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What Are Pop Rivets Used For?

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I’m sure anyone who can read this article has a rudimentary knowledge of pop rivets. So what are pop rivets used for? Let’s explore this question together!

Table of Contents

Definition of Pop Rivets

Pop rivets can connect two or more pieces of material. They can be installed unilaterally. Its working principle of pulling on the mandrel to expand the rivet body and form a strong connection makes it an ideal joining solution.Pop rivets can join a wide range of materials including metals, plastics, composites and more.

Pop rivets are available in a variety of types from the time they were invented to the present day. Pop rivets can be adapted to different application requirements, including open end blind rivets, closed end blind rivets, high strength structural blind rivets, waterproof blind rivets and corrosion resistant blind rivets.

What is The Advantage of Pop Rivet?

Rivmate Multi Grip Blind Pop Rivet From China

Pop rivets offer many benefits that make them ideal fasteners for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. Its benefits include:

  • Single-side mounting: pop rivets are especially suited for application scenarios where the backside is not accessible, such as inside enclosed structures, pipes or boxes.
  • Very versatile: A wide range of materials can be joined, including metals, plastics, and composites. Available in a wide range of sizes and types, they can be adapted to a variety of different applications.
  • High Strength Connection: Provides strong clamping force and can be used in high vibration environments.
  • Low cost: quick installation saves a lot of installation time and labor cost.

With these benefits, Pop rivets are indispensable fasteners in a wide range of industries. Its efficiency, reliability and flexibility make it a superior joining solution in a variety of application scenarios.

When Should you Use Rivets?

Pop rivets are ideal for thin sheet connections. Pop rivets are ideal if your project meets any of the following conditions.

  • Only one side of the part to be joined can be accessed.
  • Different types of materials need to be joined, e.g. metal to plastic, metal to composite.
  • High vibration environments, such as automobiles and airplanes.
  • Scenarios where quick installation is required.
  • Applications where the appearance needs to be kept neat and tidy. Such as electronic equipment, household appliances and furniture.
  • Requirements for lightweight construction.

Pop rivets are efficient and reliable fasteners for a variety of application scenarios such as unilateral mounting, joining of heterogeneous materials, high vibration environments, the need for efficient mounting, cosmetic requirements, corrosion protection requirements and lightweighting requirements. Proper selection and use of Pop rivets ensures a strong, aesthetically pleasing and durable connection.

Applications of Pop Rivets

There are many applications for pop rivets, and basically every industry uses different types of pop rivets. below is a list of some of the scenarios where pop rivets are used!

Pop Rivets for Aerospace

Aircraft Blind Rivets - How to Choose Blind Rivets for Aircraft? - Material Compatibility
Why do Airplanes Use Rivets Instead of Welds?

Pop rivets have many applications in aerospace. This includes the attachment of aircraft fuselages and wing panels for aircraft structures. And during aircraft repair and maintenance, pop rivets can be used to repair hard-to-reach backside structures.

The Boeing 787, for example, uses a large number of pop rivets in the fuselage and wings of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. these pop rivets provide lightweight and high-strength connections, ensuring that the aircraft maintains its structural integrity in a high-stress and high-vibration environment.

Pop Rivets for Car

Self Piercing Rivets for Car Roof and Body Cap Connection
Rivmate Car Rivets Application

In the quest for a better experience, cars tend to reduce their overall weight.SoThat’s why lightweightThat’s why lightweighting has become theThat’s why lightweighting has become a mainstayThat’s why lightweighting has become theThat’s why lightweighting has become a mainstreamThat’s why lightweighting has become mainstream.
During the car manufacturing process, both metal and plastic panels of the body can be joined using pop rivets. The interior of the car is decorated with trim and dashboards. Including the maintenance of the car, pop rivets are heavily used.

Electric cars use a lot of aluminum pop rivets in pursuit of overall light weight. take Tesla’s model 3 for example, its aluminum body panels are made of pop rivets!

Pop Rivets for Construction

What is a blind rivet used for?Application of Blind Rivets for Construction Industry
What is a blind rivet used for?Application of Blind Rivets for Construction Industry

In the field of building construction, a large number of fasteners are used to secure components, and pop rivets are one of the most heavily used. A large number of different types of pop rivets are used for metal roofing and wall panels, curtain wall systems, and structural steel connections, such as waterproof bulb tite blind rivets for fixing and waterproofing glass and metal curtain walls in high-rise buildings.

Pop Rivets for Electronic Devices

What Are Pop Rivets Used For? - Pop Rivets for Electronic Devices

A lot of pop rivets are used on electronic devices for installation. Examples include the attachment of laptop and desktop housings, the fixing of cooling exhausts and the installation of fans, the assembly of power supplies and monitors. In addition to this. There are tons of other places where pop rivets are used to install connections. Their unilateral mounting, strong clamping force and neat appearance make them ideal for use in the assembly and repair of electronic equipment.

Pop Rivets for Furniture Manufacturing

What Are Pop Rivets Used For? - Pop Rivets for Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture manufacturing seeks good quality connections at an inferior price. That’s why pop rivet has become an important connection in furniture manufacturing. Like frame assembly of metal furniture, panel fixing, quick installation of modular furniture are using pop rivets.Some furniture accessories and fittings like glides, handles, hooks are basically using pop rivets.The chairs and tables that you use outdoors are secured by pop rivets!

Pop Rivets for Marine Equipment

Closed End Blind Rivets for Aluminum Boats
Rivmate Waterproof Bulb Tite Rivets

On the ocean, one is constantly exposed to endless sea water and blistering sunlight. So the requirements for pop rivets are very high. For example, aluminum pop rivets and stainless steel pop rivets are often used, as well as waterproof bulb tite blind rivets. Like hull panels, decking, cabin bulkheads all use pop rivets for attachment.

Pop rivets are widely used because of their one-sided installation, strong clamping force and corrosion resistance. From hulls and decks to interiors and furnishings, from equipment repairs to piping systems to life-saving equipment and safety features, Pop rivets provide a reliable solution to ensure that a wide variety of connections are strong and durable in the marine environment. Proper selection and use of Pop Rivets can significantly improve the safety, stability and longevity of marine and maritime equipment.


Pop rivets offer the advantages of quick installation, suitability for a wide range of different materials and scenarios, and low price. With these advantages, pop rivets are used in a variety of industrial and construction sectors, including automotive and aerospace manufacturing, the connection of electronic equipment and furniture components, and the connection of various sheet types.

Through the above, I believe you have a deep understanding of “What Are Pop Rivets Used For?”. Above I just list some application scenarios of pop rivets, if you don’t find any scenario for your business, you can contact us! Our engineers will provide you with a perfect solution!

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