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What is a Clinch Stud?

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A self clinch stud is a fastener used to press fastener. Self clinch stud generally has an external thread, according to its different thread specifications, can be installed in different materials, different thickness of the workpiece.

The smaller the thread diameter, the thinner the plate thickness it mounts. Due to its simplicity and convenience, it is widely used in furniture, wood, electronic appliances and metal structures (sheet metal).

During installation, it is necessary to get the threaded side of the self clinch stud into the interior of the material by extrusion such as stamping.

What Material Is Used For Self Clinch Stud?

Self Clinch Studs are available in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Of course, this is commonly used in daily life, there are other materials such as copper and other materials are not commonly used.
Common self clinch stud from the material is divided into carbon steel self clinching stud, stainless steel self clinching stud, aluminum self clinching stud three categories. Different materials are also different processes, treatment is not the same.
About the self clinch stud material, surface treatment, etc. to collate a simple small table, as follows

Types Material Code Hot Treatment Surface Plating
Carbon Steel Self Clinching Studs FH Hardening and Tempering blue-white zinc
Stainless Steel Self Clinching Studs FHS / natural qualities
FHP / natural qualities
Aluminum Self Clinching Studs FHA / natural qualities
Hardened Stainless Steel Self Clinching Studs FH4 Vacuum quenching natural qualities

Note: Carbon steel self clinching stud need to be heat treated and plated after production. Plating colours are: environmentally friendly coloured zinc, white zinc, blue zinc, black zinc, nickel on copper background and ordinary coloured zinc, etc., which can be selected according to different needs.

The common surface treatment methods are shown below:

Surface Treatment Finish Code
Galvanised ZINC CLEAR ZI
nickel-plated NICKEL FLASH NI
chrome-plated CHROME FLASH CR
natural qualities NATURAL NL

What Are The Different Types of Self Clinch Stud?

Types Material Differences
FH Carbon Steel High torsional and push-out forces for thin plates from 0.02" / 0.76mm.
FHS Stainless Steel Strong corrosion resistance,High torsional and push-out forces for thin plates from 0.02" / 0.76mm.
FHA Aluminum The material is lighter and can effectively reduce the overall weight.
FH4 Hardened Stainless Steel Special selc clinching stud for 0.04" / 1mm thick stainless steel plate.
FHP Stainless Steel High torque screws, high tensile properties, high strength, high corrosion resistance

Self Clinch Stud Installation

What is the specific riveting operation of the self clinching stud? Now let’s talk about its installation method and some matters needing attention.

The following is the installation method of dynamic diagram

install self clinching studs

Installation Steps:

  1. It is necessary to first cut a suitable hole in the workpiece to be riveted, the diameter of which is larger than the outer diameter of the self clinching stud fixing thread.
  2. Place the self clinching stud into the hole
  3. Adjust the pressure parameters of the riveting machine.
  4. Squeeze evenly against the head of the self clinching stud
  5. Complete the installation. Check that it is mounted flat.


Point of Attention:

  1. Installation of self clinching stud must be done with a professional installation machine.Installation of rivets must be done with a professional installation machine.
  2. The openings must be processed in strict accordance with a tolerance of 0-0.08 mm, generally using punching technology.
  3. Pressure riveting to choose the appropriate pressure, otherwise it will not riveted firmly or cause damage to the fastener.

Advantages and Applications of Self Clinching Studs

The self clinching studs are not connected in the same way as traditional screws, not only is there no damage to the original properties of the material, but the riveting effect is also guaranteed.

Advantages of Self Clinching Stud:

  • Easy and quick to assemble. Improve the riveting efficiency, and can meet a variety of design requirements.
  • Non-hazardous surface processing, suitable for plated materials
  • High rotational and torsional power, high riveting strength.
  • Wide range of use, plastic deformable sheet metal parts can be used.


Self clinching studs are specialised hardware for products in the telecoms industry, sheet metal industry, electronics and electrical appliances. Self clinching studs application is very wide, various fields can see the active figure of clinch stud.


applications of self clinching fastener
applications of self clinching fastener

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