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Cheap Pop Rivets - Why is Pop Rivet So Cheap?

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Types of Pop Rivets - Different to Pop Rivet - Rivmate RIvet

There is no denying that cheap pop rivets can provide a secure and stable connection for any project. But why does it seem so cheap?Pop rivets are usually made of metal, and in large quantities these can save money. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the reasons why pop rivets are so cheap and provide some how-to information on the types of pop rivets available.

Table of Contents

What is a Pop Rivet?

Types of pop rivets - Rivmate Blind Rivet Supplier

Pop rivets are the best way to connect every sheet metal project. When it comes to quick connections, most engineers choose pop rivets. they provide the secure connections your project needs and keep the cost of the project down.

POP rivets are used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, construction, furniture manufacturing, electronic equipment and more. They provide a fast, effective and reliable method of joining and are particularly suitable for joining thin plates or workpieces that cannot be accessed from the other side.The advantages of POP rivets include easy installation, low cost, light weight, good corrosion resistance and provide good joint strength and sealing.

What Value Pop Rivets can Create?

If you choose the right pop rivets, pop rivets can add 15-20% more value to your project compared to other thinset attachment methods!

The installation process for pop rivets is very quick and can save a lot of labour costs. And it simplifies the installation process, making it possible to make connections at joints that are not directly accessible, increasing the ease and flexibility of the connection.

Different types of pop rivets can be used to solve different needs. These include waterproofing, corrosion resistance and high strength requirements!

Fully Automatic Installation of Blind Rivets

Why You Should Choose Landscape Lighting?

Pop rivets have been around for a relatively short time compared to other traditional connection methods. But pop rivets offer a lot of advantages. These include fast installation, high-strength connections, versatility and cost-effective connection solutions. They are suitable for a wide range of applications and workpiece types.

It Provides Fast Installation

The POP rivet is a quick connecting element that allows the riveting process to be completed quickly using a POP rivet gun or a manual rivet gun without the need for pre-drilling, eliminating the need for traditional bolt and nut assembly steps. It can save you a lot of project time and labour cost!

It Provides High Strength Connections

POP rivets are lightweight but provide a very reliable connection.Pop rivets are capable of producing high strength tensile and shear connections. They are suitable for joining different types of materials such as metals, plastics and composites.

It Can be Used in a Variety of Applications

POP rivets are used in a wide variety of applications because of their unique advantages. These include automotive manufacturing, aerospace, construction, furniture manufacturing, electronic equipment and packaging. They can join a wide range of materials, including joining thin plates, pipes, profiles and other workpieces of different shapes and sizes.Pop rivets can save the installation process to half the time of other connectors installation!

It Can be Operated on One Side

In contrast to other traditional joining methods such as bolts and nuts, POP rivet joining is not required to operate on the back side of the workpiece. This makes it easier to use POP rivets when access is only possible from one side, such as in compact spaces or vertical installations. It can solve applications that other fasteners have not been able to do!

It Has Good Waterproof and Sealing Performance

Some POP rivets have waterproof and sealing function, which can provide a better sealing performance at the joint and prevent the penetration of liquid, gas and dust.

It can Help you Save Money

POP rivets are relatively economical joining solutions, especially in mass production and automated manufacturing. Their high installation speed increases productivity and reduces total cost of ownership.

Best Practices for Pop Rivets

how to choose blind rivets for soalr industry

Choosing the most suitable Pop rivets is necessary when it comes to sheet metal joints. Depending on the application requirements of your project and the material of the workpiece choose the most suitable type, diameter and length of pop rivets. You can choose from a wide range of rivets with a broad assortment. You need to make sure that the size and material of the pop rivet matches the connecting piece.

In addition to determining the type of rivet, it is also important to determine the method of installation. Usually you have to arrange the pop rivet and determine the spacing between each pop rivet. To keep the parts connected with good strength. But the main benefit is the cost because pop rivet is really cheap!

For best results, pop rivet should be placed three to five inches apart. If you’re aiming for a more secure connection, reduce the spacing even further. If your goal is to enhance aesthetics and save money, you may want to make the spacing larger. However, considering the application of the project, pop rivets may be your best choice.

Try different types of pop rivets to find the option that works best for your project while keeping the overall cost to a minimum.

Why is Pop Rivets Cheap?

Want a secure and stable connection at the lowest economic cost? The cost of using pop rivets is usually very low due to various advantages. That’s why pop rivets will be the first choice for various projects!

Here are a few reasons why pop rivets projects are inexpensive.

High Production Efficiency

POP rivets are manufactured on a large scale through automated production lines. The production process is highly automated, allowing large quantities of rivets to be produced quickly and efficiently. This efficient production reduces manufacturing costs.

Relatively Low Cost of Materials

POP rivets are usually made from common metal materials such as aluminium alloy and steel. These materials are relatively low cost and widely available, so the material cost of POP rivets is relatively low.

Mass Manufacturing and Market Competition

Due to the wide use of POP rivets in various industries and applications and high market demand, manufacturers usually produce them on a mass production basis, which reduces the manufacturing cost per unit of product. In addition, there are multiple manufacturers competing in the market, which also leads to relatively low prices.

Simple Design and Manufacturing Process

POP rivets have a relatively simple design and manufacturing process. This reduces the complexity and cost of production equipment and processes, further reducing the manufacturing cost of the product.

Rivmate Aluminum Sealed Type Blind Pop Rivet

Types of Pop Rivets

There are many different types of pop rivets, each with specific uses and adaptations. You can choose the right type according to the specific application requirements.

Open End Blind Rivets

Rivmate open type blind pop rivet

Open end rivets are the most common type. They have an open tail and are suitable for joining thin plates and soft materials. When POP rivets are installed, the sides of the tail expand to form a large back flattened head that provides a reliable connection. Open end rivets are one of the cheapest rivets available!

It can save you a lot of financial costs. But the strength of open end rivets is limited. There is no way to apply it to high-strength connections, but it is still strong enough for everyday use!

Closed End Blind Rivets

Sealed rivets are closed at the tail and have an internal chamber. During installation, the tail of the rivet expands and fills the chamber, creating a sealed joint. Closed end rivets are suitable for applications where water or gas permeation resistance is required.

Closed end rivets are a type of pop rivets specifically designed for waterproofing. it can be very good at fulfilling the function of waterproofing.

Rivmate Aluminum Sealed Type Blind Pop Rivet

Multi Grip Blind Rivets

Rivmate Multi Grip Blind Pop Rivet From China

The Multi grip pop rivet has multiple loop holes allowing it to accommodate different thicknesses. These rivets can accommodate a range of plate thicknesses, reducing the need for storage and inventory.

You can use just this one type of rivet instead of many others. This greatly solves your inventory problems!

Structural Rivets

Structural rivets are designed for connections with high strength requirements. They are usually made of high strength materials that provide greater tensile and shear strength. Structural rivets are widely used in automotive, aerospace and construction applications.

Types of pop rivets - Rivmate Blind Rivet Supplier

Does Your Business Need Quality Pop Rivets?

Finding quality pop rivets for your business can be challenging.Rivmate is one of the famous China pop rivets manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. We offer a wide variety of pop rivets products so that you can choose the best one for your project. Meanwhile, you can order customised pop rivets for your business.

If you are an engineer, contractor or pop rivets dealer, you can enjoy substantial discounts on your purchase. Besides that, we also offer customisation and advice on pop rivets, logistics and service support for your pop rivets project. It is worth noting that all our engineers and professionals are experienced and they always care about the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

Simply fill in the information to get the most affordable pop rivets! If you want to achieve secure riveted joints for your project at an affordable price, please contact us.

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