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Stainless Steel Slotted Body Rivet Nut

Detailed Information

Installation Steps and Internal Structure

The internal structure of the slotted body rivet nut is relatively simple, but its groove and elastic zone design gives it better adaptability and support, which can provide a reliable threaded connection in thin metal materials.

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stainless steel slotted rivet nut structure

Applications of the Product

Stainless steel slotted body rivet nuts have higher corrosion resistance and durability than Carbon steel slotted rivet nuts. They are commonly used in applications where threads need to be added to thin metal materials, such as in Marine, aerospace, chemical and food processing environments.

Knowledge You Should Know

Advantages of Our Products.

The size is M4 ,M5 ,M6 , M8.

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Materials : Stainless Steel ,Carboon Steel

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Manufacturing and Testing Equipment.

Rivet nut inspection
Rivet nut machine
Rivet nut installation machine for BOM
rivet supply
Rivet machine

Technical Parameters and Product Specifications

stainless steel slotted rivet nut technical parameters


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