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Carbon Steel Jack Nuts


  • Carbon Steel

Grip Range:

  • 0.79 – 9.53


  • M4 – M6
  • 10-20 – 1/4-20


Custom Jack Nuts for Your Project

The Technical Parameters of Jack Nuts

Thread Grip Range(Min) Grip Range(Max) Hole Size D(Max) DK K L
10-24 0.79 4.75 9.7-10.16 9.69 13.6 2.0 18.0
10-24 4.75 9.53 9.7-10.16 9.69 13.6 2.0 22.2
1/4-20 0.50 4.70 11.13-11.43 11.1 16.3 2.0 18.3
1/4-20 0.50 4.70 11.13-11.43 11.1 16.3 2.0 18.3
M4 0.5 4.75 8.1-8.4 7.82 12.0 1.8 16.9
4.75 9.53 22.9
M5 0.5 4.75 9.7-10.2 9.6 13.5 1.85 17.9
4.75 9.53 22.9
M6 0.5 4.75 11.1-11.4 11.13 15.9 1.85 18.2
4.75 9.53 23.0

Avantages of Jack Rivet Nuts

Flat and Smooth Appearance

Smooth and strong threads

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Complete Specifications

One-stop wholesale. Complete specifications, save the trouble of choosing.

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High Stiffness Jack Nuts

Suitable for ultra-thin hollow materials.

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Rivmate Jack Nuts Customized Processing Flow

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A large number of specifications, surface treatment and materials can be customized.

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Common Application Scenarios for the Jack Nuts

  • Automotive Manufacturing.
  • License plate fixing
  • Construction work
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment
  • Aviation orbit
  • Shipbuilding
  • Freeway
  • Container fixing
  • Furniture installation fixing
  • Fastening of connections for oilfield and other engineering equipment

Why Choose Rivmate As Jack Nuts Supplier?

As a top rivet nut manufacturer in China. We can offer you more competitive prices for our products.
cold forming

Competitive Price

You will work directly with the factory to get cost-effective prices.

IATF 16949:2016 certificate

International Quality Certification

We follow ISO, DIN7337, IFI114,HUCK and Avdel standard. We have IATF 16949:2016 certificate and ISO certificate.

Fast Delivery

After receiving your order, we will immediately put into production, in order to ensure product quality at the same time, as soon as possible to deliver the product to your side!

The jack nut is a special kind of rivet nut. Commonly used to provide reliable threaded connections on material surfaces.

Usually made of metal. The most common second ah got is carbon steel or stainless steel. Has an internal threaded structure that can be used and bolted connections.

Jack nuts are special in that they usually have a large external head or embedded portion that helps to hold them to the surface of the material during installation.

jack nuts provide a secure and stable threaded connection. They are widely used in automotive, electronic equipment, aerospace, furniture, machinery and equipment.

As a top manufacturer in China. We have the ability to provide a large number of fasteners.

We have long-term cooperation with raw material suppliers. It can guarantee the stable production of products. Ensure the stable operation of the project.

We look forward to establishing long-term and stable cooperation with you.

At Rivmate.You get the advantage of competitive pricing.

We can guarantee that our prices are competitive in the world. Our products are exported to more than 50 countries in the world and have been recognized by a large number of customers.

The larger the quantity of your order, the lower the price we will offer you. We hope to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with you.

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