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Aircraft Blind Rivets - How to Choose Blind Rivets for Aircraft?

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Table of Contents

Aircraft Blind Rivets - How to Choose Blind Rivets for Aircraft?

Aircraft blind rivets are an important type of connection. So do you know why airplanes use a lot of blind rivets? Do you know what are the applications of blind rivets in airplanes? Let’s come together to understand it.

Table of Contents

Why are Blind Rivets Used in Aircraft?

Can you imagine? Isn’t it contradictory for an aircraft seeking to reduce weight to use millions of rivets for a C919 and over five million rivets for an airliner A380? Why would an aeroplane prefer to be riveted with millions of nails rather than welded, which seems to be more lightweight?

In the pursuit of lightness, aircraft skins are usually as light and thin as possible, with a greater proportion of composite materials used to reduce the structural weight of the aircraft. Too thin skin will increase the difficulty of welding, and the skin of the composite material is more vulnerable to welding damage, so the different materials have to rely on rivets to connect.

Rivets are so small, can withstand the high strength brought by the aircraft? In fact, the application of the aircraft core rivets on the strength requirements of up to 1100 MPa, equivalent to a square centimetre area to withstand the weight of ten cars. In terms of robustness, you can rest assured.

Types of pop rivets - Rivmate Blind Rivet Supplier

And the blind rivets are produced in an assembly line, the machining accuracy reaches micron level, the error of each parameter is extremely small, whether it is quantitative production or quality control is trustworthy.

Do millions of rivets prevent airplanes from flying? According to the data, rivets can also reduce the resistance of the airplane by 3%.

The airplane needs to be overhauled at the end of each flight, and the many advantages of rivets, such as replaceability and stability, so that even if the aircraft parts are damaged can be replaced in a timely manner to eliminate safety hazards, which will allow the aircraft to be used for a longer period of time!

Which are Blind Rivets in Aircraft ?

The main types of blind rivets used in the structure of the aircraft are as follows:

  1. Standard blind rivets
  2. Structural blind rivets
  3. High-strength blind rivets

Standard Blind Rivets

Rivmate open type blind pop rivet
Open Type Blind Rivet
Rivmate Aluminum Sealed Type Blind Pop Rivet
Sealed Type Blind Rivet

There are two main types of standard blind rivets: open end blind rivets and closed end blind rivets. The strength of standard blind rivets is limited, so they are generally used in the internal structure of aircraft.

The connection of the internal structure of the airplane uses a large number of standard blind rivets. Such as cabin partitions, seats and instrument panels, maneuvering systems, lighting equipment and communications equipment can be seen on a large number of open rivets and closed rivets.

Structural Blind Rivets

Types of pop rivets - Rivmate Blind Rivet Supplier

Structural Blind Rivets offer higher strength and load carrying capacity than standard blind rivets. Usually made of aluminum alloy and carbon steel, they can connect important structural components in aircraft. This includes the connection of aircraft fuselage, such as fuselage segments, keels and frames, and other structural components, which ensure the strength and overall rigidity of the fuselage.

High Strength Blind Rivets

Rivmate Lockbolt Rivet Fastener | Magna Grip Lockbolts
Lockbolt Rivet
RIVMATE Bom Rivets - Custom Blind Rivet Manufacturer in China
Bom Rivet
HuckLok Rivets - Mangnabulb Rivets - Rivmate
Hucklok Rivet

High strength blind rivets are used in critical positions in aircraft manufacturing because of their ultra-high strength. This includes the connection of key structural components of the main and tail wings, such as wing panels, wing ribs, wing beams, horizontal stabilizing surfaces and vertical stabilizing surfaces.

Engine mounting brackets, support beams, brackets, etc. for aircraft. These parts are required to withstand the weight and vibration of the engine and maintain a solid connection. So high strength blind rivets are also needed to complete this connection. Landing gear struts, suspension parts, structural frames and other key components of the airplane. They are needed to withstand the loads and impacts of the landing gear during takeoff and landing. Usually also use high strength rivets to make the connection.

How are Aircraft Rivets Installed ?

Only the following steps need to be followed to install aircraft blind rivets:

  1.  Preparation: Identify the parts and locations to be connected and ensure that the blind rivets used meet the design requirements and standards.
  2. Pre-drilling: Use a drill bit to pre-drill holes in the connecting parts for insertion of the blind rivets. The diameter and depth of the pre-drilled holes should match the size and requirements of the Blind Rivet.
  3. Inserting the Blind Rivet: Insert the end of the Blind Rivet into the pre-drilled hole, making sure that the core and the shell are on opposite sides of each of the two connecting parts.
  4. Use a rivet gun: Using a specialised rivet gun or pneumatic tool, place the head of the rivet gun over the head of the blind rivet.
  5. Pulling the rivet: By operating the rivet gun, apply the appropriate force to pull the rivet. This causes the shell portion of the blind rivet to compress against the connecting component while the core is withdrawn, creating a strong connection.
  6. Completing the Rivet: Keep operating the rivet gun until the case of the blind rivet is fully compressed and tightly fitted to the connecting part. Make sure the head of the rivet is flush with the surface of the connecting component.
  7. Inspection and Testing: After completing the riveting, perform a visual inspection to ensure that the Blind Rivet is securely attached and has a smooth surface. Perform necessary tests and quality controls to ensure that the connection meets standards and requirements.

Why do Airplanes Use Rivets Instead of Welds?

Blind rivets and welding are common joining methods. So why are blind rivets used heavily in aircraft instead of welding? I will explain this in a few ways below.

Material Compatibility

Aircraft Blind Rivets - How to Choose Blind Rivets for Aircraft? - Material Compatibility

A large part of an aircraft’s aircraft cost comes from its weight. That’s why it’s critical for aircraft manufacturers to reduce the overall weight of the aircraft. Aluminium is a material that is lightweight and provides high strength, so a lot of aluminium is used in the structure of aircraft.

But this faces a problem, aluminium is not heat sensitive. If welded connections are used, they can cause damage to the structure of the aircraft itself. Blind rivets are a good solution to this problem. Blind rivets do not generate heat, do not damage the aluminium material itself, and provide a high strength connection. This is why most aerospace manufacturing companies prefer to use riveted joints.

Maintenance is Very Easy to Check

If repairs need to be made, blind rivets make it easier to complete the process than welding. Because the connection of the blind rivet is visible, engineers can inspect the blind rivet very easily.

Why do Airplanes Use Rivets Instead of Welds?

For inspecting welded joints, specialised machines or equipment must be used for inspection testing and there is no easy way to complete this process. In the production of aircraft, manufacturing companies seek to simplify the process of production and maintenance.

In modern aircraft manufacturing, riveting and welding go hand in hand. Rivets are preferred, however, as they can withstand extreme stress and will not break. The safety of the aircraft is paramount to the aircraft manufacturing company.


Blind rivets can be installed quickly and efficiently with automated equipment and are suitable for mass production. In contrast, welding typically requires more complex operations and longer times.

Stronger Riveted Joints

With aeroplanes, safety is the first concern. While welding joins two parts together from the outside, a blind rivet joins two parts from the inside, allowing for a stronger and safer connection. Aeroplanes fly at high altitudes under tremendous pressure, so a safe and stable connection is especially important.

Why Import Aircraft Blind Rivets from China?

Customers around the world import aircraft blind rivets from China for the following reasons:

  • Supply chain advantage: China has an extensive supply chain network and manufacturing capabilities in the manufacturing sector. It can solve any technical problems about aircraft blind rivets.
  • Quality and reliability: Chinese manufacturers have accumulated extensive experience and technology in aircraft manufacturing and the aviation industry. They are able to provide high quality aircraft blind rivets that meet international standards and requirements.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The competitiveness of China’s manufacturing industry makes it potentially cost-effective to import aircraft blind rivets from China. Chinese manufacturers may be able to offer competitive prices, reducing the cost of aircraft manufacturing and maintenance.
  • Market demand: There is a high demand for aircraft blind rivets in the aircraft manufacturing and maintenance industries. China may be able to meet the global market demand for large quantities of aircraft blind rivets and provide timely supply.

Improving Aircraft Safety with Rivmate Rivet

Increase the safety of your aircraft project with high strength rivets from Rivmate Rivet. We have a full range of blind rivet products and specialized solutions, including standard blind rivets, structural blind rivets, and high strength blind rivets.

At Rivmate, you get high quality blind rivets. You don’t have to worry about damage caused by Rivmate Rivet. The quality of the blind rivets produced in our factory is consistent. We have more than 15 years of experience. We make sure that every Blind Rivet meets international quality and standards.

In addition, you will find excellent customized blind rivet solutions. Explore our high quality range of fasteners and re-improve the safety of your aircraft project with Rivmate Rivet’s unrivaled rivet solutions.

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