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Now-Lock Blind Rivet(Carbon steel)

Detailed Information

Speed Rivets Installation Steps and Internal Structure

The internal structure of Now-Lock blind rivet includes a mechanical mandrel locking mechanism that assures maximum strength and shock resistance. The risk of loose mandrel is almost eliminated, and compensates for irregular, oversized, elongated or misaligned holes by quick expanding rivet cap.

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Applications of the Speed Rivets

The Now-Lock blind rivet is suitable for various materials and applications, especially for connections that require high strength and shock resistance. It can be used in the automotive, aerospace, construction, electronics, electrical, furniture, machinery, transportation and other industries. For instance, the automotive and aerospace industries need to join high-strength materials, the construction industry needs to connect large structures, the electronics and electrical industry needs to connect circuit boards, and the machinery industry needs to join various machine components. Due to its unique structure, Now-Lock blind rivet can compensate for irregular, oversized, elongated, or misaligned holes, making it widely applicable.

Structure and Parameters

Now-Lock blind rivets are available in three diameter sizes: 4.8mm rivets, 6.4mm  rivets, and 9.8mm rivets,3/16″ rivets,1/4″ rivets,3/8″ rivets. They come in round head and 100° flush head styles. Now-Lock blind rivets are made of carbon steel/carbon steel, stainless steel/stainless steel, and aluminum/aluminum. Different materials and specifications meet different application needs, such as using stainless steel/stainless steel blind rivets in environments that require strength and corrosion resistance or using aluminum/aluminum blind rivets in situations that require lightweight.

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Knowledge You Should Know

Advantages of Our Products.

Now-Lock blind rivets are high-performance fasteners that feature an advanced locking mechanism ensuring a highly anti-vibration and shock-resistant joint. They are also known for their high strength, reliability and ease of installation. Now-Lock blind rivets are applicable to connect various materials, including metals, plastics, and wood. The intricate design of Now-Lock blind rivets allows for quick installation, making it highly efficient for production purposes. Additionally, the visually appealing aspect of these rivets ensures a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing look to the connection point.

We also accept customized orders from clients. The groove design between the nail head and nail shank allows for burrs around the workpiece installation hole. Our products are widely used in various industries, including the automotive, high-speed rail, medium and high voltage electrical cabinet, home appliance, and industrial applications.

Now-Lock and Avdel rivets are high-performance fasteners. Now-Lock has an advanced locking mechanism for shock and vibration resistance, and a sleek appearance. Avdel lacks the locking mechanism and has a simpler look. Now-Lock is ideal for high-strength and aesthetically-demanding connections, while Avdel is suitable for general-purpose connections.

Manufacturing and Testing Equipment.

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Technical Parameters and Product Specifications

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