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A912 Pneumatic Rivnut Tool


Pull Force >19.1KN
Stroke 7mm
Standard Pressure 0.55MPa
Used/Air Pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
Air Consumption 4.6 litres
Motor Speed 2000RPM
Vibration 2.5m/s²
Noise Level <75dB(A)
Weight 2.2Kg
(L*H*W)/Size 280×250×115mm
Rivet Nut Material All Material
Rivet Nut Specifications M3-M12(1/8" - 1/2")

Details of High Quality Pneumatic Rivet Nut Tool

Rivet Nut Gun Heads

Fittings are hardened. Long lasting and durable. Just repurchase and replace the screw when it wears out.

Air Vent

Exhaust holes with sound deadening design. Minimize noise generation as much as possible.

Universal Air Connector

1/4 air inlet port. 360° can be rotated at will. More convenient to use. The air tube will not be robbed.

Travel Regulator

Loosening the plug adjusts the travel by rotating the back cover. The pins can be reset after adjustment.

Non-slip Rubber Mat

Non-slip rubber pad design. Placement is more stable. Careful care of valuable tools.

What is Pneumatic Rivnut Tool?

Pneumatic rivet nut tools are perfect for small to large volume projects and applications. Pneumatic rivet nut guns can install rivet nuts into different applications very quickly and accurately. Pneumatic rivet nut guns are used in a wide variety of industrial applications.

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How to Use Pneumatic Rivet nut Gun for Riveting?

Step Decomposition
1.Place the nut on the screw and apply light pressure to allow the rivet nut gun to sense the
2.The rivet nut gun will automatically rotate the nut in when it senses it
3.Once rotated in, pull the trigger back to distort the nut.
4.Trigger continues without release, nut deforms and will automatically exit the nut

Stroke Adjustment Instructions

Pull forward by pressing slightly and turn the back cover counter or clockwise to adjust the travel. Adjust according to actual needs when working. The length of the stroke will affect the degree of deformation of the nut, and the positioning lock locks the stroke after adjustment.

A912 Pneumatic Rivet Nut Gun Adjustment Procedure

  1. The first time you use it you can pull a nut first. Observe the clearance of the nut to see if the steel plate is clamped tightly.
  2. If the nut clearance is not tight, increase the travel by a few ticks. Try a few more nuts until the nut will clamp the plate. It will be ready for operation.

Precautions for Using Pneumatic Rivnut Tool

  • The stroke is not suitable to be adjusted too much at once. Just adjust a few scales at a time until it is tuned to fit.
  • Excessive/more than 5 turns if adjusted counterclockwise + increased travel. It may cause the screw not to turn, air leakage, etc. (Solution: just shorten the stroke clockwise)
Rivmate Pneumatic Air Rivet Nut Gun Tool

How to Maintain the Pneumatic Rivet Nut Gun Tool?

About Maintenance

Proper lubrication is the responsibility of the tool user!

  • When starting work, apply a few drops of pneumatic lubricant to the air inlet.
  • Idle a few times. Lubricate the movement. Keeps good power.
  • Water vapor can condense in compressed air, and condensed water vapor tends to cause rust and corrosion.Without proper lubrication the service life of the pneumatic rivnut tool will be greatly shortened.

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Parts Breakdown of Pneumatic Rivet Nut Guns
Parts Breakdown of Pneumatic Rivet Nut Guns

Can I use a regular rivet gun to rivet nuts?

An ordinary rivet gun should not be used to rivet the rivet nut. There is no way to do this.
You need to use a special rivet nut tool to rivet a rivet nut. This tool is designed to compress the rivet nut to form a strong connection.
In order to ensure proper installation and a strong connection, it is important to use the correct and appropriate tool.

A specialized pneumatic rivet nut tool. Available in a variety of sizes and styles to install different types and sizes of rivet nuts.

Can I install rivnut without tools?

Tool-less installation of rivet nuts is generally not recommended. It would be very cumbersome and difficult to accomplish. The Rivet Nut Tool is designed to solve the problem of difficult rivet nut installation. And it is difficult to form a stable connection without proper installation.

Use a specialized rivet nut tool. This ensures that the rivet nut is properly compressed. It is effective in providing the required strength and stability. It also prevents the rivet nut from damaging the fixing material.

What is the purpose of a pneumatic rivet nut gun?

Pneumatic rivet nut guns are designed to install rivets and nuts efficiently and consistently.
Safe and fast installation of rivets and nuts is achieved by compressed air.
Pneumatic rivet guns have many advantages over manual installation tools:

  • Fast and efficient:The most important feature of the pneumatic rivet nut gun is that it can quickly complete the installation of a large number of rivet nuts. Enhance the efficiency of riveting and reduce the cost of labor.
  • Enhanced motivation:Pneumatic rivet nut tools can provide a high level of pressure. This allows the rivet nut to be firmly attached to the workpiece.
  • Suitable for a wide range of sizes:Pneumatic rivet nut guns have many interchangeable heads. Capable of riveting different sizes and types of rivet nuts. This versatility allows the Air Rivet Nut Gun to handle a variety of different applications and fastener sizes.





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