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1/4 Tri Fold Rivets - All Alumnum

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Product Specifications

Rivmate All Aluminum Tri Fold Grip Bulb Rivets

The Technical Parameters of Tri Fold Rivets

Art.Code Part Number Size d(Nom.) L(Ref.) dk(Max) Hole Dia Grip Range Tensile ref. Shear ref.
AAT-0516 AAT40140 4.0×14 4.0(5/32") 16.0 8.3 4.2-4.4 1.0-3.0 750N 550N
AAT-0523 AAT40188 4.0×18.8 21.2 3.0-7.0
AAT-0619 AAT48160 4.8×16 4.8(3/16") 18.1 10.1 5.2-5.5 1.0-4.0 950N 750N
AAT-0625 AAT48205 4.8×20.5 23.3 1.0-9.0
AAT-0630 AAT48250 4.8×25 27.1 4.0-12.0

Product Description

Rivmate 1/4 Tri Fold Rivets

  • “Split” tail section spreads the tail bearing load/rivet load over the rear plate
  • Spreads the pressure of the tail section over the rear plate, providing high resistance to pullout force
  • Nail cores prevent rivets from damaging and making noise
  • Can be used on softer materials

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