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grooved rivets

Aluminum/Steel Grooved Rivets

Detailed Information

Meterial of the Grooved Rivets

  • Mandrel
    • Material
      • Aluminum
    • Surface
      • Zinc plated
  • Body
    • Material
      • Steel
    • Surface
      • Polished

Applications of the Grooved Rivets

Widely used in the manufacturing of furniture, and in construction industry to fasten metal surfacesto wood, etc.

We can provide grooved rivets in the diameter range of 3.2-4.8.

We also provide custom rivets service, you can put forward your needs for our products, we will provide you with professional solutions.

Knowledge You Should Know

Advantages of Our Products.

This is a mandrel-break kind of rivet widely used in the manufacturing of furniture and in the construction industry to fasten metal surfaces to wood, bricks or cement.

When set properly, the annular rings around the body will bite into the wood or plastic and will radially expand within the hole. Keep in mind, this rivet is designed to expand within a hole. It is not intended to expand at the rear side like most blind rivets. Only one fibrous material is necessary as long as it is the final substrate. Other materials can be fastened to wood products as long as it is between the head and the wood. In this case, be sure there is enough material thickness of the fibrous material so the rivet can set properly.

Services we can provide:

We can provide you with free samples and place your order after you are satisfied.

If you need, you can contact us, we can provide the product test video and perfect test report.

Manufacturing and Testing Equipment.

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Rivet nut machine
Rivet nut installation machine for BOM
rivet supply
Rivet machine


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