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Sheet Metal Blind Fasteners : A Complete Buying Guide

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Table of Contents

Sheet Metal Blind Fasteners : A Complete Buying Guide

Do you know which sheet metal blind fasteners you should use for your sheet metal business?Do you know how you should buy sheet metal blind fasteners that are high quality and affordable? Through this article, you will learn the difference between different blind fasteners and how to choose them!

Table of Contents

What Are Sheet Metal Blind Fasteners?

What Are Sheet Metal Blind Fasteners?

Sheet metal blind fasteners are a type of fastener specifically designed to join or secure sheet metal components. They are also referred to as “blind” trims because they only need to be installed from one side of the workpiece without access to the other side. Blind fastener is a generic term for bolts, rivets, rivet nuts and other fasteners.

The installation process typically involves inserting the blind fastener into a pre-drilled hole in the sheet metal. A riveting tool is then used to pull on the fastener, which causes the body of the blind fastener to deform and expand on the blind side of the workpiece, creating a strong and tight connection.

Why Use Blind Hole Fasteners for Sheet Metal?

applications of self clinching fastener

Blind hole fasteners are the most commonly used fasteners in sheet metal applications. Blind Hole Fasteners have many unique advantages over other fasteners.

  • Sheet metal is usually only accessible from one side, and there is no way to solve this problem with traditional joining methods. Blind hole fasteners offer a great solution. It does not require backside access!
  • The installation process for blind hole fasteners is very quick. Compared to the installation of other fasteners, blind hole fasteners reduce assembly time and labour costs.
  • Blind-hole fasteners create a strong, tight connection that provides excellent vibration resistance.
  • Blind hole fasteners can be used with a variety of sheet metal materials including aluminium, steel and conforming materials.
  • Conventional fastening methods (e.g. welding or bolting) may cause damage to sheet metal surfaces, including thermal deformation, surface scratches and distortion. Blind hole fasteners do not damage the surface of sheet metal!

Blind hole fasteners provide a practical and efficient solution for joining sheet metal components, minimising the risk of potential workpiece damage.

What Are the Three Types of Fastener Used to Join Sheet Metal

Depending on the requirements of your project or business, choices can be made based on factors such as the specific application, required strength, accessibility and aesthetics. Each method has its own installation, cost and overall performance considerations.

There are three common types of blind hole fasteners:

  1. Blind Rivet
  2. Rivet Nut
  3. Self Clinching Nut

Blind Rivet

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Blind Rivet, as one of the most commonly used assembly fasteners in sheet metal. It is a fast and easy way to connect two or more sheet metal pieces.

Because of its unique characteristics, Blind Rivet is widely used in sheet metal assembly and connection in electronic, electrical, telecommunication, mechanical and other industrial fields for various sheet metal materials and thicknesses.

Rivet Nut

The Rivet Nut creates an internally threaded connection on sheet metal that can be threaded to provide a connection point for other parts.
Rivet nut is also used in a very wide range of applications on sheet metal. In cases where sheet metal structures need to be strengthened and reinforced, the Rivet Nut can be used to mount reinforcements or add accessories.
The Rivet nut is a simple, cost-effective fastener solution for providing a secure attachment point. It is also suitable for a wide range of sheet metal materials and thicknesses.

Rivet Nuts Chart in Rivnut kit

Self Clinching Nut

self clinching fastener

Blind fasteners that provide a stable connection point in sheet metal are not only available as rivet nuts, but also as self clinching fasteners. self clinching fasteners provide a strong connection without the use of additional nuts, bolts or screws.
Self clinching fasteners are ideally suited for thin sheet metal and limited mounting controls that can be installed into the sheet metal by mechanical pressure or pressure equipment.Self clinching fasteners are used in sheet metal assemblies in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, electrical equipment and other industries.

Which Fastener is Intended to Join Two Pieces of Sheet Metal?

There are many types of blind fasteners, including but not limited to blind rivet, rivet nut, and self clinching fastener.
But the most common fastener used to join two pieces of sheet metal is the blind rivet.

Rivets are designed for thin sheet metal materials. A blind rivet consists of a cylindrical body, a rivet and a head. When the rivet is installed, the rivet is pulled, expanding the body and creating a strong connection between two pieces of sheet metal.

What is the Best Fastener for Joining Thin Sheets of Metal

What is the Best Fastener for Joining Thin Sheets of Metal

Although rivets are one of the most commonly used streamlining in sheet metal joining, it is the Self clinching fastener that is the most suitable fastener for thin sheet metal joining. They are fasteners specifically designed for thin sheet metal connections, but the complexity of the installation process limits the number of uses.

Self clinching fastener has a strong and secure connection that provides a reliable and long lasting connection. Once installed, they form a strong, permanent joint that resists loosening or pulling out.Self clinching fasteners are flush with the surface of the sheet metal after installation, giving them a clean and attractive appearance.

How Do Blind Fasteners Work?

Different types of blind fasteners work differently. Blind rivets and rivet nuts work in a very similar way, by using a tool to deform and expand the end of the fastener to tighten the connection.

How Do Blind Rivet Fasteners Work?
How Do Blind Rivet Fasteners Work?
How Do Blind Rivet Nut Fasteners Work?
How Do Blind Rivet Nut Fasteners Work?

Blind bolts, like other blind fasteners, also require only one side to operate, but the principle is slightly different. Blind bolts are made up of a pin, collar and sleeve. As you install your project, the collar of the blind bolt expands while holding the blind bolt in place.The diagram below demonstrates how a blind bolt works!

How Do Blind Bolts Fasteners Work?

What is the Difference Bwtween a Blind Bolt and a Blind Rivet?

The main difference between blind bolts and blind rivets is the mechanism by which they create a strong connection. Blind bolts use a bolt and sleeve system, while blind rivets use a rivet core and an expanded rivet body. Additionally, blind bolts are typically used to join structural components, while blind rivets are often used to join lightweight materials.

Things to Consider Before Buying Sheet Metal Blind Fasteners

Are you looking for a blind fastener supplier for your sheet metal business? Do you know what you should consider when buying blind fasteners? Do you know which blind fasteners are best for your business? Don’t worry, I will tell you how to get the best blind fasteners for your business.

Application Requirements

You need to understand the specific requirements of your business. Considerations include load-carrying capacity, expected stress levels, environmental conditions and materials to be joined. This will help you determine the type, size and strength of the blind fastener you need.

Material Compatibility:

Before choosing a blind fastener, you need to determine which material is compatible with the material you are trying to connect. Different materials may require blind fasteners made of the corresponding material, for example if different metals are to be joined, consider factors such as the corrosion potential of the plating.

Custom Raw Material

Strength and Load Carrying Capacity

You need to have a clear understanding of the strength and load-bearing capacity that you need for your business. Consider the expected forces and stresses to which the joint may be subjected. Select blind fasteners that can withstand the expected loads and provide a safe and reliable connection.

Cost and Quantity

Of course you need to consider your budget and the number of blind fasteners you need for your project. Compare prices from different suppliers to evaluate the overall cost effectiveness of blind fasteners. Considerations include quantity discounts, long-term durability and maintenance costs.

Technical Support and Expertise

If you have specific or complex requirements, consider consulting a fastener supplier or an engineer specialising in fastening solutions. They can provide guidance, recommend appropriate blind fasteners, and answer any technical questions you may have.

Rivmate is a top manufacturer of rivets and rivet nuts in China, we can provide professional fastener guidance and customised solutions.We can recommend suitable blind fasteners and answer any technical questions you may have.


The significance of the emergence of Blind Fastener is significant. This is because they solve connection situations where double-sided connections are not possible or where space is limited. By taking into account the strength requirements of your business, the economic budget and labour costs, you are already perfectly positioned to make the right choice for your project.

Blind fastener can solve a lot of problems for you and you don’t need to use a lot of manpower and installation machinery.There is no need to worry about how safe they are. Blind fastener is safer than many other fasteners and is suitable for thin sheet metal connections.

Using a blind fastener is well worth the effort. I’m sure you won’t regret doing so! It will bring a stable and secure connection to your business!。

Are You Looking for the Perfect Sheet Metal Blind Fastener for Your Business? Rivmate Can Help!

Rivmate is a reputable company in the field of sheet metal blind fasteners. From blind rivet to rivet nut, from self clinching fastener to blind bolts. we offer the best options according to your custom needs and requirements. Contact us and discuss your project for expert advice and consultation.

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