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How to Choose Self Piercing Rivets for Automotive ?

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Table of Contents

Self Piercing Rivets for Automotive

This complete guide to automotive spr rivets discusses the importance of the self piercing rivets for automotive manufacturing and lists the steps that can be taken when choosing the right automotive spr rivet.

Table of Contents

When it comes to running a car, perfect operation requires a secure connection. The right spr rivet can provide a secure and stable connection and achieve light weight, providing a better overall experience for customers using the car.

In this article, we delve into the science of car spr rivet and teach you how to choose the right spr rivets for your car.

Let’s get started.

Rivmate SPR Rivet(Self piercing rivet)

The Importance of Using Self Piercing Rivets in Automobiles

In the automotive industry, many materials are used, including materials that are difficult to resistor touch weld. Aluminium alloy profiles bring challenges to the welding process while relieving the mass of the car body. For example, MIG/MAG welding, which is widely used in automotive general-purpose parts, will face the following difficulties.

After the use of aluminium alloy profiles, the thickness of the material is thinner than the original, easy to appear in the steel welding through the phenomenon; After welding is easy to deformation.

  • Aluminium alloy profiles are more sensitive to heat input and are prone to welding cracks.
  • The compressive strength of butt welds in the heat-affected zone is easily weakened.
  • It is not easy to connect between steel and aluminium dissimilar metals.

Therefore, the main welding methods in the automotive industry (MIG/MAG welding, touch welding, laser welding, etc.) can no longer meet the requirements of aluminium alloy profiles. More advanced joining technologies have to be developed in order not to hold back the development of lightweight automobiles. SPR Rivet meets the requirements for joining lightweight materials such as stainless steel sheets or aluminium. No exothermic reaction in the riveting process; its anti-static tensile strength and fatigue relief are better than the touch welding process, and the plate only in the riveting does not need to turn the hole; process steps to simplify, reduce costs, can be suitable for automotive body efficiency of the production of the car body, and effectively overcome the aluminium touch welding produced by the various difficult points.

How to Choose Self Piercing Rivets for Automotive ?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Self Piercing Rivets

Of course, spr rivet is not perfect. It has advantages and disadvantages. spr rivet’s advantages meet the needs in automotive manufacturing. Below we will discuss the pros and cons of the spr rivet in more detail.


Strength and Rigidity

SPR rivets provide high strength and rigidity in connections for demanding structural applications. It can rivet aluminium and high strength steel.

Environmental Protection

SPR rivet does not produce any pollution, including smoke, noise, etc. during the installation process.

Automated Installation

SPR rivets can be installed efficiently with automated equipment, increasing productivity and consistency. This reduces the need for manual handling, speeds up production lines and reduces human error.

Simplified Manufacturing Process

SPR rivets are simple to install and do not require pre-drilling. They can be joined in a one-sided operation, eliminating the need for access from the other side, simplifying manufacturing processes and procedures. And SPR rivets are ideal for mass production, which can be fully automated.

Consistent Riveting Results

SPR rivet’s riveting results are better than electric welding and the quality of the joint is consistent and very stable.


Equipment Requirements

SPR Rivet installation equipment is very expensive and heavy compared to other joining methods. And in order to properly install and operate SPR rivets, operators require additional investment and training.

High Cost

Self Piercing Rivets for Automotive - High Cost Self Piercing Rivets Tool

SPR rivets are costly compared to traditional riveting or bolting methods. This includes the cost of the rivet itself as well as the equipment and tools required.

Restricted Joining Locations

Since SPR rivets require prior penetration of the workpiece, the joining locations are somewhat restricted. Both sides of the material at the joint must be in contact, and there is no way to make a one-sided joint.

Repair Difficulty

Once SPR rivets have been installed, repairing or replacing the connection becomes complicated. This may require specialised equipment and techniques, making repair and maintenance more difficult.

How to Choose Self Piercing Rivets for Automotive ?

SPR rivet is used in a wide range of applications, particularly in the window and door, automotive and decorative industries, where it is well suited to meet the requirements of these industries. So what should we look for when choosing SPR Rivet for our projects? I will complete this explanation with an example of an automotive project:

Determine the Specifications of the SPR Rivet

Generally Self piercing rivets are available in sizes between 3.2 and 5.3. The length of this type of rivets is between 5-13mm. you need to make sure that the specification size of the sprit rivet required for your project is met.

You just need to follow the following points to complete the process:

  1. Determine the thickness of the sheet metal parts of the car
  2. the strength requirements of the project
  3. vibration and load conditions

Based on the above requirements, you will be able to roughly determine what specifications of SPR Rivet you need for your project.

Rivmate SPR Rivet(Self piercing rivet)

Determine the Material of the SPR Rivet

Compatibility between different materials is also one of the important factors in choosing the right sprit rivet. Common metals include aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper.

As an example, aluminium is one of the common materials used in automotive manufacturing, so if you want to achieve a stable connection, then you can choose between aluminium and carbon steel for your SPR Rivet. If the material that needs to be riveted is carbon steel, then you need to choose a high strength carbon steel SPR Rivet class to complete this process of connection.

In short, the strength of the material of the spr rivet needs to be greater than the strength of the material being riveted!

Whether by Special Request

It is well known that automobiles operate in environments that are exposed to a variety of environmental conditions, including humidity, salt spray, road salt, and more. So the external environmental influences need to be considered when choosing the material for SPR rivet. Choosing SPR rivets with good corrosion resistance is the only way to ensure the durability and reliability of the connection.

Testing and Validation

After determining the specification and material of the SPR rivet, it is still necessary to test and verify the supplier’s SPR rivet samples. Evaluate the strength, reliability and durability of the actual connection of the project, to ensure that the selected SPR rivet meets the really requirements.


For modern cars, safety is just as important as the speed they provide. People don’t just buy cars to get to their destinations quickly, but also to enjoy the pleasures of life that they bring with them, and all of this is based on the fact that the car is safe. A good connection helps to increase the weight and safety of the car and makes your customers loyal fans of your brand.

Redefine the safety of your car and choose the best quality spr rivet for your project.

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