lockbolt rivet has been successfully installed, removing it requires the use of destructive tools and methods such as drilling or cutting.
  2. Extremely high connection strength: lockbolt can provide extremely high shear and pull-out forces, which can ensure the stability and solidity of the connected parts in long-term use.
  3. Resistance to vibration and fatigue: Lockbolt can maintain its performance in high vibration and high stress environments and will not loosen or fail due to long-term use.
  4. Durability: Lockbolt has excellent corrosion and fatigue resistance, and can be used for a long time in harsh environments!


Lockbolt has a lot to offer, but the most outstanding benefits are the superb strength and the simplicity of installation. Because of its ability to provide a long-term stable connection, it is used in a variety of applications including aerospace, transportation vehicles, building structures and heavy equipment.

Lockbolt rivet is ideal for heavy equipment and industry. With the right tools and the right installation methods, lockbolt ensures structural safety and stability, providing a reliable solution for a wide range of complex and demanding applications.

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