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Mono-Lock Blind Rivet (Monobolt Rivet)

Blind Rivets are high-end rivets designed for more demanding applications. The safety and strength of the rivet is important to the customer’s application, and for scenarios where bi-directional riveting is not possible, a blind rivet is the ideal solution!

Monobolt Rivets can be supplied with fully enclosed heads with visible features. A wide range of materials are available.Aluminum, 304 Stainless Steel,302 Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel SWCH45K , Carbon steel 10B21.

The mono-lock blind rivets Rivmate offer have higher corrosion resistance and are ideal for assembly in marine and harsh environments.


monobolt rivet
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mono lock blind rivet
Mono-Lock Blind Rivet(Carbon Steel)
mono bolt rivet
Mono-Lock Blind Rivet (Stainless Steel)
monobolt rivets
Mono-Lock Blind Rivet (Aluminum)
blind rivet supply
Other Blind Rivet
Riveting Tool

Rivmate have a large inventory of closed pop rivets and offer dome head rivet, countersunk head rivet and large flange rivets. We offer blind rivets in a variety of sizes, materials, and lengths.

You can easily find the Blind Rivets to meet your needs with Rivmate. Please click on the image link above to view the Closed End Rivet that is right for your project. Order rivets today, request a quote or contact us for more product information.

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multigrip rivet structure
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The rivets provide effective protection against wind and rain, seal exceptionally well, and provide a very strong, shock-resistant street that won’t be damaged by loose rods, electrical problems or rattling noises

Monobolt rivets can be used in metal or between metal and plastic.

This rivet is often used in equipment such as automobiles, cabinets and enclosures, commercial vehicles, household appliances, heating and ventilation systems, and harsh environments such as the ocean.

For all Closed End Blind Rivets

Head Style
  • Dome Head
  • Csk Head
Rivet body & Rivet Mandreal Materials
  • Carbon Steel 10B21 & Carbon Steel SWCH45K
  • 304 Stainless Steel & 304&302 Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum & Aluminum
Surface Coating
  • Zinc plated / Zinc plated
  • Natural polish / Natural polish
  • Natural / Natural

Characteristic of Monobolt rivets

  • High clamping force to easily eliminate gaps between plates
  • High shear and tensile forces
  • Good hole filling ability, can fill the holes well
  • Structural breakstem rivets
  • Unidirectional mounting for convenience
  • Can be used in place of many standard fasteners
  • Visualization of the riveting process, visualization of rivets

Typical Application Scenarios

  • Automobile
  • Equipment cabinet
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Household appliances
  • Heating and ventilation

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