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Top Blind Rivet Nut Manufacturers

Custom Rivet Nut For Your Project From Rivet Nut Manufacturers

High-quality, robust and environmentally friendly rivet nut solutions tailored to the needs of your project.Factory wholesale price from 50,000pcs

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Rivmate Countersunk Rivet Nut Wholesale

Help Your Project Succeed with Rivmate's High Quality Rivet Nuts

Csutom Rivet Nut Manufacturers in China

As a successful business, you are always on the lookout for high quality rivet nuts for your projects.Rivmate ensures that your rivet nuts meet the demanding quality requirements of your customers.Rivmate provides technical support for your projects.

RIVMATE Aluminum Rivet Nuts

Various sizes: Rivmate as a top rivet nut manufacturers in China, can provide customers with high-strength rivet nuts in various sizes to match their projects.Rivmate will bring success to your business promotion.

Cost effectiveness: You may be struggling with the high price of rivet nuts in your local area. Wholesale high quality rivet nuts from China! As a rivet nuts factory in China, Rivmate can offer you competitive price for your project and help you to succeed in the market.

Professional customisation capabilities: Your customers are strict about the quality of rivet nuts? Don’t worry, you can tell us what your customers need.Rivmate will help you to solve all your rivet nut problems.Rivmate has a professional and technical team for your project, trust the manufacturer’s customisation ability.

Wholesale Rivet Nuts from Chinese Rivnut Supplier to Save Costs

When you’re looking for ways to cut the huge cost of rivet nuts that can last, double your savings and invest more in your project by importing rivet nuts from Chinese rivet nut manufacturers.

Rivmate’s rivet nuts have been exported to more than fifty countries in the world, and have established a long-term stable cooperation with customers, which is well recognised by customers.Rivmate’s factory, technology, and communication are all excellent. No matter what you need for rivet nuts, you can find a satisfactory solution in Rivmate.

Rivet Nuts from China are affordable.Rivmate’s Rivet Nuts reduce the economic cost without changing the quality and can provide you high quality Rivet Nuts at a lower price.

Our team helps you customise rivet nuts to meet your requirements for your project. The quality of our rivet nuts can directly help you take your customers.

Rivmate Countersunk Rivet Nut - Rivnuts

Why choose Rivmate as Rivet Nut Supplier?

We have a long term stable supplier of high quality and environmentally friendly raw materials in China.We are not only a rivet nut supplier, but also have extensive knowledge and skills in the custom rivet nut industry.

IATF 16949-2016 certificate

International Quality Certification

Rivmate, as a top custom blind rivet nut manufacturers in China, has been committed to producing high quality rivet nuts that far exceed international quality standards.

Our rivet nuts have helped customers from all over the world to take their projects. Even customers who have stringent requirements for the quality of rivet nuts have also been recognised by them.

  • IATF 16949:2016 certificates
  • ISO 45001:2018 certificates
  • ISO 14001:2015 certificates

Top Blind Rivet Nut Manufacturers in China

Rivmate can provide you with a professional and customised service.

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For the success of your project, we can offer you:

  • Product certificate authentication
  • Rivet Nut Material
  • Technical Support
  • Professional Rivet Nut Questions & Answers
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cold forming

Custom Surface Treatment

Custom Surface Treatment

Custom Raw Material

Custom Raw Material

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand your time is precious. Thus, we’ve gathered all the common questions about wholesale the rivet nut. However, if you have any queries, contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Rivmate, as a top supplier of rivet nuts in China, can provide you with all types of rivet nuts.

Hex Rivet Nut

rivmate hex nutsert

Countersunk Rivet Nut

Rivmate Stainless Steel Countersunk Head Round Body Rivet Nut

Slotted Rivet Nut
Stainless Steel Slotted Rivet nut
Jack Nut
Rivmate jack nuts

For rivet nuts, the minimum order quantity is usually 20,000-50,000 pieces.

Certainly capable. Our factory can supply tens of millions of high quality rivet nuts every month. You can absolutely let us produce the large quantity orders.
We have a stable supply of raw materials in China. We can provide a steady flow of rivet nuts for your projects.

Delivery time will be agreed with you. The specific delivery time needs to be decided according to the quantity of rivet nuts you need. The larger the quantity, the longer the waiting time. We will make sure that the quality of the rivet nuts is high to ensure that Rivmate’s rivet nuts can help you to take your project.

Yes. Samples of all rivet nuts are available. For a nominal fee. These fees will make our orders go much smoother.

Usually it will take us 2-3 days to make the samples and the shipping time may take 3-5 days, so the time for you to receive the samples will be about 5-8 days.

We have long-term co-operation with high quality raw material suppliers in China. We ensure that our products cause the least harm to the environment. Our rivet nuts have passed the international ISO certification. You can choose us with confidence.

As long as you have the need, you can send us your requirements, Rivmate’s professional technical team will provide you with professional technical support, including product materials, technical Q&A, product certificates and so on. As long as we can help you take your customers, we can provide all the support.

You can do customisation of rivet nut packaging. We can customise the Logo on the package and the shape of the package for you. Don’t worry, you just need to tell us the information of Rivet Nuts, our technical team will help you solve all the problems.

Sure. After confirming all the information about the rivet nut you need (material, size, quantity, design), our engineers will inform you of all the costs before your final purchase.

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