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Reduced Head Knurled Body Rivet Nut M5 Rivet Nut

Detailed Information

Installation Steps and Internal Structure

Rivnut specification selection: M3 Rivet nut, M4 Rivet nut, M5 Rivet nut, M6 Rivet nut, M8 Rivet nut, M10 Rivet nut.

Riveted nut material and surface coating can be customized according to your needs, need to know more, contact us!

How Do Blind Rivet Nut Fasteners Work?
m5 rivet nut structure

Applications of the Product

Reduced Head Knurled Body Rivet Nut M5 Rivet Nut can be used in a wide range of fields and scenarios, including but not limited to:

Automotive industry: connecting body structure, seats, instrument panels, door panels and other components.
Mechanical manufacturing: connecting machine parts, equipment enclosures, panels, etc.
Home decoration: used to fix furniture, cabinets, lamps, curtain tracks, etc.
Aerospace: Used to connect aircraft structures, avionics, interiors, etc.

Knowledge You Should Know

Advantages of Our Products.

When it comes to the Reduced Head Knurled Body Rivet Nut M5 Rivet Nut, here are some of the marketing selling points that stand out:

1. High strength and durability: Reduced Head Knurled Body Rivet Nut M5 Rivet Nut is made of high quality materials for outstanding strength and durability. It is able to withstand high pressures and heavy loads, ensuring long-term stable connections.

2. Quick installation: This Rivet Nut has a unique design and is easy to install. With the right tool, such as a thread riveting gun or hand tool, it can be quickly installed on a variety of materials, saving time and labor.

3. Multi-function application: Reduced Head Knurled Body Rivet Nut M5 Rivet Nut Suitable for various application scenarios. Whether in automotive, aviation, machine building or home improvement, it can provide reliable connectivity solutions. Whether in metal, plastic or composite materials, it provides a strong connection.


4. Beautiful appearance: This Rivet Nut has a reduced head design that allows it to sit flush with the surface after installation without accentuating or ruining the appearance. It also has a fine pattern design, making its appearance more beautiful and generous.

5. Reliability and stability: Reduced Head Knurled Body Rivet Nut M5 Rivet Nut has undergone strict quality control and testing to ensure its quality and performance are stable and reliable. It is able to withstand the challenges of extreme environmental conditions, ensuring the robustness and durability of the connection.

Whether you are working on a car modification, machine building or home improvement, the Reduced Head Knurled Body Rivet Nut M5 Rivet Nut is the perfect choice for you. Its high strength, quick installation, versatile application, beautiful appearance, and reliability and stability will provide you with a premium connectivity solution.

Manufacturing and Testing Equipment.

Rivet nut inspection
Rivet nut machine
Rivet nut installation machine for BOM
rivet supply
Rivet machine

Technical Parameters and Product Specifications


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