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Flat Head Knurled Body Rivet Nut

Detailed Information

Installation Steps and Internal Structure

We can provide rivet nuts in various specifications and sizes:  M4 Rivet nut,M6 Rivet nut,M8 Rivet nut, etc.Rivmate’s Flat Head Round Body Rivet Nut and Flat Head Knurled Body Rivet Nut is a simple and effective rivet nut solution that can be used on sheets of varying thickness without destroying the surface coating of the sheet and with high resistance threads. Compared with other riveting methods, it has high flexibility and low cost.And it will not destroy the surface coating of the sheet, reducing rework and consumption

How Do Blind Rivet Nut Fasteners Work?
m6 rivnut structure

Applications of the Product

Our products are mainly used in construction, automobile, machinery and other industries.  We can provide a wide range of riveted nuts, cheap price, good quality.We can provide customized service for riveted nuts and provide different riveted nut solutions according to your different needs for products. Please contact us immediately to provide you with high quality rivet nut solutions.

Knowledge You Should Know

Advantages of Our Products.

The new flat head thread rivet offers the ultimate solution for your fastening needs!

Carefully designed and manufactured for excellence, our flatheaded thread rivet offers unmatched strength and versatility. Whether you are working with thin sheets or thicker materials, this innovative threaded rivet is the perfect choice for you.

What makes the difference is that our flathead thread rivet has a unique pattern design. This feature ensures a firm fixation and prevents rotation, providing a reliable and long-lasting fastening solution. Say goodbye to loose connections, embrace solid and reliable!

Our threaded rivets not only provide superior performance, but also protect your workpiece integrity. Its flat head design prevents damage to the surface coating, eliminating the need for expensive repairs or repaints. You can rest assured that your project will maintain a perfect look.


Installing our flathead thread rivet is very simple. Simply insert it into the pre-drilled hole, apply pressure, and watch it easily create strong and durable threads. Save time and effort with our user-friendly solutions without complicated tools or time-consuming processes.

Versatility is essential, and our flathead threaded rivet can meet all your fastening needs. Whether it is in the automotive, aviation, furniture or machinery fields, it can play an excellent role. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, our products meet your expectations.

Choose our flathead thread rivet to provide a solid and reliable connection for your project, making your work easier and more efficient!

Manufacturing and Testing Equipment.

Rivet nut inspection
Rivet nut machine
Rivet nut installation machine for BOM
rivet supply
Rivet machine

Technical Parameters and Product Specifications

m8 rivet nut parameter


If you are interested in finding out more about our point of sale solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales representatives to discuss further details. You can get pricing information and further details about displaying our products in your store from us upon request. Whether you are looking for a solution for rivets, riveting tools or one of our other products, we will be happy to provide you with some advice and answer any questions you may have.


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