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stainless rivets

Uni-grip Blind Stainless Rivets

Detailed Information

Uni-grip stainless rivets Material

  • Mandrel
    • Material
      • 304 Series stainless steel
    • Surface
      • Natural polish
  • Body
    • Material
      • 304 Series stainless steel
    • Surface
      • Natural polish
uni-grip steel rivet installing
uni-grip steel rivet structure

Applications of the Product

Suitable for riveting metal, plastic and composite materials. It is used for riveting various thin structural parts in various vehicles, ships, construction, machinery, electronics and other industries.

Professional services

We provide customized services, welcome to inquire.

Uni-grip Stainless Rivets

Knowledge You Should Know

Advantages of Our Products.

We provide the size:3.2(1/8″) – 6.4(1/4″).

For the detailed specification information, we attach the table below, you can know the parameters of our products in detail.

Services we can provide:

We can provide you with free samples and place your order after you are satisfied.

If you need, you can contact us, we can provide the product test video and perfect test report.

Manufacturing and Testing Equipment.

Rivet nut inspection
Rivet nut machine
Rivet nut installation machine for BOM
rivet supply
Rivet machine

Technical Parameters and Product Specifications

multi-grip blind stainless rivet technical parameters


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