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Riveted Connections in Steel Structures - How to Choose Pop Rivets for Steel Structures?

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Table of Contents

Riveted Connections in Steel Structures - How to Choose Pop Rivets for Steel Structures?

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Table of Contents

What is a Steel Structure Rivet?

Why do Airplanes Use Rivets Instead of Welds?

The connection of steel structures is a very important part in the field of construction, bridges, machinery and equipment. Blind Rivets are a common fastener that can be used for structural steel connections and can be used to provide a strong connection in applications where access to the backside is not possible. There are many types of structural steel blind rivets and many materials to choose from. The engineering of steel structures is rigorous in terms of the strength of the connection, and engineers simply need to follow the correct installation steps to ensure that high strength blind rivets are strong and durable in a variety of high loads and complex environments.

Types of Blind Rivet in Steel Structure

huck bolt
Lockbolt Rivets
Rivmate Bom Rivet
Bom Rivets
HuckLok Rivets - Mangnabulb Rivets - Rivmate
Hucklock Rivets
Rivmate Monobolt Rivet - Mono-Lock Blind Rivet
Monobolt Rivets

Standard Blind Rivet

Rivmate open type blind pop rivet
Open Type Blind Rivets
Blind rivets for metal roofing - Connect metal

Standard blind rivets are the most commonly used type of blind rivets. It has the most traditional blind rivet design and is suitable for joining steel structures of average strength. For example, frames, braces and general structural component connections.

For some non-load-bearing steel connections, standard blind rivets are the most suitable choice because they are cheap and affordable!

Closed End Blind Rivets

Closed End Blind Rivets for Aluminum Boats

Sealed Blind Rivets have a design that is different from other blind rivets. It has a closed rivet body that prevents liquids and gases from entering through the joint. Sealed Blind Rivets are ideally suited for applications that require sealing, such as piping, and structural steel connections in marine environments.

Multi Grip Blind Rivet

Rivmate Multi Grip Blind Pop Rivet From China
Multi Grip Blind Rivets
Blind Rivets for Roofing - Roofing Rivets - Rivmate Rivet

Multi grip blind rivet can accommodate many different material thicknesses. It provides sufficient strength while reducing stress on stock.Multi grip blind rivet is often used to fix metal roof panels, wall metal panel installation, such as the fixing of structural steel plant and equipment brackets, which need to be done with it.

High Strength Structural Rivets

RIVMATE Bom Rivets - Custom Blind Rivet Manufacturer in China
Bom Rivets
Rivmate Lockbolt Rivet Fastener | Magna Grip Lockbolts
Lockbolt Rivets
Lockbolts Fastener Rivets in Pylons

There are several types of high strength structural blind rivets such as bom rivet and lockbolt. high strength structural rivets are very widely used in steel construction. They can withstand very strong connection strength. That is why high strength structural rivets are used in applications that require high strength. For example, steel connections in high-rise buildings, truss and suspension structures in bridges, and rail connections in rail transportation. High-strength structural rivets can provide these applications with extremely high strength, durability and vibration resistance to ensure the reliability of the connection in a variety of complex environments.

Why Do You Use Blind Rivets for Steel Structures?

There are a variety of reasons for using blind rivets for structural steel connections, the main one being that blind rivets provide the high strength, reliability and ease of installation process that steel structures require. Here are a few reasons why blind rivets are used in steel structures:

Quick Installation

In many steel applications, there is no way for the connection to touch the back. Then there is a need for a way to make a one-sided connection, and the blind rivet can provide it. The installation process of blind rivets is very quick and easy, and the use of special riveting tools effectively reduces the number of installation steps and labor required, improving the efficiency of construction.

High-Strength Connections

In many structural steel applications, there is a need to withstand significant shear and pull-out forces. Then high demands are placed on the connecting blind rivets. High-strength structural blind rivets can provide very strong shear and pull-out strength, ensuring a strong and reliable connection. And can maintain the strength of the connection for a long time, will not be loosened by long-term use!

In high vibration environments, fasteners may loosen due to vibration and impact, high strength blind rivets are specialized to prevent loosening in high vibration environments. And there are some applications where the environment is very harsh, stainless steel or galvanized steel blind rivets can solve these problems!


In industry, construction is usually done on a large scale, so cost control is an important factor. Compared to conventional bolting and welding, the installation cost of blind rivets is very low. Installation of blind rivets does not require very complex installation equipment, only a hand-held pneumatic rivet gun, you can quickly complete the installation of blind rivets.

How to Choose Pop Rivets for Steel Structures?

Steel structures are generally available in the following three materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. We need to choose rivet materials that are compatible with them.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is one of the commonly used materials in steel construction. But not all materials are suitable for connecting carbon steel steel structure.

When your business requires high strength and corrosion resistance, such as bridge construction, high-rise buildings, industrial plants, marine engineering, etc., you can choose to use stainless steel blind rivets. It can provide extremely high shear strength and pull-out strength, and performs well in wet, corrosive and harsh environments! But compared with carbon steel and galvanized steel rivets, it is more costly.

Pop Rivet Distributor - Rivmate Hemlock Rivets

Galvanized steel blind rivets can be joined in applications with medium strength and medium corrosive requirements, such as building structures, equipment housings, etc. It is available at a moderate cost. Aluminum blind rivets, while more resistant to corrosion, are not recommended for carbon steel connections; they are typically used to join light metal structures!

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel materials are also commonly used in steel construction. Stainless steel provides sufficient joint strength while possessing good corrosion resistance.

So what material should be used to connect the stainless steel steel structure Blind Rivet? In fact, stainless steel blind rivets, titanium blind rivets, Monel alloy blind rivets can be used to connect the stainless steel structure. But they have a common disadvantage is that the price is relatively high. One of the cheapest is the stainless steel blind rivets.

What is not recommended is the use of aluminum blind rivets. It is lightweight, but it is less strong than stainless steel and is not suitable for connections that are subjected to high stresses. And aluminum and stainless steel are prone to galvanic corrosion when in contact, it is not recommended to use them in combination.

Galvanized Steel

There are many types of materials suitable for blind rivets for joining galvanized steel materials. For example, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel. They all work well for joining galvanized steel structures. Their strength in descending order is: alloy steel > stainless steel > galvanized steel > aluminum. The order of cost from highest to lowest is: alloy steel > stainless steel > aluminum > galvanized steel.

You can use this information to decide which material of Blind Rivet to use for your business!

Why Choose Rivmate for Your Steel Structure Pop Rivets?

  • Wide Range of Products: Rivmate offers a wide range of POP® rivets for steel structures, ensuring that you will find the right rivet for your specific needs.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Rivmate offers high quality rivets made from durable materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum to ensure that your structural steel connections are long lasting and reliable.
  • Professional Guidance: Rivmate has a team of professionals who can advise you on the right type, size and material of rivets for your project needs, load conditions and environmental factors.
  • Competitive Pricing: Rivmate’s rivet products are competitively priced to help you control your budget without compromising on quality.
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery: Rivmate ensures fast and reliable delivery, keeping your project on schedule and minimizing downtime.

Rivmate is your first choice for POP® rivets for structural steel. With its wide range of high-quality products, expert guidance, great prices and reliable delivery service, Rivmate ensures that you get the best rivets for your project needs. Contact Rivmate today to find the perfect POP® rivets for your steel structure.

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