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peel type rivets

Peel Type Rivets/Blind Rivets

Detailed Information

How to install peel type rivets?

1.Drill holes in the predetermined position and ensure that the dimensions match the requirements of the rivets.
2.Insert the rivet into the hole, making sure the body cap is on the correct side (usually the outside).
3.Use an appropriate riveting tool, such as a manual or pneumatic riveting gun, to secure the rivets firmly into the desired position. During the fixing process, the main cap of the rivet gradually expands, creating a strong connection.
4.Once the rivet is secured, you can install the required threaded connection parts in the internal threaded holes.

peel type blind rivets installing
peel type blind rivets structure

Meterial of the Peel Type Rivets

  • Mandrel
    • Material
      • Carbon steel
    • Surface
      • Zinc plated
  • Body
    • Material
      • Aluminum
    • Surface
      • Natural polish

Knowledge You Should Know

Advantages of Our Products.

Peel Type Blind Rivet is a common sheet metal connection element. It consists of a main cap and an internal threaded structure.

The use case for this type of rivet is mainly in applications where it is necessary to connect with other materials through sheet metal, especially for cases where direct access to the back is not possible. They are suitable for a variety of industries, such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, furniture manufacturing, construction and electronic equipment.

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Manufacturing and Testing Equipment.

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Technical Parameters and Product Specifications

peel type blind rivets technical parameters


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