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How To Choose Blind Rivets for Automotive Manufacturing ?

For automobiles, the safety and lightweight design of the car is the key to the success of a car. In the past, most automotive companies have focused more on the safety performance of their vehicles while neglecting the lightweight design of their vehicles when manufacturing them.

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With the development of the times, people’s requirements for automobile manufacturing have become higher and stricter. Reducing the weight of automobiles has become a major challenge under the premise of ensuring the safety of automobiles.

Importance of Right Blind Rivet Solutions in Automotive Manufacturing

The importance of lightweighting is huge due to the stringent demands placed on cars. Whenever a customer is choosing a automobile or test-driving one, the main thing is to feel whether or not the automobile drives smoothly, whether or not it’s light, and whether or not the automobile’s zero-hundred acceleration can be up to par.

You can eliminate one part of the requirement for people to look good in their cars by making them safer to drive, but feeling good is another part entirely.

Research has shown that lightweight design will play an increasing role in future vehicle manufacturing. As a result, a great lightweight design solution will lead to more customers, more investment and more customer referrals.

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5 Things to Consider When Selecting Blind Rivets for Automotive Lightweight Designs

1.Selection of Materials

The materials chosen can directly reflect the weight of the car. For lightweight design vehicles (especially electric vehicles), using the right materials is critical to reducing the overall weight of the vehicle. Suitable materials usually have the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight and high strength
  • With special performance requirements
  • Easy to process and deform
  • Material sustainability
  • Low material costs

For automotive manufacturing, choosing lightweight and high-strength materials can keep the weight relatively low to provide an adequate and secure connection. For automotive components, the corrosion and abrasion resistance of blind rivets are critical.

2.Strength and Loading Requirements

It is vital that automobiles have blind rivets with sufficient strength and load capacity, as automobiles are subjected to collisions and other scenarios while traveling. For convenience, we describe the automotive load requirements and strength of blind rivets in three areas.

  • Dissociation: Blind rivets are required to withstand the loads generated by automobiles in normal use and under various operating conditions. These include static loads, dynamic loads, vibration loads and impact loads in the event of collisions and accidents.
  • Carrying capacity requirements: Blind rivets must be able to withstand a large amount of load to ensure stability and security between connecting parts. The load carrying capacity of a blind rivet is typically evaluated by its maximum load carrying capacity and fatigue life, including the ability to withstand static loads, dynamic loads and transient impact loads.
  • Crash and safety requirements: In the event of extreme situations, such as automobile collisions and accidents, the blind rivet must be able to maintain the stability of the connection so that the structural integrity of the vehicle and the safety of the occupants can be ensured.

Automotive strength and load requirements for blind rivets are very stringent to ensure the stability of the connection between parts, vehicle safety and structural integrity. Of course, blind rivets must undergo rigorous testing and certification of quality to meet the standards and specifications of the automotive industry. This ensures the reliability and consistent performance of blind rivets in a variety of situations.

3.Corrosion Resistance

Automobiles are operated in a variety of environmental conditions during daily use, including wet, rainy, high and low temperatures. So the corrosion resistance of automobiles for blind rivets is very high.

In order to ensure that the blind rivets can cope with the various harsh environments encountered in automobiles, they should have the following requirements:

  • Resistant to salt spray corrosion: Cars may be exposed to salt spray in coastal areas and winter snowmelt conditions. Therefore, blind rivets need to have good salt spray corrosion resistance to avoid damage from corrosive media such as snowmelt or seawater
  • Chemical Resistance: Cars are exposed to a variety of chemicals such as gasoline, lubricants, and coolants during their daily use. So the blind rivets should have good chemical resistance.
  • Oxidation corrosion resistance: Oxygen in the air will oxidize the parts of the car, leading to rust, performance degradation and other conditions, so the blind rivets need to have a certain degree of oxidation resistance!
  • Thermal Corrosion Resistance: Automotive engines and exhaust systems generate high-temperature environments, so the applied blind rivets need to be heat resistant to avoid corrosion and loosening at high temperatures.

The generation of a car will use 5,000-8,000 blind rivets. The blind rivets used in different locations are also different, and the performance requirements for the blind rivets are also different. So producers need to choose different blind rivets for different parts of the car.

4.Allows you to reduce the cost of cost-effectiveness

In the pursuit of automotive lightweighting, different solutions have been tried: carbon brazing, composites, plastics, blind rivets, and more!

In use, these solutions are all effective in achieving the lightweighting requirements, but at different costs. Lightweighting solutions using carbon brazing can be very effective in reducing the overall weight of a car, but they are very expensive and obviously not suitable for everyday use. Plastic solutions can reduce costs, but they do not guarantee the safety of the car. Therefore, the use of blind rivets has become the most effective lightweight solution.

After considering the price, performance and reliability of blind rivets, this solution is the most economically efficient and effective.

5.Fatigue Life of Automotive Blind Rivets

The fatigue life of blind rivets is very important in automotive manufacturing. Because automotive blind rivets bear the function of connection and support, and in the vehicle in the process of operation received vibration, impact and dynamic loads and other stresses.

The following points are important for the fatigue life of blind rivets:

  1. Car safety: The fatigue life of blind rivets is directly related to the safety of automobiles. During the operation of the vehicle, the pump core rivet will be subjected to repeated loads. If the fatigue life of a blind rivet is insufficient or the quality of the rivet is questionable, the structural integrity and safety of the vehicle can be easily jeopardized.
  2. Promoting lightweight design: In order to improve then economy and reduce emissions, cars nowadays are very much focused on lightweight design. The increased fatigue life of blind rivets allows automakers to reduce weight while ensuring the strength and durability of the connection.

6.Manufacturing and Supply Chain Support

Automakers can’t achieve efficient production and delivery without exceptional manufacturing and supply chain support. A good Blind Rivet supplier ensures the quality and consistency of Automotive Blind Rivet products. This helps automobile manufacturers to reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance business competitiveness.

The success of manufacturing and supply chain support has a direct impact on an automaker’s reputation and market position. Therefore, automotive manufacturers are usually committed to establishing a stable, reliable and efficient supply chain network, and establishing long-term and stable relationships with Blind Rivet suppliers and partners to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.

Final Conclusion

A little time and investment in automotive blind rivet solutions will bring great success to your automotive lightweight design. This guide details the things you should look for when choosing automotive blind rivets, in order to take your automotive industry one step closer to lightweight design. You don’t even have to contact a designer for this. You just need to keep in mind what the parts of your car that you use require for a blind rivet and keep the discussion points above in mind. In fact, you’ll be taking a big step forward in the lightweight design of your car.

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