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Peel Rivet: The Comprehensive Guide to Peel Type Blind Rivets

By RIVMATE /January 8,2024                     Tite:Comprehensive guide to peel rivet

Peel Rivets Supplier in China - Rivmate Color Rivets

In modern manufacturing and engineering, connection technology is a very important part of it. And peel rivet has become an important connecting tool with its unique advantages and importance.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to peel rivets, exploring the benefits and selection points to help you learn more about peel rivets, whether you’re an engineer, manufacturer or business decision maker, you’ll get the content and products you want from peel rivets.

Table of Contents

What is a Peel Rivet?

Peel rivets are a special type of blind rivets. It is characterized by stripping ability, high strength connections and suitability for dissimilar materials. They are widely used in applications where reliable connections and higher strengths are required, providing an effective solution.

The peel rivet has the following characteristics:

  • High Strength Connection: The rivets are designed to provide a high strength connection.
  • Suitable for joining special materials: it is possible to join metal to plastic or metal to composite materials.
  • Removability: peel rivet has good removability. It is very convenient for maintenance, replacement or adjustment
Peel Blind Rivets Supplier in China - Rivmate Color Rivets

Applications of Peel Rivet

There are many scenarios where Peel rivet can be applied. Because of its unique characteristics, many industries use it as a preferred choice for riveted fasteners! Here are a few examples of peel rivet’s many applications:

  • Automotive industry: joining of components such as body panels, interior and structural parts.
  • Aerospace industry: connection of panels, brackets and access doors.
  • Electronic and electrical industry: computer components, circuit boards and wiring harnesses.
  • Furniture manufacturing: cabinets, chairs and tables, etc.
  • General Manufacturing: Different materials can be joined. Such as metals, plastics and composites.
  • Construction industry: Metal roofing panels, curtain walls and architectural features can be connected.
  • Marine industry: connects hulls, decks and interior fittings.
application of rivet nut

Difference Between Peel Rivets and Traditional Rivets

Working Principle: Conventional rivets form a strong connection by deforming the tail of the rivet, Peel rivets form a strong connection by expanding the tail and generating a peeling force.
Material compatibility: Peel rivets can be connected to a wide range of materials. These include metals, plastics and composites. So peel rivets can provide reliable fastening solutions for various material combinations.

Advantages of Peel Type Blind Rivet

Strong and Reliable Connection

Peel rivets provide a strong and reliable connection between materials.The unique design of Peel rivets allows them to distribute the load evenly throughout the joint. The area of the connection becomes larger, minimizing stress concentration points.
In addition to this, the peel feature of peel rivet distributes the load evenly, increasing shear and tensile strength.

Peel Type Blind Rivets in China

Vibration Resistance

Another great thing about Peel rivets is the superior shock resistance. The stripping force of the mandrel helps prevent rivets from loosening or detaching, even in environments with high vibration or high dynamic loads. That’s why peel rivets are ideal in applications where stability and resistance to movement are critical.


Peel rivet makes it possible to join a wide range of materials due to its unique design. Including soft materials. This is something that is difficult to do with other blind rivets. This gives the peel rivet a great deal of flexibility, and the combination of materials that can be joined is even greater.

How to Choose Right Peel Rivet for your Project ?

Material Selection

Peel rivets are made of a variety of materials, aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. can be used as the raw material for peel rivets. Different raw materials are used in different scenarios.

Advantages Applications
Aluminum Light weight, high strength, good electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance. Aerospace, automotive manufacturing, reflectors and optical applications, radiators, heat exchangers, etc.
Carbon Steel Higher strength and stiffness, higher wear resistance, low economic cost. Construction, automotive, machine building, manufacturing.
Stainless Steel Good corrosion resistance, high strength, high temperature performance, beautiful. Marine Engineering, Automotive Components, Aerospace, Construction and Electronics

Size and specifications

The specifications of the peel rivets are very important to consider when you are purchasing peel rivets for your business.
First you need to determine the diameter, length and riveting range of the peel rivets according to your needs.

Size and specifications of peel type blind rivet

Certification and Quality Standards

Common quality standards are ISO, ASTM, and for the automotive industry, IATF.
When choosing suppliers of peel rivets, you can ask them for quality certificates. Besides that, you can also ask the manufacturer to send us the sample for testing or the test report of peel rivets.

Rivmate is a peel rivets supplier with international quality certifications such as ISO9001,ISO14001,IATF16949:2018.

Reliable Peel Rivets Suppliers

You’d be hard pressed to find a manufacturer internationally that specializes in peel rivet. Blind rivet manufacturers do have a lot of them though. You can seek a blind rivet manufacturer to fulfill your peel rivet order.
A reliable peel rivets supplier should have the following characteristics:

  1. Extensive export experience
  2. Specialized production capacity for peel rivets
  3. International Quality Certification
  4. Sample Testing
  5. Specialized manufacturing plant

Future Trends in Peel Rivet

Industries today are increasingly focusing on lightweight construction as a way to improve the efficiency of energy use. This is particularly evident in the electric vehicle manufacturing industry.
Electricity is the world’s number one source of energy, and car companies are seeking to go farther with the limited amount of power they have. The solution then is to reduce the weight of electric vehicles. Manufacturers will reduce the overall weight by lowering the individual components on the vehicle.
So the development of electric cars has led to the development of peel rivets, which are perfect for connecting the various components of a car. Peel rivets are ideally suited for connecting the various components of a car, providing a strong connection and reducing the overall weight of the car without damaging the car’s surface coatings. That is why the use of peel rivets in automobile manufacturing is very high.
The same is true in aerospace. To reduce the overall weight, the use of peel rivets is also very high.

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