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How to Choose Blind Nuts for Sheet Metal?

By RIVMATE /January 15,2024                     Tite: blind nuts for sheet metal

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Importance of Right Blind Nuts for Sheet Metal

For sheet metal, the right blind rivet nut is very important. Blind rivet nuts provide a reliable connection point for sheet metal. Whenever the sheet metal is connected to other components, it gets good feedback, stable and secure. You can solve the problem of connection by means of welding, etc., but it is not as aesthetically pleasing and cost effective as blind nuts.

Blind nuts have been proven in practice to bring a more stable connection and a more cost-effective approach to your sheet metal project. As a result, secure connections will lead to successful projects and more customers.

7 Things to Consider While Choosing Blind Nuts For Sheet Metal

1.Select Material Type

blind nuts for wheel metal - Rivmate Rivet Manufacturer

When you are choosing blind nuts for sheet metal, the first thing to consider is what material your sheet metal is made of. Blind nuts are chosen differently for different materials.Here are some common materials for sheet metal:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Other Metal Materials (Copper, Carbon Steel, Nickel Alloys ETC.)

Determining the material of the sheet metal is a very important step. Because the compatibility between metal materials is different, it is very important to choose blind nuts that are compatible with the metal of the sheet material. Only when the materials are compatible with each other can the reliability and durability of the links be ensured. Different metal materials have different mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, so choosing the right blind nuts can prevent problems caused by material mismatches. Problems such as corrosion, galvanic reactions or loose connections are avoided.

2.Calculation of Carrying Capacity

The load capacity of blind nuts is the maximum load or force that blind nuts can withstand. The size of the load carrying capacity depends on the specifications and material of the blind nuts. Factors to be considered are shown below:

  1. Load Requirements: First you need to determine the load requirements of the sheet metal for your project. This can be based on the expected loads, stresses or forces on the project. Determine the range of load carrying capacity required based on the application to the demand.
  2. Selecting the right specification: Select the right specification of blind nuts according to the load requirements of your project. blind nuts’ load carrying capacity parameters can be obtained from the product’s specification sheet or technical data sheet.
  3. System security factor: If your project requires a high level of security, you also need to consider the security factor of the system. (Factor of safety: actual load/blind nut capacity) In order to ensure the reliability and safety of the connection, it is recommended to choose blind nuts with a high factor of safety.

Max Tensile Force of M8 Blind Nuts

Material Max Tensile Force
M8 Steel 25000N
Aluminum 12300N
Stainless Steel 18000N
Carbon Steel 25000N
Copper 12300N

3.Thread Types of Blind Nuts

Threads are the connection points where sheet metal and other components or fittings are bolted together. There are many types of threads, but they are broadly categorized into three thread types: uniform, metric, and special.

  • Unified Thread: Unified threads are one of the most common types of threads. There are two main types of uniform threads: UNC (coarse thread) and UNF (fine thread).
  • Metric Thread: Metric threads are internationally recognized thread sizes, such as M series threads, G series threads.
  • Special threads: Some applications may require special thread types such as tapered, pipe or square threads.

Selecting the appropriate thread type for your specific application maximizes the chance of a good fit between blind nuts and other components.

4.Correct Installation

In general, there are three methods of installing blind nuts: manual installation, motorized installation and pneumatic installation. Different installation methods are suitable for different application scenarios.

  • Manual Installation: Manual installation is the most basic method of installing blind rivet nuts. It has the advantage of being simple, easy to maneuver, requires no additional power equipment, and is suitable for small-scale installation needs such as home, DIY projects. However, it is slower and may not be practical enough for high-volume or high-efficiency applications.
  • Motorized Installation: The process of a motorized installation is similar to a manual installation, but uses power tools to provide the power, making the installation faster and more efficient. It has the advantage of being fast and suitable for medium sized installation requirements, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the job and reduce the physical exertion of the operator. However, torque control is required when using power tools to avoid over-tightening or damaging blind rivet nuts.
  • pneumatic installation: Pneumatic installation typically involves connecting the pneumatic tool to a source of compressed air, which is powered by pneumatic force. The advantages of pneumatic installation are speed and efficiency for large-scale or continuous installation needs. The greater power of the pneumatic tool allows the installation of blind rivet nuts to be accomplished quickly. Pneumatic installation also provides consistent installation effort and torque control.
blind nuts for wheel metal

5.Special Performance

In practice, some application scenarios have special requirements for blind nuts. For example, ultra-high strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and so on. So before wholesale blind nuts, you need to have enough knowledge about the application scenario of your project.

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Electrochemical Compatibility

As sheet metal may be exposed to humidity, acidic, alkaline or other corrosive media, blind rivet nuts should have good corrosion resistance. This can be achieved by selecting suitable materials or applying anti-corrosion coatings such as stainless steel blind rivet nuts or galvanized, nickel-plated, polymer-coated, etc.

6.Quality Certification

You should make sure that your blind nuts are of good quality. For the safety of your project and the satisfaction of your customers, blind nuts should comply with the standards and norms of the industry, and you need to choose a reliable supplier to ensure the quality and certification of the product.

There are several common quality certificates about blind nuts:

  1. ISO 9001
  2. IATF 19649:2016

7.Investing in Your Future

We offer high quality and affordable blind nuts for your sheet metal projects.It is an unavoidable fact that you may feel apprehensive about working with us for the first time. It is inevitable that you may be apprehensive about working with us for the first time, but by working with us, you will realize that our blind nuts are very affordable and of consistent quality. We can provide you with all types of rivet nuts, and you can save yourself the trouble and time of looking for other suppliers. Whether you need a standard rivet nut or a customized rivet nut, you can get it from Rivmate.

Unique Customer Service

If you are doing a project, you can get a lot of customer service support from us. I have listed some of them below.

  • Test Reports
  • video clip
  • Technical Support
  • Return and refund policy for product problems within two years
  • We’ll support you as you take on your clients.
  • ……..


You should be confident that investing a little time and money in the security of your program can bring great benefits and success to your sheet metal program. This guide introduces you to the preparations you should make when picking blind nuts for sheet metal. You can even take care of all of this completely on your own without the need to ask a professional engineer. You have to figure out the material of the sheet metal and the size of the required blind nuts for your project and keep the above points in mind. In fact, you can completely solve the technical problems before wholesale blind nuts now.

Rivmate Provides Best Blind Nuts For Sheet Metal

Rivmate is the market leading manufacturer of Blind Nuts. Our internationally certified manufacturing facility uses the finest quality raw materials and quality control processes to create the best blind nuts.

We have a large number of rivet nut and blind rivet, such as standard rivet nut, American standard blind rivet nut, British standard blind rivet nut, our blind nuts are outstanding in terms of price and quality, Rivmate has its own professional manufacturing factory and has been a professional team of technical engineers, Rivmate has its own professional manufacturing factory and has been a professional team of technical engineers. Rivmate has its own specialized manufacturing factory and a team of professional technical engineers all the time to ensure that each piece of blind rivet nut meets the international quality standards. We can offer competitive price and high grade quality for your project.

That’s not all we offer! We also offer custom blind nuts services and we can help you with custom logos and packaging. What are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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