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Blind Rivet VS Pop Rivet - The Differences You Need to Know

What is the difference between blind rivet and pop rivet? In the use of blind rivets, subtle differences can have a big impact on a project. It may have a direct impact on the success of the project.

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What is a Blind Rivet ?

Blind rivets are an epoch-making fastener product. Blind rivets can be used to rivet two or more pieces that you cannot see the back of or have access to. It also gets its name from the fact that there is no need to access the joint from either side during installation. Before blind rivets were invented, solid rivets and bolts were used to attach items. This meant that you needed to have access to both sides of the workpiece in order to complete the installation of the item for attachment. In everyday use, this complicated process was impossible to accomplish in many cases.

Blind rivets consist of two main parts: the rivet and the rivet shell. The rivet is a solid nail-like element with an expandable head on one end and a stretchable rod on the other. The rivet shell is a hollow cylindrical element with sufficient length and diameter to accommodate the rivet stem.

When a blind rivet is used, you need to have it installed in a tight hole that goes through whatever material you are riveting. Then a rivet gun is used to pull the rivet stem off, deforming the rivet. This is how blind rivets form a stable connection through expansion.

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What is Pop Rivet ?

With the widespread use of blind rivets, people have come to use blind rivets and pop rivets as common names for blind rivets, both of which can be used directly as names for this riveted fastener. Back in 1934, the then George Tucker Eyelet Company manufactured a fastener that could be installed from one side of the material in order to better serve aircraft manufacturers. They are called pop rivets because of the “popping” sound they make during installation.

No matter what brand of blind rivets you’re looking for, you’re probably searching for “Pop Rivet” in the Google search box. This is because the term is no longer just a brand name, it’s a complete representation of the product.

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There is a great deal of differentiation in the pop rivet market right now. For example, you can buy good quality but expensive pop rivets from USA, low price but guaranteed quality pop rivets from China, and low price but poor quality pop rivets from India. You can choose different suppliers according to your different needs.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer at an affordable price, then Blind Rivets made in China should be your first choice.

The Differences of Blind Rivet and Pop Rivet

Many people will be wondering what the difference is between a blind rivet and a pop rivet. Overall, both play the same role in accomplishing a tight riveted joint that does not contact the backside. A blind rivet indicates that you don’t need to touch the other side of the material to complete the riveting. pop rivet because they make a sound when installed and the name of the manufacturer who invented them.

Blind Rivet VS Pop Rivet

Although blind rivet and pop rivet refer to the same type of product, there are some differences in their construction, installation and usage scenarios.

  1. blind rivet vs pop rivet —— Structures :
    The blind rivet is made up of a solid rivet stem and a hollow rivet shell. pop rivet is made up of a hollow rivet stem and a hollow rivet shell. In the blind rivet, the expanded head of the rivet stem forms a riveted joint in the rivet shell; in the pop rivet, by applying pressure, the rivet stem expands on the side of the workpiece and is tightly connected to the rivet shell.
  2. blind rivet vs pop rivet —— Installation :
    Installation of the blind rivet requires the use of a special riveting tool for installation. Pop rivets, on the other hand, often use a pop rivet gun to form the connection by applying pressure.
  3. blind rivet vs pop rivet —— Usage Scenarios :
    The blind rivet is used for applications that require installation from one side, often found in automobiles, airplanes, appliances, etc. The pop rivet is used for applications that require quick installation and connection, often found in furniture manufacturing, metal fabrication, boat construction, etc. The blind rivet is used for applications that require quick installation and connection, often found in furniture manufacturing, metal fabrication, boat construction, etc.
  4. blind rivet vs pop rivet —— Grip strength range :
    The blind rivet can provide a greater range than the pop rivet, and the blind rivet can clamp materials of great thickness.
  5. blind rivet vs pop rivet —— intensities :
    Blind rivets are generally stronger due to a different design. blind rivets can offer larger diameters and greater vibration resistance, providing a strong and reliable connection. pop rivets are primarily used in non-load bearing applications.
  6. blind rivet vs pop rivet —— appearances  :For applications that require a smoother appearance, pop rivet would be a better choice. blind rivet will have a noticeable bump on the surface of the material, but will provide a tight connection.

Applications of Blind Rivet and Pop Rivet

The blind rivet and pop rivet application scenarios are very similar. It can be used for a wide variety of projects including metal, wood, plastic, composites and more.

The blind rivet is often found in industries such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, construction, furniture manufacturing and metal fabrication due to its special construction and installation.

Pop rivet is often found in the automotive repair, furniture manufacturing, metal fabrication, boat building, and machine building industries due to its simple, quick installation.

If you are looking for consistent quality blind rivet or pop rivet for your project, you can visit the homepage of Rivmate. A top pop rivet manufacturer in China that can offer a full range of blind rivet and pop rivet.

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Reliability of Blind Rivets and Pop Rivets

The blind rivet and pop rivet can provide a fast, cost effective solution to fastener riveting. blind rivet and pop rivet are suitable for use on many materials including, but not limited to, sheet metal, composites, plastics, etc., wood and more.

  • Single-sided installation without access to the rear of the material.
  • Easy to install, using minimal time to complete a secure installation
  • Able to provide a robust and stable connection.
  • Suitable for joining a wide range of materials, including metal-plastic, metal-metal, wood-metal and more.
  • Costs are low compared to other connection methods, eliminating the need for complex equipment and additional labor costs.

How do I Choose the Right Blind Rivet and Pop Rivet ?

Choosing the right blind rivet and pop rivet needs to be done according to the requirements of the project.Things to be considered are rivet material, rivet diameter & hole size, grip range of the material to be riveted, type of rivet head etc.

Material of Blind Rivet and Pop Rivet

The materials used for rivets are often divided into two categories. Rivet body materials and pin materials. You may see the term “aluminum/steel”, which represents a combination of an steel pin and an aluminum body.

Different materials of rivets bring different functions. For example, steel, and stainless steel are the strongest materials, while aluminum bodies are not so strong, but are light in weight. For heavy-duty applications, using steel rivets will keep the project safe, and for applications that need to reduce weight, using aluminum rivets is the best choice.

When selecting materials for rivets, also consider compatibility between materials. Avoid using aluminum and stainless steel at the same time, as it can cause galvanic corrosion. We recommend that you use the same material for your blind rivets to get the longest service life.

We offer a variety of combinations between materials to help you get the most out of your project’s cost and customer approval.

  • Aluminum / Aluminum
  • Aluminum/ Steel
  • Steel / Steel
  • Stainless Steel / Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel / Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum / Carbon Steel
  • Copper / Steel

Rivet Diameter & Hole Size

The diameter of the blind rivet is one of the most important factors in selecting the right blind rivet. The diameter of a suitable blind rivet can directly affect its strength and load carrying capacity. For example, riveting the same plate, you can choose a small diameter rivets and larger diameter rivets. However, the larger the diameter, the stronger the rivet will be. The hole drilled in the plate is also very important, the size of the hole if too small or too small, the rivet will not be able to play a role.

Generally, the diameter of the rivets selected should be 1mm smaller than the diameter of the holes drilled. this will avoid problems caused by improperly sized holes.

Material Grip Range of Blind Rivets and Pop Rivet

Riveting range is the thickness of the material that the rivet can rivet. For example, if your project requires riveting two 2mm plates, the rivet range you need should be between 3-7mm. best practice suggests that the middle rivet range of the rivet should be used, rather than the minimum or maximum.This wayThis willThis will achieveThis will achieve the correctThis allows for proper shearThis will allow for proper shear and stretchingThis will achieve the correct shear and tensile strengthsThis will achieve the correct shear and tensile strength.

Attention! If the object to be riveted is below the minimum riveting range, the rivet will come loose. If the maximum riveting range is exceeded, the rivet may not be properly installed. Either way, the riveting will not be completed properly.

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Types of Rivet Head

There are three main types of rivet heads — dome head, countersunk head, and large flange head. Different head shapes produce different results. A domed head creates a bump on the surface of the material. The large flange head, on the other hand, has a larger carrying area, twice that of a domed head. This makes it ideal for soft materials, fiberglass.

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How to Wholesale High Quality Blind Rivet and Pop Rivet At Low Price ?

If you want to reduce the economic cost while maintaining the quality, then importing from top China Blind Rivet manufacturers is the best choice.

Rivmate has the most complete range of blind rivets, which can solve all your purchasing needs at once. It is entirely up to you to bring your requirements to Rivmate, whether it be customized blind rivets or standard blind rivets.

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