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The Ultimate Guide to Jack Nuts

By RIVMATE /February 23,2024                     Tite: The Ultimate Guide to Jack Nuts

Jack nuts manufacturer in china

Jack nut is a blind rivet nut with a unique structural design.Jack nut is a cost-effective fastener that provides a bolted node for component attachment. So what type of fastener is jack nut? How to wholesale jack nuts? Via this article. You will get the answer you want.

Table of Contents

What is a Jack Nut ?

Jack nuts are designed to join thin, soft or brittle materials. During installation, the expanding area of the jack nuts creates a collapse on the backside of the material and acts as a fastener.

Jack nuts usually consist of two parts:

  1. hollow cylinder
  2. expansion area

The entire body of the jack nuts is a cylinder. It is open at the top and bottom. It has internal threads that provide a solid attachment point for bolts or screws.

When mounting pressure is applied to the jack nut, its expansion area expands to form a tight connection.

Applications of Jack Nuts

Jack nuts are typically used in applications where they are not subjected to large loading forces. Examples include panels holding electrical equipment, mechanical panels, shrouds, operating devices, etc. Jack nut has always performed well in thin material applications. Below are a few common application scenarios:

  • vehicles
  • aerospace
  • Electronic equipment industry
  • Furniture manufacturing industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • Power industry

Applicable materials:

  • Sheet metal
  • soft plastic
  • wood
  • Fine Glass

These are just some of the common industry applications. In fact Jack nuts are widely used in many industries and fields.

Specifications of Jack Nuts

carbon steel jack nut structure
Thread Grip Range(Min) Grip Range(Max) Hole Size D(Max) DK K L
10-24 0.79 4.75 9.7-10.16 9.69 13.6 2.0 18.0
10-24 4.75 9.53 9.7-10.16 9.69 13.6 2.0 22.2
1/4-20 0.50 4.70 11.13-11.43 11.1 16.3 2.0 18.3
1/4-20 0.50 4.70 11.13-11.43 11.1 16.3 2.0 18.3
M4 0.5 4.75 8.1-8.4 7.82 12.0 1.8 16.9
4.75 9.53 22.9
M5 0.5 4.75 9.7-10.2 9.6 13.5 1.85 17.9
4.75 9.53 22.9
M6 0.5 4.75 11.1-11.4 11.13 15.9 1.85 18.2
4.75 9.53 23.0

How to Choose the Right Jack Nuts ?

All fastener selection processes and points are similar. All have to be considered in terms of size, material.


Before choosing the right jack nut. You need to determine the thickness of the material where the jack nuts are to be installed. Different sizes of jack nut have different thicknesses of joints. In addition to that, you have to determine the size of the holes in your material to determine the size of the jack nut. Common sizes are M4 – M6.

Thread Type

Jack nuts have an internally threaded design. It is also available in different thread sizes, either UNC or UNF, and it is necessary to check in advance that the Jack nut matches the specification and size of the bolts that need to be connected.


The difference in properties between different metal materials is also significant. Common materials used in the fabrication of Jack Nut include stainless steel and carbon steel, and if you have special needs, you can contact Rivmate to customize your project.

How to Install Jack Nuts?

The above video shows a Jack nut installation tutorial posted on the RivetLab channel in youtube.

Steps to install Jack Nut:

  1. Preparation: pre-drilled holes, matching jack nut. installation tools.
  2. Inserting the Jack Nut into the hole: Insert the Jack Nut into the hole making sure the threaded portion is on one side of the hole.
  3. Activate the tool: Using the appropriate tool, apply the appropriate amount of force to expand the bottom expansion area of the Jack Nut.
  4. Check Installation: Verify that the Jack Nut is fully expanded and has a tight connection to the material. Gently twist the Jack Nut to make sure it has not loosened or rotated.

Buying Guide to Jack Nut

The process for purchasing a jack nut is the same as for any other fastener. I will list the correct wholesale steps for you. This includes finding a supplier, comparing prices and quality, payment, and points to watch out for.

Find a Reliable Jack nut Supplier

There are many suppliers in the market that are not able to Jack nut this product. So you have to go to the market to find manufacturers who are able to produce Jack nuts in large quantities. But at Rivmate, you can get high quality jack nuts and reliable services.

Compare prices, quality and service

After finding a reliable jack nut supplier, you need to compare the suppliers in terms of price, quality and service offered. Consider the price differences between different suppliers, but don’t base your decision solely on the lowest price. It is also important to check the quality certifications and manufacturing standards of the product to ensure that the Jack Nut purchased meets the requirements.

Wholesale Recommendations

  • View samples or technical specifications: If possible, request samples or detailed technical specifications from the supplier to assess quality and suitability.
  • Understand after-sales support: Learn about the supplier’s after-sales support policies and services, including return and exchange policies, warranty period and technical support. Ensure that the supplier is able to resolve any issues or concerns in a timely manner.

Looking for Jack Nut Supplier? Rivmate can Help you !

If you want to buy Jack nut. if you are looking for jack nut supplier, please contact Rivmate.

Rivmate is one of the top jack nut manufacturers in China, which can provide you with high quality and complete sizes of jack nut, you can solve all your jack nut purchasing needs from Rivmate at one time. To learn more about jack nut, contact one of our engineers!

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